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EA Sports has posted a new blog talking about how you control the handle in NBA Live 14. The blog features information about the new dribbling system in the game, with information about the three different levels of dribble moves that you as a player can utilize in order to get defenders out of position.

Level one moves are basic ballhandler moves like crossovers, hesitations, behind the back, etc. Level two moves are a bit more complex, adding motion and momentum to the moves above to chain together moves. Level three moves are the signature moves which you can use to drive to the basket.

No information was given on how these moves will vary amongst players, especially those who simply can't do level three type of moves -- also will be interesting to see how the defense will defend. All in due time I suppose!

How You Control the Handle in NBA Live 14

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# 1 DirtyJerz32 @ 10/23/13 10:46 AM
Dribbling looks a lot like Live 10, which IMO is not a bad thing.

Keep the info coming...
# 2 quehouston @ 10/23/13 10:48 AM
If I cant say anything else positive about Live, the dribbling looks great. Very fluid.
# 3 WTF @ 10/23/13 10:54 AM
Looks good. keep it up.
# 4 sammy g @ 10/23/13 10:56 AM
This doesn't look bad at all. The dribbling looks very fluid and natural

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# 5 bigeastbumrush @ 10/23/13 10:57 AM
Now that looks slick.

It's not a full-on contextual size up where you're just stuck in that animation.


Hope they addressed the defensive AI because a lot of defenders are gonna get blown by on the perimeter.

Looking clean.
# 6 DirtyJerz32 @ 10/23/13 11:03 AM
I like that you can break out of the animation and it doesn't need to play out before doing the next move.

Interested in seeing how the defensive players move in correlation to the dribbling, from the trailers the defense looks very passive. Will be interesting to see how the dribble flows when a defender is pressing up hard.
# 7 Jay Jay @ 10/23/13 11:06 AM
Getting players off balance should be a thing of beauty in Live.
# 8 veguss2001 @ 10/23/13 11:12 AM
Live has always had good dribbling mechanics.
# 9 oasis90 @ 10/23/13 11:13 AM
Dribble looks very good IMHO.
# 10 jayman504 @ 10/23/13 11:14 AM
It looks very smooth I can't say I like it cause I haven't tried it yet, BUT I'm encouraged by that footage
# 11 mike24forever @ 10/23/13 11:21 AM
Originally Posted by ghettogeeksta
Lol, even they know the player movement doesn't look fluid besides when you're standing in one place dribbling. They could have at least showed him moving around while pulling off some dribbling moves but they are afraid to.
You've become a Live troll! How do you know they are afraid? What's funny about your comment that you start with "Lol"?
# 12 DASKCREW1 @ 10/23/13 11:23 AM
@Ghettogeeksta really? dudes always want to find a way to hate but this **** looks great im sorry
# 13 SaC_KiNg09 @ 10/23/13 11:29 AM
While I am not in love with the look of NBA Live, the dribbling looks very smooth and no hitches whatsoever. If everything keeps on course we may be on tap for a great year in next-gen basketball gaming.
# 14 DASKCREW1 @ 10/23/13 11:29 AM
Originally Posted by KingofATL
Hmmmmm.......I wonder why they won't show the players running????

That's all I'm gonna say.....
hate all you want my dude...theres nothing bad about this video
# 15 clipperfan811 @ 10/23/13 11:30 AM
You got to give credit where credit is due. This is the 1 area where Live really does look very nice. I like the style of the write up too; a bit of detail in written form with a short video example. If they follow suit with the rest of their blogs, I'll be happy
# 16 cmehustle @ 10/23/13 11:31 AM
Well I wont go into what they are not showing, but the dribbling looks great to me. This coming from someone who hasnt brought a live game since 05. With that said still going with 2k. What would be good is if the guys who work on the dribbling from Live went over to 2k to help them out.
# 17 joec63 @ 10/23/13 11:31 AM

# 18 juicey79 @ 10/23/13 11:33 AM
I like what I saw...keep info coming and give us 5 on 5
# 19 mythreesons @ 10/23/13 11:34 AM
Dribbling has always been the strongest part of the Live presentation IMO. Looked good.
# 20 suspectms @ 10/23/13 11:41 AM
They have actually three dribble trailers out. I'm still buying 2k but live looks a whole lot better in real time. Graphics aren't that bad and the game modes they announced have my attention....

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