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Ok, who saw that coming?

The Broncos, Chiefs, and Saints are the best teams in football by record, each with unblemished records as we head into Week 6. Each team has forged a different path towards being undefeated, with Kansas City being the lowest rated of the three teams in Madden. Denver was the pre-season highest rated team amongst the current crop of undefeateds, and their Madden ratings continue to improve as the offense continues to dominate opponents weekly.

Here's a look at each teams' next three games:

Denver: Jacksonville, @Indianapolis, Washington
Kansas City: Oakland, Houston, Cleveland
New Orleans: @New England, bye, Buffalo, @NY Jets

Both Denver and Kansas City hold significant advantages over their opponents this week in terms of overall talent, while New Orleans has a tough assignment on the road against one of the highest rated AFC teams in New England. Which of these three undefeated NFL teams will last longest?

Sound off by voting in our poll to your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums.

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Member Comments
# 1 Phobia @ 10/09/13 12:50 PM
Denver barely squeaked by Dallas. Which I think will lead to a drop sooner possibly to the Colts in Week 7. If they do survive the colts then they could make a longer run with the next big challenge at the Pats in week 12.

The Saints have more offensive talent than the Pats and should get past them. Then their schedule leads to a favorable run. Week 8 against Buffalo, Week 9 Jets, Week 10 at Dallas could be tough, Week 11 at 49ers this could be the Saints first loss.

Cheifs have a similar schedule strength as the Saints with their most likely loss coming to Denver in Week 11. I just don't know if the Cheifs get on by Week 7, 8, 9 with Houston, Cleveland, or Buffalo.

So my vote is for Saints.
# 2 jmaj315 @ 10/09/13 01:06 PM
I voted saints as well.
Mostly because i think they will beat the cowboys on Nov 10th. But that next week is going to be the week to watch. Broncos v. Chiefs and Saints v. 49ers

If the saints handle the 49ers then (barring any major injuries) I think they could run the table.

Also the Broncos will have to face the chiefs again. In the end, I think these three teams will finish 13-3 or better

EDIT: I just realized 25/35 (before me) picked denver. While I would respect their opinion, without reasoning I consider 18 of you 2013 bandwagoners :P
# 3 Steve_OS @ 10/09/13 01:57 PM
Denver is going to lose in Indy.
Saints are losing in New England.
KC won't lose any of those 3 games.

Just my opinion, don't hang me LOL.
# 4 Cowboy008 @ 10/09/13 05:18 PM
I think Kansas City can stay undefeated the longest. Denver will probably lose to the Colts and the Saints will get beat by the Patriots.
# 5 cparrish @ 10/09/13 08:15 PM
I wouldn't be surprised to see the Chiefs lose to the Raiders this weekend honestly.
# 6 Instant C1a55ic @ 10/09/13 10:59 PM
Call me biased because I am a Broncos fan, but that was Dallas taking advantage of a banged up defense IMO.

No Harris, no Bailey, no Miller, no Ayers, and more important no Woodyard. If you ask me, I think we would have done better if just Woodyard is out there because he is responsbile for getting the guys ready pre-snap and hes pretty darn good at it too. That voided leadership really hurts a defense if guys are out of position.

Will the Broncos lose? Of course, no one is perfect. (spare me the '72 Dolphin cracks) I just don't think it will be against any of the teams listed, and certainly it will NOT be the Pats...
# 7 zten11 @ 10/10/13 01:27 AM
Honestly, I think both Denver and New Orleans should be able to stay undefeated through their next three games. If the Saints get past the Patriots (and they should the way the Pats are playing), they'll head into their bye week feeling really good their next few games.
# 8 opd897 @ 10/10/13 08:45 AM
I don't see the Pats beating the Saints this week. I mean they didn't score a TD against the Bengals and that Saint D is tough, not to mention their offense.

Chiefs at home this week against their old school rival, the Raiders. The Raiders will come to play but don't see them winning as Arrowhead will be rockin' with the sellout crowd attempting to break Seattle's record of the loudest stadium in the NFL.

Of course the Broncos will win this week and I can see all three of these teams winning their next three with Indy having the best chance to knock one of them off.
# 9 badra100 @ 12/30/13 04:53 AM
In my opinion, The team of Kansas city is undefeated team and it will stay longest.

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