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Endgadget posted a video showing off CoachGlass during a play session of Madden NFL 25. This video also offers some of our first glimpses of next-gen gameplay video. [YouTube]

What can you spot?

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# 1 LovejoyOTF @ 10/08/13 11:34 AM
that the gameplay looks identical and the sidelines looks static.
# 2 StL_RamZ @ 10/08/13 11:36 AM
I feel as if EA is showing people stripped down versions of next gen madden gameplay. Kinda like what they did before they reviled the "infinity engine"

Removing all the "new" stuff to show of other "feature"

I still won't let my self believe that what they've shown is Maddn 25 on Next gen systems

Guess my glass is half full
# 3 Dogslax41 @ 10/08/13 11:38 AM
Oline/Dline interaction looks immensely improved. Everything else looked very similar, but not much else could really be seen.
# 4 djordan @ 10/08/13 11:38 AM
Youtube Comment

It's official, a NFL video is BETTER than the real thing. This is the most realistic NFL gameplay ever, and you have complete control over your team and its strategies. In real NFL football, you end of disappointed over things you have NO control over. In NFL 25, you have all the control so if you lose its your fault.
The day this game comes out will be the day I DUMP my gf so I can focus my life getting top rank. Pain is temporary, but glory is eternal.
This is why we're in this horrible situation...THIS IS WHY!!!!
# 5 GiantBlue76 @ 10/08/13 11:48 AM
I'm actually very impressed by coach glass. That looks pretty awesome to me.
# 6 Dogslax41 @ 10/08/13 11:52 AM
The more I watch the replay of the run play the more excited I am getting about seeing some more extended video and I was on the verge of cancelling my pre-order based on what they had shown previously. Now I will say graphically it looks like another bait and switch from everything they showed at E3. This game looks nothing like that. But the blocking interactions look fantastic.
# 7 SageInfinite @ 10/08/13 12:03 PM
Lord this game is ugly in motion.
# 8 elgreazy1 @ 10/08/13 12:11 PM
Let's talk about grass, textures, and visuals instead of the functionality of this new (gimmicky) app.
# 9 myownsun @ 10/08/13 12:16 PM
Can I get credit for being the OP of the video........

# 10 coolcras7 @ 10/08/13 12:31 PM
The grass, the grass, look at the grass.
# 11 Gossennator @ 10/08/13 12:32 PM
Looks like another next gen dud, right?
# 12 ir2proforu2 @ 10/08/13 12:38 PM
glad to see ea is waisting there time on some dumb app than working on the game itself
# 13 UNC_Pete @ 10/08/13 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by RateSports
Well, my preorder is officially cancelled.
Silly you, for even pre-ordering.

I'm just kidding, the jury is still out for me. Haven't purchased a Madden game in years. The oline/dline play looked improved. Hopefully corners don't ghost route with WRs anymore..
# 14 MMurda @ 10/08/13 12:45 PM
only thing i can spot is an extra $60 in my pocket at this point. i mean why are we still scouring for tiny nuggets of gameplay a month away from launch? something doesnt seem right when we havent seen anything substantial from this gm yet. i cant say theyre the only gm with little info...but they are the only one with this bad of a track record when it comes to quality gms. dont matter tho...at this point my stance is true next gen football or gtfo!!
# 15 Daywalker86 @ 10/08/13 12:56 PM
Guys...it looks the same. Right down to player locomotion. It's identical. To be impressed....you have to see "what you want to see".

I'm only disappointed because this is clearly NOT the same game we saw in prior promo clips. Not, Even, Close. Totally different level from even what we saw as recently as the AP promo vid.
# 16 Herschie @ 10/08/13 01:03 PM
Why would I care about this? Can I not call plays? Or would I rather see some actual footage of the game? This looks eerily similar to Madden 25 on PS3.
# 17 TheBuddyHobbs @ 10/08/13 01:06 PM
WOW there are blades of grass!!!
# 18 MrGameW1nner @ 10/08/13 01:09 PM
So just my 2 cents. Who wants to sit down and play madden with a tablet or laptop on their lap? That guy looks so uncomfortable trying to play, plus the play started while he was trying to pick something on the screen and he had to hurry up and try and play defense. Also what happens when your fullback misses a block on the linebacker when you call an iso and you jump up mad at the missed block? Goodbye tablet.
# 19 Dogslax41 @ 10/08/13 01:09 PM
The online/dline changes shown in the video are not minor changes. I can't believe that I am actually on the Madden defense side given how critical I have been, but the blocking shown on that small snippet of video has the potential to create a completely different game. Madden 25 on current gen for me was unplayable mostly because the oline had been beefed up and the dline would just get mauled on every play and you could gain 4-5 yards per run unless you imbalanced the sliders so much that the CPU had insta penetration. Watching the interaction of oline/dline and TE/FB with linebackers looked realistic and certainly opens the door for ratings to matter on the line.

The dline was getting variable pressure on the run play - that didn't happen on current gen

The oline turned defenders away from the play - that didn't happen on current gen

the FB hit the hole and got an imperfect chip on the linebacker not a full blown pancake or pattycake that knocked the LB off balance but not out of the play - that didnt happen on current gen

Defenders worked to turn olinemen to get to the ball carrier - that didn't happen on current gen

Oline and dline were shown actually handfighting not playing pattycake - that didn't happen on current gen

dlinemen extended his arm to actually break the block rather than just disengaging - that didn't happen on current gen

Just making those changes to a core component of the game (oline/dline) would require massive work balancing the game and could have a huge impact to gameplay.

You want to be critical about the graphics not looking anything like what they said they were going to deliver at E3 then so be it that's more than fair. It does look like a bait and switch from a marketing perspective as this looks nothing like those detailed shots of RG3. But even just based on that short video to say its just a direct port means you are missing out on what looks like a key improvement over current gen.
# 20 cavs25 @ 10/08/13 01:19 PM

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