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Madden NFL 25 (Xbox One/PlayStation 4)

Sports video games have long been rated in a somewhat arbitrary 0-100 method. At first, the ratings were fairly broad but have steadily become more and more specialized over the course of this last generation.

What type of system do you think sports games should have going forward? Is the classic 0-100 system the best? Is there another numbered system? What about a realistic ratings system based upon real-time stats updates which is impacted by how players are actually playing?

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# 1 threattonature @ 10/15/13 02:52 PM
I think there should be a much wider range of ratings. I have long preferred the 0-100 rating system. It seems though that the ratings makers try hard not to hurt anybody's feelings too much so they go to the 50-100 overall ratings.
# 2 jyoung @ 10/15/13 02:54 PM
All-Pro Football 2K8 did it best by creating 4 tiers of players:


Each position in the game had a default ratings base for each of the four tiers.

2K would then add individual player "abilities" like soft hands or speed burner, which would increase a player's rating in certain categories.

Some abilities also had no ratings boost, but instead, would unlock special animations or grant special powers, like signal stealer or QB cadence.

APF 2K8's system did a great job of making each player feel unique.

It also made it extremely easy to identify a team's strengths and weaknesses at any time from the line of scrimmage.
# 3 guaps @ 10/15/13 03:04 PM
I complete agree with jyoung. 2k8 did it the best and I'll quote myself from a post I wrote back in 2011 here on OS.

Originally Posted by guaps
I know it's not a ratings-less system per se, and that they use templates for ratings (Gold QBs has 90 pass strength, Generic QBs has 70 pass strength etc.), but the underlying point about 2k8 is that ratings don't matter to the user. All you need to know as a user is that Gold > Silver > Bronze > Non-star players. On top of that, you need to know that abilities gives boost to ratings and allow for more and different animations, but the user never needs to know exactly how the ratings change. All the user needs to know to decide between two or more players is the Star and the Abilities.

Using Brandon Lloyd as an example: He's not a spectacular receiver, and he wasn't high on anybody's list before this season since he's not really been very productive since his early years at the 49'ers. But despite his lack of production and top end speed (he ran a 4.5-4.6 in college) he's always been known as a deep threat WR.

Now Madden 11 had Brandon Lloyd listed at 70 OVR, when the game released, with individual ratings that made him practically useless at WR. He ended up being 88 OVR in the final roster update (I haven't seen his final individual ratings but I'm sure Donny has been generous).

In 2k8's system, however, he could have played as a either a Bronze WR with the "Deep Threat" ability all season long, or started as a generic receiver and been upgrade to a Bronze receiver with the "Deep Threat" ability with a roster update.

I believe most gamers would prefer 2k8's version if they had the option to choose, as it is more transparent and, thus, a faster way to differentiate between players. Personally, I like what Madden is doing with player roles, confidence and consistency rating and AI tendencies this year, but I'd perfer to see it in a 2k8 ratings system. I'd like to be forced to decide between having a consistent Generic receiver, who tends to drop open passes or an inconsistent Silver receiver, who attacks the ball in the air.
# 4 Fiddy @ 10/15/13 03:27 PM
im all for having the attributes etc hidden.. all for it!
# 5 dghustla @ 10/15/13 03:46 PM
I would like to see a variety of tiered traits. Justin Tuck and Vince Wilfork may have the same strength. but they way they use that strength is vastly different. With tiered traits you can immediately know what "perks" guys have. Nothing arcade and super human. And these traits should be triggered by certain instances in the game. For example if there is an edge rusher trait that allowed for a faster first step when the ball is snapped. on 2nd and 3 it shouldn't make as much of a different as it would on 3rd on 10. Cam Wake is a great edge rusher but on 2nd and 3 he is playing the run first and not taking himself out of the play by speed rushing on a possible run down. In the past the problem is/was 1 trait or skill to rule them all. An edge rusher shouldn't give me an advantage in run defense because my guy is constantly blowing off the ball. If anything he should over run the play which leaves a huge hole to run through.

Each trait should have a bronze, silver or elite level. that ONLY very few players can actually unlock. most players should end their careers somewhere in the silver levels of a few traits. Each level should expand on the players abilities in regard to the trait.
# 6 Damian Zero @ 10/15/13 03:49 PM
Im all for a APF type system. Ive never liked a 0-100 in any game. Its trivializes anything below 65 pretty much,. What the difference between a 45 catch in traffic rating and a 47? There is no difference, you still suck at catching in traffic. I would have the APF system with the consistency rating having a larger impact, modifying ratings heavily.
# 7 Jarbeez @ 10/15/13 03:55 PM
Look, people can vote all they want about hidden rating attributes. However, one of the basketball games I believe NBA Live at one point hid like 5 ratings and there was so much uproar about I should be able to see the ratings...so I don't think that would ever go over well. Even in the All Pro 2k8 I read a lot of complaints about, I know they have these ratings but they are hidden, why can't you just show us the ratings...type stuff...
# 8 charter04 @ 10/15/13 04:03 PM
I would like hidden ratings. We could know the combine numbers and scout evaluations. Each player could have specialties. Big arm. Accuracy, pass blocker. What ever. Seeing ratings is unrealistic.
# 9 LingeringRegime @ 10/15/13 04:33 PM
See the ratings system for APF 2K8.

That system should be the norm.
# 10 elgreazy1 @ 10/15/13 05:05 PM
Originally Posted by jyoung
All-Pro Football 2K8 did it best by creating 4 tiers of players:


Each position in the game had a default ratings base for each of the four tiers.

