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Everyone knows gameplay is king, but some people fall in love with graphics. NikeFaller has posted player face comparisons between FIFA 14 and PES 2014. Check out the top 50 player face comparisons and let us know what you think.
  • (Top 50-41) - Mueller, Busquet, Pedro, Gerrard, Hazard, Vidal, Neymar, Modric, Benzema, Lavezzi
  • (Top 40-31) - Robinho, Sneijder, Cech, Alonso, Cole, Shaarawy, Di Maria, Suarez, Neuer, Fabregas
  • (Top 30-21) - Ramos, Pique, Gomez, Tevez, Kompany, Chiellini, Toure, Pirlo, Casillas, Buffon
  • (Top 20-11) - Balotelli, Mata, Oezil, Bale, T. Silva, Vidic, Lahm, Rooney, D. Silva, Aguero
  • (Top 10-1) - Schweinsteiger, Robben, Ibrahimovic, Xavi, Van Persie, Iniesta, Falcao, Ribery, Ronaldo, Messi

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# 1 FBeaule04 @ 10/02/13 11:07 AM
Watched 1 to 10 and at first, was saying that FIFA 14 seemed to have an edge and looked more from what I expect. After that, opened Google, search for players image and found that PES was really close to reality.

It was really visible with guys like Van Persie and Iniesta. Iniesta forefront, eyes and Van Persie cheeks and hair are so close to reality it's frightning.

The nail in the coffin in that debate was with Frank Ribery. It's just amazing what PES 2014 did with him. While I would agree that Ronaldo and Messi aren't that great with PES 2014, overall, they are more close to reality than FIFA 14.
# 2 Broncos86 @ 10/02/13 11:29 AM
See, I thought FIFA did a better job of Van Persie. I thought PES didn't do as good of a job with the mouth, cheeks, etc.

Truth is in the eye of the beholder, eh?
# 3 ..GameOver.. @ 10/02/13 12:13 PM
Is it me or do most of the Fifa players look like they're planning on killing someone? Either way, I thought PES looked more like the real life counterparts.
# 4 Halloween @ 10/02/13 12:14 PM
Some are better in FIFA and some in PES, some look just plain off on both.
Unfortunately, neither has even one player spot on.

Compared to (current-gen) NBA 2k, they seem 3 years behind.
# 5 believeinnow @ 10/02/13 12:51 PM
I agree that there is no clear cut winner but there are some clear cut incorrect one (look at Vidic in the 20-11 video). From what I heard, because there are so many players, neither FIFA nor PES can get access to all players so a lot of these are artist renditions and not proper facial scans. I think comparing this to NBA 2K is a little unfair considering the number of players.

What is interesting though is that all the players from EA Sports partnered clubs look good (with the exception of Balotelli) while all PES partnered teams (eg. Italy, Bayern) look fantastic there.
# 6 FlyingFinn @ 10/03/13 12:04 PM
I thought PES looked better for every single player 1 - 10. Ribbery was scary accurate.
# 7 willkthx @ 10/04/13 02:54 PM
I think, generally, PES gets faces more accurate, and I think they nail little details like Cech's scar. I also don't think FIFA is doing itself any favours with an over saturated lighting model that washes out a lot of detail.

My only real problem with PES is that a lot of player's eyes just look DEAD. FIFA gets eyes better than PES, and PES gets little details better than FIFA.

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