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In your dynasty, franchise, association, etc. mode of choice -- what is the longest in terms of seasons you've ever gone into it before you gave it up in a major AAA sports title? Have you ever played a career mode to its completion? Sound off with your story of your longest career and what game you played it on in the comments below!

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# 1 MavsManiac4Life @ 10/16/13 05:29 PM
2022 in Madden 12, and still growing strong, so answered 12 + (though my disc is pretty much broken and not working). I put the Cowboys back on top with Tyler Beasley, who's won 3 MVPs and Judah Mellon, with 3 wide receiver of the years. Since I turned salary cap off I was also able to pick up Torrey Smith and Aaron Hernandez, though both are in the latter halves of their careers. We won 2 of the last three SBs, but only finished 9-7 last season.

RGIII, Luck, Gabbert, and Tanehill are still going strong, Tanehill is the only guy that's changed teams, now on the .
Ravens. Russell Wilson was the backup QB for the Falcons last time I saw him. Peyton, Eli, Brady, and Rodgers have all retired, with Rodgers sitting in FA for all of his final year, I think he was still rated at a 94 or so, don't know why the Packers didn't resign him.

If I can actually get the discs to work again, I be playing on the road WC game against the Vikings, which oddly enough, still have the best RB in the game with a generated guy named Jibreel Jones, and a mediocre QB in another generated guy named Dillon Waiters. We've had one of the best defenses for the last couple of seasons, though Jerrod Mayo just retired, and he was really the anchor for everything. It's been fun, it's like a little side world haha, I think I'm just gonna cut out all the hassle of the broken disc and go buy it again for $5.

Other little notes:
- The Pats were able to win 2 more SBs before Brady retired, finishing with one of his best seasons yet, I think his TD-INT ratio was 45-7.
- The Jags have always had one of the best offenses in the league, but their defense is terrible, they've never made the playoffs.
- Hakeem Nicks, Calvin Johnson, and AJ Green have all stayed loyal to pretty terrible teams, the Bengals are just now becoming SB contenders, I don't think NY or DET has made it in years.
- I moved the Buccaneers to Los Angeles in the very 1st off-season, but they've never had a winning season. I don't think they've finished any higher than 7-9.
# 2 Majingir @ 10/16/13 05:43 PM
I'd say 7-12(from simming obviously), it starts getting less fun when most of the players in the game are nonames with no pics or anything
# 3 StL_RamZ @ 10/16/13 05:44 PM
Madden 10 - 13 years with my brother. built a power house with the rams & won 5 Superbowls. My brother had the dolphins and won 5 Super Bowls so 10 out of 13 we dominated.

For me madden 10 was the best madden this Gen. Can't even get past a season anymore
# 4 GRONK IS AMAZIN @ 10/16/13 05:46 PM
I probably went the 25 year maximum in madden 08 PC about 5-6 times. Probably the best game I've ever played.
# 5 mestevo @ 10/16/13 05:49 PM
Probably average 3-7, but I can't say I haven't gone 12+ before, been a long time since I had that kind of time though.
# 6 Cletus @ 10/16/13 05:59 PM
I completed a dynasty in NCAA 05 or 06 once.
# 7 TDenverFan @ 10/16/13 06:19 PM
I'm in year 6 of my Colorado State NCAA dynasty, and have made it 12+ seasons in CH2k8. That was a solid dynasty. I spent 2 years at South Dakota State, 5 at ULouisiana Lafayette (Made 2 Eliete 8s), 5 at Northwestern (Winning 1 title. ULL won 2 over this time, actually), and several more seasons after that at Duke.
# 8 threattonature @ 10/16/13 06:29 PM
About 15 on NCAA 11 and I'd say about 20 on Madden 2005.
# 9 Perfect Zero @ 10/16/13 06:40 PM
I said 3-7 but I'm guessing on that. I went deep in Madden 2002 with the Buccaneers and went for about seven years with the San Diego Chargers in NFL 2k5.
# 10 rkocjay @ 10/16/13 07:02 PM
16th year in madden 2005 playing with my dad ever since then my dad fall off of madden n now i play alone n can barely get pass 2 seasons with out getting bored
# 11 Jimbo614 @ 10/16/13 08:57 PM
I simmed High Heat Baseball to the year 3510... Funny, the names had changed but the game remained the same after all those centuries.
# 12 burter @ 10/16/13 09:12 PM
I did the 3-7 years. For ncaa 2004 I believe, the one with Palmer on the cover?, I played for 3 years. For Nfl 2k5 I did chise mode with one team for 6 years. And for nba 2k10 myplayer mode 2 years, 2k11 2 years, 2k12 4 years, 2k13 3 years. (course on PC for NBA you can cut down the season games, so I did 28 games a season)
# 13 ratedmoney @ 10/16/13 09:32 PM
Madden 07 original Xbox I played like 5-6 seasons Played every game
# 14 drk3351 @ 10/16/13 10:13 PM
I went all 25 years in nba live 06. Next longest, ehh maybe a naa footbal 11 dynasty 7 years.
# 15 Cod @ 10/16/13 10:23 PM
Games like FIFA and The Show, I typically go 4 or 5. At that point, the game is usually overrun with created players and over-hyped minor leaguers.

Simulation games like Football Manager and OOTP, I can go a decade or two easily. Something about sim games have a lasting appeal.
# 16 Asp86 @ 10/16/13 10:34 PM
Did you play 162 game seasons, and actually play every single game?
# 17 Asp86 @ 10/16/13 10:35 PM
Originally Posted by OilersFranchise
19th year in my career in MLB 12 the show, planning to hang em up after 20.
Did you play 162 game seasons?
# 18 H to the Oza @ 10/16/13 11:47 PM
Longest career mode was NCAA Football 07 playing every game and winning the national championship on a QB scramble for TD in the dieing moments. Havent got into other career modes.. Im not a big fan of shortening NBA or NHL seasons and the football career modes have become stale in my opinion.

Longest dynasty was NBA Live 04 managing all 25 seasons.
# 19 malky @ 10/17/13 12:54 AM
Well it's funny I'm actually in year 5 of my college basketball 2k8, and nfl 2k5 I'm in my 7th year, I play one season per year, makes the game more exciting IMHO ....I'd like to stop playing 2k5 and update to a newer game but most know why after almost ten years that I can't . Looks like I'll be adding NCAA football 14 to my longest running dynasties soon as well
# 20 BurghFan @ 10/17/13 01:00 AM
Went 15 years in my NCAA Football 13 dynasty with Pitt. Made it 12 years on an older version on PS2. I've also gotten deep into career on some of the NASCAR games, I'm currently working through season 14 in my NASCAR The Game: Inside Line career, though that career mode is very basic (Really just doing the season over and over again).

Don't think I've ever finished more than 4 seasons on Madden. In recent years, I've only finished a full season of NHL once, though I may have finished multiple seasons way back in the Sega Genesis days before career mode even existed.

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