2K would then add individual player "abilities" like soft hands or speed burner, which would increase a player's rating in certain categories.

Some abilities also had no ratings boost, but instead, would unlock special animations or grant special powers, like signal stealer or QB cadence.

APF 2K8's system did a great job of making each player feel unique.

It also made it extremely easy to identify a team's strengths and weaknesses at any time from the line of scrimmage.
I believe jyoung and guaps hit it perfectly on the head with how APF2K8's system does a great job of giving the user all the knowledge of a player's abilities at a quick glance. It made building teams and understanding your personnel and how to implement them into your schemes super easy, but also added an immense level of strategy to your roster build. Ex: You load up on Coverage guys but then your defense lacks the ability to stifle the run. You have speedy, Deep Threat WRs who are suspect with route running or willingness to go over the middle for tough catches. It was all checks and balances.

But I will ad this: that system simply will not work for the masses who've grown up on the archaic 0-100 rating system. So here's my solution to both: Include "Abilities" but also include real-life metrics for all the comparison junkies out there. This is strictly from a football perspective but why not include metrics like 40 yard dashes, cone drills, bench press, squat, etc? These are already measured at the NFL Combine, so they are relevant metrics in some way, it's just up to the scout (ie: the user) to decide whether these ratings mean anything to them as they evaluate their talent and build their teams.
# 11 ven0m43 @ 10/15/13 05:25 PM
I like the ootp baseball ratings where its 1-99, but the ratings depend on your scouts and what they look for.
# 12 JohnnyP1119 @ 10/15/13 06:29 PM
I love the 0-100 ratings but only if used right. I remember Madden 03 and ESPN 2k5 being the best with those...I think some guys were in the 30's, and only like Marshall Faulk, Ray Lewis, and Michael Strahan were at 99.
# 13 jasmindany @ 10/15/13 07:03 PM
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# 14 LordHorc @ 10/15/13 07:56 PM
The 0-100 ratings is fine, but they need more categories (such as stripping the ball, then more specific types of ratings (Not one rating cover a broad range. In the breakdown of each category, they say each covers for multiple attributes. Break those into their own categories))

Also, they need to lower the overall ratings. There shouldn't be more than a handful of 90 overalls. Either that, or they need to allow some players to have 100+ ratings. (I also suggest a 0-1000 scale which would allow for more exact measurements. Lots of players have the same speed rating, but in rl they are all slightly different)
# 15 boxboy99 @ 10/15/13 08:00 PM
The 1-100 rating scale in sports games has grown old. If I had to guess, 95% of players fall between 70-100 in most games. I would like to see game put a greater emphasis on scouting for franchise modes. Here are a couple changes I would like to see.

1) Use the same rating system used by real scouts. I'm sure someone could correct me, however don't NFL scouts mostly use some type of 7 point scale? I would love to see rating replicate a format used by scouts. Rating are really just a way for the game engine to do calculations. Do I really need to know my OL's Spectacular Catch rating? I would prefer any system, that packs the most relevant information, and hides the rest behind the scenes.

2) Add fog of war to rating. This is simple and adds a huge new level of complexity to franchise mode.

3) Greater use of Traits and Tendencies. (We have seen this more in the last couple of years. This is just another way to bring diversity to the game. Not all players, play identical. Traits and Tendencies can bring a game to life when implemented properly.)
# 16 Majingir @ 10/15/13 08:42 PM
I'd like to see one based more on stats. I know in real life some guys could do great one year and suck the next, but in video games, it should be easier to understand but also let people know how much of an impact each rating would have on stats.
# 17 nothinbutnet3123 @ 10/15/13 11:30 PM
I like the All Pro 2k8 ratings but I think the best ratings system for a sports game is NR2003. There should be a high and low rating going into each race/game. Then a number in between is generated also taking into consideration consistency. Just seems to make it more realistic for players/teams to have off days.
# 18 TheTruth437 @ 10/16/13 02:02 AM
Regardless of what rating system a sports game uses, it won't matter unless the game can achieve discernible differences between each ability or rating value when playing with players in actual games.

Having said that, I think best rating systems are either a letter grade system (A+ to F-) or a levels/tiers based system that has maybe ten (possibly a bit more) levels/tiers for each rating or ability.
# 19 ForUntoOblivionSoar∞ @ 10/16/13 05:26 AM

Make "hide numerical ratings" an option. More options. That's what this game needs. More options has never been a draw back, but less options often has. Err on the side of caution. Make it optional/solved.
# 20 GROGtheNailer @ 10/16/13 09:23 AM
What is missing is a gauge on performance that is separated from the traditional 0-100 ratings.

Example: Hockey

Player has a stat range based off past performance. Use "Player A" for example.

15 - 24

(meaning in a season this player can score 15 to 24 goals in a season, depending on how he is played by you the player, what line combination, injury, etc etc) The next year it would avg the previous 3 years and you might get a number like 12 - 21. Add in an aging modifier and that number can change again. Add that you can change this number in a player editor.

Another example:

Instead of a speed rating of between 0-100, a player is measured in feet per sec.

Feet per second (the number will be different for each player) Example 20 fps vs 21 fps. In a regular size NHL rink of 200 feet in length the first player (20 fps) will be behind the player at 21 fps by 5 feet if they have traveled half a rink length. Just think how that one simple rule changes the game-play. Speed matters, positioning matters, slower players will not catch faster ones on a break away. Could add a modifier that every 10 secs adds a .5 fps loss, after a 30 sec shift, you lose some speed, line changes matter.

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