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EA Sports today released the first gameplay trailer for NBA Live 14, which features snippets of gameplay action.

What do you think about the trailer?

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# 1 TheBuddyHobbs @ 10/18/13 10:50 AM
Was that Xbox 360/PS3?
# 2 kidnice15 @ 10/18/13 10:54 AM
PC maybe lol
# 3 veguss2001 @ 10/18/13 10:55 AM
Meh. Shouldn't be $60.
# 4 ultralow36 @ 10/18/13 10:55 AM
IM lost for words hype is now dead....wtf was that..
# 5 kjjnesb @ 10/18/13 10:55 AM
# 6 oldman @ 10/18/13 10:56 AM
Man I'm pretty disappointed. There isn't much about the game shown in that. Just a hype trailer similar to what 2k put out. The Nash clip was back in which is a bad sign. Also did anyone notice how clunky looking the transition from Carmelo dribbling to shooting looked? It wasn't smooth at all. I'm gonna have to watch it a few more times but first glance I'm not buying the Live stock.
# 7 knick9 @ 10/18/13 10:57 AM
Player models and facial expressions need polishing but I think it looks fun. I like the ball handling and movement a lot but definitely a try before I buy.
# 8 majestic24 @ 10/18/13 10:57 AM
Some of the animations remind me of nba live 10. Uh-oh. We got nothing over here.
# 9 TheBuddyHobbs @ 10/18/13 10:57 AM
I'm still buying the game because I support competition. Competition is good for the gamers. It didn't look good, but it's something new... Well kind of... Either way we the gamers all win with competition. Obviously most of my play time is going to 2k though.
# 10 H to the Oza @ 10/18/13 10:58 AM
Dribbling looked great, shots looked good. Head scratching game otherwise.. what have they been doing the last 3 years?
# 11 coolcras7 @ 10/18/13 10:58 AM
good trailer, but def not what i was expecting with their focus being next generation.
# 12 jacory12 @ 10/18/13 10:58 AM
To be honest the dribbling footwork and all that looks pretty damn good. I'm not really digging the player models but I think there's some promise there...
# 13 bestout51683 @ 10/18/13 10:59 AM
This is a shame EA. SMH!
# 14 pdawg17 @ 10/18/13 10:59 AM
For me, just playing something fresh will knock it up a couple of points. Not stunning but it's a start...

So is this the "gameplay" footage EA promised for today? I hope not...there was like 10 seconds worth of actual gameplay overall which does not give much of an impression at all...
# 15 buddyzer @ 10/18/13 11:00 AM
# 16 kidnice15 @ 10/18/13 11:00 AM
I still need to see real gameplay, I don't care if it's off screen, I don't want to see these over hyped trailers. I want to see somebody in front of the screen playing the game before I really judge anything.
# 17 DaWolf @ 10/18/13 11:00 AM
Looks good! Im just a bit worried about the open lane on the Rose dunk - help Defense and spacing has always been Live´s biggest strenght - please let it still be in there like in older versions.
# 18 Goffs @ 10/18/13 11:01 AM
It's definitely Live....

I wonder if they kept the same stadium announcer...

"With the assist to"
# 19 knick9 @ 10/18/13 11:01 AM
Originally Posted by pdawg17
For me, just playing something fresh will knock it up a couple of points. Not stunning but it's a start...
And a superior online experience could knock it up more. Again, for me, I love realism but I love a fun non-repetitive experience too.
# 20 oldman @ 10/18/13 11:02 AM
On second look the Carmelo shot wasn't as bad as I first thought. I wanna watch the D-Rose part again. It looks like the AI defense doesn't even react when he drives and gets an open dunk in the lane. However when you watch the Kyrie drive the defense actually tries to make a play on the ball. Might not be as bad as I first thought.

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