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It is playoff time for baseball, with the Autumn weather establishing itself while players and teams fight for chance to be World Champions. It's true that you do need both good pitching and timely hitting to win a World Championship in baseball. In fact, an absence of either will make getting into the playoffs, much less winning in them, much harder.

However, when factoring it all in -- which side do you tend to emphasize more when building a franchise to compete for a World Championship: pitching or hitting?

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# 1 rkwittem @ 10/08/13 04:08 PM
Pitching. You can never have enough. I love the intimidation factor of having wave after wave of power arms to throw at an opponent.
My ideal rotation is this. (I prefer a 12-man)
1. Ace (flat-out stud)
2. Ace (same thing as #1)
3. soft-tosser (preferably from a different side as my ace, so I can get a different approach games 1-2 of a series)
4. Innings-eater. Just needs to be solid. Another ace is always good but not necessary
5. Development arm/prospect/rookie (It's good to look ahead)

6-10 Bullpen. At least 2 LHPs unless your setup guy is a lefty. Of these, I want at least 4 who are flamethrowers.
11. Power setup reliever
12. lockdown closer
# 2 TheDeuceOf360 @ 10/08/13 10:02 PM
Why a team of The Wizard? Love the idea btw
# 3 porkys8077 @ 10/08/13 10:51 PM
Pitching all day.
# 4 sra9888 @ 10/09/13 01:07 AM
I tend to do ok with mediocre pitching. So for me, I'd rather have a great lineup to give me some run support
# 5 gigadkc @ 10/09/13 05:03 AM
hitting, both in virtual reality and real life. A good offense can overcome bad pitching but the best pitcher in the world can't win a game if the hitters on his team suck. In a perfect world you have good hitting and good pitching. Teams that can't hit and/or pitch aren't going to the postseason.
# 6 Dwenny @ 10/09/13 08:22 AM
Pitching, especially a good mid bullpen and lefties that can get right-handed hitters out. I have no problems yanking a starter in the 3rd or 4th inning if they give up 3 runs early.
# 7 Bobhead @ 10/09/13 10:47 AM
I don't know if it's accurate to say that I actually think and plan stuff when I build my franchise. I usually just wing it.

But I can say that being unable to control the opposing offense is WAY more frustrating than being unable to score, so I'd take good pitching over hitting any day of the week.
# 8 Armor and Sword @ 10/09/13 11:23 AM
Pitching, pitching...and some more pitching.

The essence of success in baseball all starts with pitching.

Then it is up the middle defense.....yep you heard me right. Having that deadly duo will help turn many a double play and enhances your overall pitching. Getting out of innings are crucial.....and having a stud SS and 2B is key.

Then you go to Catcher and Center Field.

That is the foundation of a great baseball team built for long term success and a team that can always compete.
# 9 Bunselpower32 @ 10/09/13 08:19 PM
Always pitching. Good pitching will always beat good hitting. Good hitting will take advantage of mistakes, but good pitching that limits mistakes will always win. You obviously need TIMELY hitting, but teams just don't win with no pitching. They can win with weak offenses, (Giants), but even the best offensive teams that win, like the Cardinals in '11, always have good pitching (Carpenter, Motte, Lynn, Jaime, Lohse) Offense will only bail you out against bad pitching.

Its always pitching. Teams can't get enough young arms.
# 10 Mike3207 @ 10/16/13 12:28 PM
If we're talking franchise, hitting all the way. It's just much easier to draft position players than pitchers in franchise.
# 11 kjtrippe @ 10/18/13 01:19 AM
Hitting. Although I love having a legit farm system of pitchers. Always enjoyed developing that position in franchise and seek hitting in FA or trades.

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