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We are now officially about seven weeks away from the next-generation of sports games. This is an incredibly exciting time for all gamers, especially sports gamers who are ready for new experiences with our yearly favorites.

For the next seven weeks we are going to have you covered here at Operation Sports with all of the next-generation news you could shake a stick at. Also, we are going to be taking a look back at this previous generation by highlighting our favorite games, picking some of the best and worst, and generally celebrating what was an incredibly fun time to cover sports games.

We will be going sport by sport to cover the best of this previous generation in what we are calling OS Oktoberfest. We will be covering the previous generation of games on a per sport basis week by week while covering all sports in next-gen as the info rolls in every week. Our previous/current-gen schedule is as follows:

Week of September 30: Indie/Arcade Games
Week of October 7: Individual Sports (Tennis, Golf, etc.)
Week of October 14: Soccer/Hockey
Week of October 21: Baseball
Week of October 28: Basketball
Week of November 4: Football
Week of November 11: Next-Gen Preview and Launch Week

We will, of course have reviews and news of the current gen titles still hitting store shelves as well in the next few weeks. Our NBA 2K14 review is going up tomorrow and we plan to have reviews of F1 2013, WWE 2K14 and more in the coming weeks as well.

We're excited about this upcoming period at OS and we hope you are too! I hope you enjoy our look back at a great generation of sports games and our looks ahead at what is to come!

Happy gaming!

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# 1 NaturalSelected @ 09/30/13 10:22 AM
Can't wait. Looking forward to seeing what's new with the X1 and PS4.
# 2 DirtyJerz32 @ 10/01/13 12:11 AM
One the many reasons this is the best sport video gaming sites around. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with for Oktoberfest.
# 3 PAPERNUT @ 10/01/13 08:59 AM
Exactly what I am looking for. I have moved on from the current Gen and ready for Next Gen PS4 info now!

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