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Madden NFL 25 (Xbox One)

As we prepare to enter a new generation of sports games, former OS Writer (and now busier than ever freelancer) Steve McPherson penned a great piece on Polygon about what the future of sports games shoud look like.

The article suggests that statistical accuracy and also more alive and emotional worlds are where our genre is heading.

"But the next generation of sports games holds forth the promise of immersing us in a sport more fully than ever before, and not just by looking like the real world, but by taking us beyond it."

You can read more on Polygon.

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# 1 PAPERNUT @ 10/02/13 03:32 PM
Great article. It does give some hope for this Next Generation of games. However, I thought the same for the past generation and in my opinion many of the games took a step back (Madden). With the 1 year release cycle, economy woes (layoffs), and lack of competition for some sports, I wonder how much it will really change for this Next Generation.
All I can do is support those developers that go above and beyond to give us the best game possible each year and hope others will hold off buying from those that refuse to push the genre forward.
# 2 GlennN @ 10/03/13 10:37 AM
I'm not buying. The games will be prettier, but I suspect little else will change.

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