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A new screenshot was just posted by EA of NBA Live 14. We are expecting a video complete with 5-on-5 gameplay tomorrow.

What stands out to you in this screen?

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# 1 bigeastbumrush @ 10/17/13 05:38 PM
Looks cool.

Gotta see it in motion.

At least the arena and bench is full.
# 2 23 @ 10/17/13 05:40 PM
I agree Bigeast
# 3 ScoobySnax @ 10/17/13 05:40 PM
I'll be tuned in tomorrow to see what's poppin. They'll need to come with it; that, I know for sure.
# 4 franzis @ 10/17/13 05:40 PM
they didn't even try to show lebron lol
# 5 iverson_2k @ 10/17/13 05:42 PM
I'm sorry, I've watched the 2K trailer and...ummmmm..this don't cut it..I'm sorry EA, but you really had me fooled with that Kyrie trailer..This looks a little better than that Steve Nash video. But once again, everyone is leaning forward in the hunchback position and there is no difference in body types. Everyone is long and slender. Tomorrow will decide the fate of EA basketball.. For some strange reason I have feeling, I'll be sending me condolences to the EA staff.
# 6 RayRay34 @ 10/17/13 05:44 PM
Better bring it tomorrow guys.... Shots got fired and they weren't from hip hop gamer.
# 7 LionsFanNJ @ 10/17/13 05:44 PM
To be truthful this doesn't look "next gen" to me.
# 8 DIRK41NOWITZKI @ 10/17/13 05:49 PM
After looking at this I think that teaser they gave yesterday was from an older build because in this picture the jerseys have wrinkles. I couldn't find a wrinkle on Nash's jersey so... We'll just have to wait till tomorrow to see.
# 9 youvalss @ 10/17/13 05:50 PM
Looks good. But the colors in the short gamplay preview didn't seem this vibrant. I'm not sure what to think.
# 10 iverson_2k @ 10/17/13 05:51 PM
Originally Posted by LionsFanNJ
To be truthful this doesn't look "next gen" to me.
I agree, it doesn't look that bad. It looks like an obvious upgrade from current gen but its not looking like what I expected from them. We will know how good this game can be tomorrow. I really hope and pray its good. B/c I like to have options. But that 2k trailer, WOW thats a definite pre-order.
# 11 youvalss @ 10/17/13 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by Sirs
I like the different levels of hunchback shown.
it's called "Signature Hunchbacknation".
# 12 CaliDude916 @ 10/17/13 05:55 PM
Looks good. Can't wait for tomorrow.
# 13 Williekemp15 @ 10/17/13 06:04 PM
looks pretty solid.. D-Rose's shot looks good and i agree i want to see it in motion
# 14 Thrash13 @ 10/17/13 06:06 PM
This picture certainly looks much more crisp than the teaser video yesterday, but we won't know much until we see some 5-on-5 in motion tomorrow. Like others have said, the video tomorrow better be good because 2K brought the heat today with their video. I've never been a big fan of the 2K series, but that looked amazing! I'm hopeful the Live video is much better than the teaser video yesterday. I was a bit let down on that one, but it wasn't long enough for me to make any real determination.
# 15 CFTejada @ 10/17/13 06:08 PM
Where are Derrick Rose's knee pads?
# 16 KidHypeTellem @ 10/17/13 06:11 PM
Something I noticed was the area around the court seemed to have more people, even next to the bench which was something lacking in that vid yesterday.
I did however notice 4 of the players doing that infamous pose.
2K showed something that looked real good today, however things are playing out just as I expected as I expected (or at least hoped) that 2K would improve a great deal (at least on a visual aspect) coming into this new gen.

My other expectation for what I'd feel is obvious reasons was that Live wouldn't quite be on their level. Now I just need for them to release a decent game this year, so I can get my 2 game combo going again!
# 17 Moose Factory @ 10/17/13 06:13 PM
What stands out? The overuse of the Miami Heat logo in the background. Jeez I counted like 15. We get it... a flaming basketball through the hoop is "hot".
# 18 oasis90 @ 10/17/13 06:15 PM
Looks very good. Now waiting for tomorrow gameplay.

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# 19 Jay Jay @ 10/17/13 06:20 PM
Seriously I need to know what EA marketing team is on with Live 14.
# 20 chrislive1994 @ 10/17/13 06:25 PM
Unlike 2K, they got the damn Heat jerseys looking right.

Nice screen of D. Rose and crew, as well the Miami Cheat. No LeBron (coincidence?)

Can't wait till tomorrow. EA Sports & NBA Live, do what you got to do.

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