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My Press Row Podcast colleague Owen Good penned a heart-wrenching read over at Kotaku about what the past few days have been like for an EA Football employee.

Several members of the NCAA team, including 15 year veteran Jeff Luhr, were let go yesterday as EA sought to bring both the NCAA and Madden teams together for future Madden iterations.

There are some interesting nuggets within the article, the most notable is that EA was planning to perhaps introduce a serious customization element into next year's game to allow for custom stadium building, custom uniforms, team's, etc. in a way that's never quite been done before in sports gaming.

Also, there was some talk of doing some enhanced storytelling within dynasty mode to spice it up a bit.

Needless to say, we hope that vision eventually gets to come to light on next-gen consoles. For now, head on over to Kotaku to read Owen's excellent piece.

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# 1 outkaz79 @ 10/01/13 11:10 AM
I feel a kickstarter project coming on with those ideas mentioned within the article. I hope. I would support it
# 2 prowler @ 10/01/13 11:18 AM
That is so tragic. Despite all the negative things I've said in the past about EA and NCAA, I wish those guys nothing but the best and hope they land on their feet.

Game development can be a cruel mistress.
# 3 huntt26 @ 10/01/13 11:19 AM
Very sad. Even sadder was reading the fully customizeable idea they had been working on for NCAA 15. Basically TeamBuilder on crack. Update uniforms, stadiums by layer. Would have been insane.
# 4 poloelite @ 10/01/13 11:20 AM
I'm about to go and read the article, but I've been saying for years that they need to just introduce innovative customization tools and get the blood off of their hands. Within weeks the online community would satisfy gamers with an authentic game and EA would hopefully have no real legal liability.
# 5 brent3419 @ 10/01/13 11:21 AM
man it just breaks my heart how this happened. i know we hate some games but i dont want people to lose jobs over this
# 6 Step2001 @ 10/01/13 11:24 AM
Wow - well, that should rule out any future patches for NCAA 14! Bummer, would have purchased it after patches.
# 7 The JareBear @ 10/01/13 11:25 AM
I find this very sad, I can't help but read this and just....sympathize or empathize, whichever is more fitting, as I know that feeling of being let go from a job for situations that were out of your control. I'm pretty harsh when it comes to critiquing the current state of EA football, but I never wanted any of this to happen to these guys.

I hope everyone finds a new role somewhere else, and very soon. Good luck to all of them. Sincerely.
# 8 mattynokes @ 10/01/13 11:26 AM
Originally Posted by Step2001
Wow - well, that should rule out any future patches for NCAA 14! Bummer, would have purchased it after patches.
Looks like the DB glitch lives on!
# 9 Freakydeaky9 @ 10/01/13 11:28 AM
So have things like new uniform packs and game tuners/updates done? Did they just leave '14 in the dark after they merged?
# 10 Gotmadskillzson @ 10/01/13 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by Freakydeaky9
So have things like new uniform packs and game tuners/updates done? Did they just leave '14 in the dark after they merged?
The team is completely dissolved now, so yeah, it is done. Only thing that will come out is what was already submitted weeks ago, if anything was.
# 11 BadAssHskr @ 10/01/13 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by nortobc
Wonder how long the servers will be maintained?

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million dollar question, out with it already!
# 12 The JareBear @ 10/01/13 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by BadAssHskr
million dollar question, out with it already!
I can't help but be pretty anxious over this news as well
# 13 Mazarati 2012 @ 10/01/13 12:08 PM
Another prime example on how cruel this life can be sometimes....i hope those guys find other employment soon.
# 14 The_Wise_One @ 10/01/13 12:15 PM
NCAA 14 is officially the new CHoops 2K8. At least they gave us a great last game for the foreseeable future. Wish those guys well.
# 15 RACZILLA @ 10/01/13 12:27 PM
Really sad to see the names of some of those affected. There are some great folks mentioned in Owen's article.

NCAA Football 08 was the first game I shipped when I was starting my career, so the series will always be special to me.
# 16 Bama22Tide @ 10/01/13 12:28 PM
I hate it when people try to lie and make us gamers feel like we are going to miss out on something that was never going to happen. I believe that they were going to implement the dynasty feature where you could receive help from boosters like in NCAA Basketball. They stadium builds and Jersey crap is just a lie. Team Builder is for that BS. Its just a shame the EA Football franchise is only going to be Madden. Also why didn't those a holes sue 2KSports? they made college football and basketball games using players likeness.. Oh yeah because 2K doesn't have the pockets of EA.
# 17 jkra0512 @ 10/01/13 12:28 PM
As with the NCAA series as a whole, I would have waited until I saw it before believing anything that came out of their mouths concerning new features.

Saying that though, I hope these fellas land on their feet somewhere very soon. No one deserves to go out like that...unless you're Enron executives.
# 18 khaliib @ 10/01/13 01:37 PM
Well since it's the last game and done...

Trying to see if we can work through the Uniforms DLC to edit/altar uniforms/stadiums/player faces etc...

Not knowing how long the TB Server will be live (were we can pull all the .png files for uni's/stadiums/player faces), I need to download as much as possible so when/if we can figure how to inject through this save, we will have all/most of the necessary templates/.png's on disk/HDD installed game.
# 19 jmik58 @ 10/01/13 02:08 PM
No way the "higher ups" would have allowed the game to add in that kind of customization. It doesn't appeal to the casual fans. I imagine there are tons of brilliant ideas that get cut every year and watered down because of that buffer.
# 20 hf199 @ 10/01/13 03:54 PM
Lets put more resources towards NHL for next generation! Presentation and all referees would be a nice start, and now hybrid icing!

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