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Lacrosse 14

An interesting new Kickstarter project launched yesterday, a console sports simulation entitled Lacrosse 14. The game sports a realistic minded goal of $210,000 to be funded, with nearly $28,000 already collected from donors.

Lacrosse 14 is a creation from the makers of NLL Lacrosse and College Lacrosse, so you are dealing with an established and experienced developer within the sport they are developing for.

The game, if funded, will be a fully featured and serious sports simulation of the game of lacrosse. There will be several game modes included within the game, from quick game to online multiplayer to a lacrosse academy, to a dynasty mode.

Lacrosse 14 is being developed by Crosse Studios, which is a Pittsburgh based company which specializes in the development of lacrosse video games. The CEO of the company is Carlo Sunseri, who is a former lacrosse player and now a current Division I coach.

For more information on the game and to contribute to it, check out Lacrosse 14's Kickstarter page.

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Member Comments
# 1 kprince3 @ 10/17/13 01:29 PM
I've been playing Sunseri's games sense they first came out and have been able to see these games grow in scope, 14 is going to blow all of them away!
# 2 Escobeats @ 10/17/13 03:17 PM
LOL those crowds tho. Nice to see more sports games getting developed tho. I'm all for that
# 3 believeinnow @ 10/17/13 03:30 PM
Another sports related project that won't succeed...he used far too many assets from other games for me to take this seriously. Heard he's using this in the hopes of getting some venture capitalist to help cover the cost.
# 4 TemplateR @ 10/17/13 05:10 PM
I wonder on which Engine will be the game based. On a own engine? Or on a "licensed" engine like "Unreal Engine" or something else.
# 5 Brother3Wright @ 10/17/13 05:22 PM
Originally Posted by TemplateR
I wonder on which Engine will be the game based. On a own engine? Or on a "licensed" engine like "Unreal Engine" or something else.
Those shots are from the engine they're using. It's a proprietary engine from Big Ant, the same one they used for Rugby League Live 2.
# 6 DJ @ 10/17/13 05:45 PM
I still play the College and NLL games. Hopefully this projects gets fully funded.
# 7 laxman490 @ 10/17/13 05:57 PM
i will probably fund this since i played lacrosse, but i probably wont be able to play this since i have an xbox one on preorder. sucks that they are releasing it so late in the life cycle of the current generation. hopefully they release something next gen.

their jersey degradation looks better than madden!
# 8 DarkOmnios @ 10/17/13 06:09 PM
Originally Posted by MrBlackThumbz
Word start one for 2k football
I dont understand why 2k sports dont have a 2k football kickstarter...
They dont want to take risks, i get it, but there's a lot of people that want a 2k football game, so why on earth they dont make a kickstarter ??

With all these articles about M25 next gen and people wanting some awnsers from Ea, isnt this a good moment to 2k make something like this??
# 9 Bmore Irish @ 10/20/13 11:51 PM
I really hope they can do this. Love the sport, and I'd love to see this made.
# 10 Tomba @ 10/30/13 05:04 PM
Its truly sad that it doesnt have more backers with roughly two weeks left i dont see how my 100 preorder whould make any difference towards the game being made now
# 11 jyoung @ 11/02/13 10:45 AM
If you like the project, there's no reason not to back it.

You won't get charged a cent unless the project meets its goal, so it's a safe bet.
# 12 Dogslax41 @ 11/06/13 09:09 AM
Really would like to see this game made, but really have to question the timing of the kickstarter campaign. Your biggest supporters are going to be fans of college lax so you choose to have the campaign around the time of fall ball rather than the regular season. In addition spanning what was probably the period of the release of the top games for current gen and ending right before the launch of next gen. He picked the one point were interest would be the lowest and funds for most would be the tightest.
# 13 Guardian @ 11/13/13 07:25 PM
It doesn't look like its going to meet the goal but this is a pretty sweet looking game. If it came out I would definitely give it a shot.
# 14 Lemieux667 @ 06/22/14 10:59 AM
It looks like the effort is continuing to make a quality Lacrosse game for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.



If you are an avid fan of Lacrosse and want to see this come to fruition, please support this effort.
# 15 DirtyJerz32 @ 07/08/14 08:06 PM
So did this ever release?
# 16 jyoung @ 07/08/14 09:21 PM
Lacrosse 14 didn't reach its funding goal.

Lacrosse 15 is currently being pitched on Indie GoGo:


Both campaigns are by the same guy (Carlo Sunseri). He made all five of the lacrosse games on the Xbox 360's Indie Channel.
# 17 loco78 @ 07/10/14 05:54 PM
I know that lacrosse it's not and international sport. But I try... Is it possible to have many nationals team to choose? For me, it's a great change that make to sell in all the world
# 18 jyoung @ 07/10/14 06:58 PM
If Lacrosse 15 still works like the most recent Xbox 360 game, the teams should be fully customizable, so that you can recolor the jerseys and rename all the teams/players to whatever you want.

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