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Check out the latest Forza Motorsport 5 hands-on preview from Lazy Gamer, where Nick de Bruyne talks about the game from a hardcore fan perspective.

Make sure you read his thoughts about the game with no assists, while driving around Laguna Seca in a Ford Focus ST, Mercedes 300SL and Ferrari F12.

The new physics system feels significantly different to previous titles, thatís for certain. In the Focus it was now much more difficult to carry the right amount of speed through the bends to not understeer (fading outwards while cornering) into the corners but then also not suffer massive amounts of torque/under steer out of the bends when putting the power on. This was something that plagued early Forza games, especially during the earlier parts of the career modes, as the slower cars let you mostly flatten the accelerator pedal and just coast the car around most corners of the track without any real fear of losing it.

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# 1 Sinner @ 10/11/13 10:27 PM
Can't wait for this...got the Limited Edition, haven't bought one of those in years. Seemed like a decent price for what you get.

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