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FranchisePlaySports has posted another NBA 2K14 gameplay video. This one features the New Orleans Pelicans vs. Cleveland Cavaliers.

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# 1 myownsun @ 09/27/13 11:05 AM
Thanks for the upload Steve.
# 2 Goffs @ 09/27/13 11:20 AM
Impressive...the guy actually learned how to play better he's calling actual plays! Did he just upload this? It's still 360p....
# 3 snickersNsprite @ 09/27/13 11:54 AM
Yes! Finally some Pelicans gameplay. Can't wait to play with them online.
# 4 DirtySouf @ 09/27/13 11:55 AM
Been waiting for a Pelicans vid... thanks
# 5 noshun @ 09/27/13 12:16 PM
"Verajao checked in for New Orleans"...
# 6 The 24th Letter @ 09/27/13 12:32 PM
I'd like to know the difficulty he's on...

I love/hate the AI on this video...the ball movement is unlike any 2k i've seen..as well as the aggressiveness on drives...

At the same time, the AI ignored some opportunities to score, passing up open shots ..like when Gordon was wide open and turned the ball over..

Then they turn back around and make a great play to get Ryan Anderson an open 3...

Overall, great video...some nice rotations going on..
# 7 Vni @ 09/27/13 12:34 PM
Pretty good.

Biggest qustion mark to me is the offensive rebounding. It still looks like a mess.

Btw I haven't seen any stepback/side step shots so far. It's still in the game right? How are they done?
# 8 Runne130 @ 09/27/13 12:43 PM
this guy playing may be the worst defensive player ive ever seen the amount of open lanes given were crazy the hep defense saved him though
# 9 demack @ 09/27/13 12:56 PM
If anyone can help me out with this question, it will be greatly appreciated!! If you buy 2K14 on PS3, are you able to upgrade to 2K14 on PS4 for $10?
# 10 BezO @ 09/27/13 12:59 PM
Looking good! Can't wait.
# 11 NINJAK2 @ 09/27/13 01:42 PM
Like the A.I. alot in this video. Can't wait! Steimsa (sp?) looked like he grew a blonde chia pet on his dome though .lol
# 12 njnets123 @ 09/27/13 01:51 PM
Originally Posted by demack
If anyone can help me out with this question, it will be greatly appreciated!! If you buy 2K14 on PS3, are you able to upgrade to 2K14 on PS4 for $10?
Yes in Europe, hasn't been announced for USA

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# 13 miller31time @ 09/27/13 01:57 PM
No sig shot for Irving....Ugh.
# 14 sir lucious lft ft @ 09/27/13 02:11 PM
The ball movement around the 4:45 from the cpu pelicans was a thing of beauty. Had the user scrambling in defense.

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# 15 magicman32 @ 09/27/13 02:14 PM
The game looks great!!! You can tell by these vids that the gameplay is better. Can't wait to get into MyPlayer.
# 16 njnets123 @ 09/27/13 02:20 PM
7:56 Crowd reaction at Holiday's spin on user-controlled Jarret Jack
# 17 Optik @ 09/27/13 02:27 PM
Three things that stood out in that video:

- The left-handed standing dunk by Jrue Holiday near the start of the quarter was ghastly. This is an issue that was in 2K13 and I'm sure previous games like that. The standing dunk rating is too high for guards in general. He was finishing as if he was Dwight. Ridiculous.

- Hadn't noticed till now, but they really have to fix the audio for next gen. Whenever the guys in the booth spoke, they "suffocated" the crowd noise, and it's really obvious. That doesn't happen IRL. It was like when someone who has a mic is talking in a team-up game, but you can't hear them. It's pretty annoying. The audio needs to sound as if they're in the stadium.

- The CPU drove and kicked quite nicely.
# 18 DatGD12guage @ 09/27/13 02:34 PM
not enough pick n roll. I have never seen the A.I. in 2k run more than one pick n roll per play. There were only about 6 in this 9mins of play. In return players are just sometimes holding the ball for a couple of secs like they are confused about what they are going to do next.

Dude actually tried to play more realistic this time around LOL I was hoping to see the cavs A.I. controlled .
# 19 sk @ 09/27/13 02:40 PM
Originally Posted by NickYoungGoat
Why at around 2:30 Eric Gordon didn't take that open 3 when he's a good 3pt shooter?, AI decided running out of bounds was better
In basketball, when you get the ball on the perimeter and you see your defender running at you full speed from a good 15 feet away from you, it's better to drive because you will blow right by him.

He did not decide to run out of bounds, they got the ball back.
# 20 Eman5805 @ 09/27/13 02:54 PM
First thing I'm gonna do is change Tyreke Evans's role into Sixth Man. Pelicans are going to bring Evans off the bench unless Evans has objected.

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