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NBA 2K14 for PlayStation 4 and XBox One.

We are now getting next-gen information past every corner it seems and the news is both good and bad for gamers, depending on who you ask.

In order to unscientifically gather the best data possible on the pulse of the community, we're wondering how you feel about next-gen sports games at this point in time. Are you excited? Very much not excited? Something in between?

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# 1 threattonature @ 10/24/13 09:23 PM
I'm ambivalent at the moment. Madden hasn't impressed me. NBA2K looked good graphically. Gameplay looked the same. MyGM seems intriguing but I need more info about how much control the user has over the team as well as the ability to do leagues or OAs online. That's the information that will help me make a decision.
# 2 DruBreeze @ 10/24/13 09:29 PM
I'm finding it really hard to want to play 2K CG right now. Seeing what I've seen, knowing 2K's track recordů.I'm really looking forward to NG 2K14. All the features they've discussed have been hits for me. Nov 15 is only 21 days away.
# 3 NewscasterNews4 @ 10/24/13 09:31 PM
Can there be a category called: Excited, but don't have the money? This is kind of where I stand right now.
# 4 Cowboy008 @ 10/24/13 09:33 PM
Can't wait to pick up NBA2k14 on the 15th.
# 5 pepp32 @ 10/24/13 09:45 PM
Haven't posted in a nice lil min...but to be perfectly honest isn't it all about graphics and gameplay when a new machine is released anyway? This would be my 4th (PS4) and 5th (XBOX ONE) launch as an adult. I can remember so many next gen launch titles being horrible gameplay wise, never actually living up to all the hype that was forecast.

I think we're lucky to have it playable right out the gate. The gameplay on the current gen is incredible...and if it plays near that level with some cutting edge graphics to go with it I'm good!!! Technology has come a long way. In time we'll have all the features we need. I'm actually excited....and I'm a grown *** man!
# 6 DirtyJerz32 @ 10/24/13 09:54 PM
Very excited. I held out on M25, Fifa 14 and NBA 2k14 because of next gen.

Looking forward to those 3 titles and live 14
# 7 AshamanCarnage @ 10/24/13 10:09 PM
NBA 2K14 looks great but gameplay looked relatively the same. Madden looks like the same ole Madden, think I will hold off til next round.
# 8 LRBTODAY @ 10/24/13 10:29 PM
Just pre-ordered my Xbox One from Gamestop today so I'm ready. It was hard to get rid of my 360 and NBA 2K14 Current Gen, but it's for the greater good. As for what I have seen so far I like it all honestly. I never expected for NBA 2K Next Gen's style to be different than Current because it's still created by the same people so essence it's going to have a NBA 2K feel to it. With that said it looks like a new game in my eyes so I'm hyped!!!!!!!!!!
# 9 hesko @ 10/24/13 10:58 PM
off topic, but could they scan a nba ball? amped like tyrone biggums on a red balls for this game bros.
# 10 eaterofworlds888 @ 10/24/13 11:03 PM
I voted ambivalent but only because I wasn't going to buy a console at launch regardless, because I'm tight.

Anyway, I actually am somewhat excited. I was a bit bummed at first they removed the Association as we knew it as I loved it and I'm going to miss it.

However, the new mode does sound interesting. I just hope that everything works as it should and that we can still watch our teams through cpu vs cpu as I like to do that sometimes.
# 11 Bryzine21 @ 10/24/13 11:43 PM
Yeah I don't get why people don't actually play the game. It kind of takes away the whole point of a video game.
# 12 hesko @ 10/25/13 12:04 AM
feelin' fine. i would like to see how eco motion works with change of pace while dribbling and driving.
# 13 CT Pittbull @ 10/25/13 04:38 AM
Originally Posted by Gators1984
To continue my thought, I feel like I'll most certainly stick with my madden preorder, I haven't missed a Madden since I first got Madden 94 as a kid. I skipped CG madden with the intent on next gen and it will clearly be the absolute best Madden and best football game ever created so it's worth grabbing. The question for me then is NBA 2k14. It looks amazing graphically, but do I want that in addition to Madden? Haven't bought an nba game since 2k11 which was awesome so I'm sure I'll fully appreciate the upgrade more so than someone who buys it's every year.

this is why I didn't buy 2k14 for current gen. Even thought its a totally different build on next gen it will be a nice jump up in quality for me since I haven't played 2k13 since the summer
# 14 wallofhate @ 10/25/13 07:05 AM
It's so strange the close it gets to launch the more I get disinterested. Games being pushed back and lack of graphical strides have me sourly waiting for next year. Add the fact that the launch console is usually the most bulky and prototype version of what's to come I don't want to fall victim of the same irritating things I did last gen with buying the new one selling the system for the newer one and wash and repeat. Maybe if I'll wait they'll be better bundles or a kinectless cogs for cheaper our something. Plus I figure next year's iterations of games well harness more power and graphics hopefully
# 15 BezO @ 10/25/13 09:08 AM
Definitely not sure. The vids I've seen haven't convinced me to buy a console at or near launch. I'll need to see & be impressed by NBA 2K, FIFA & Madden gameplay vids, and probably play them before I consider an upgrade.

As it stands, I'll probably get a unit for the '15 round of games. That's what I did for this generation.

The past 2 years, I've only purchased NBA 2K. I won't buy a new system to play one game. As good as MLB The Show has been, I haven't purchased the last 2 versions. Same for FIFA. And Madden... well. I'll need to be impressed by 3 of the 4 before I drop bread on a PS4.
# 16 HustlinOwl @ 10/25/13 10:25 AM
Picking up the PS4 on the 15th and have not played 2K since 2K11, still skeptical about series especially with new Mythis direction anticipating giving it a shot, but may just hold out for MLBTS 14. Praying it makes its way to PS4
# 17 GlennN @ 10/25/13 11:12 AM
"Meh" about coves it for me. One baseball game (albeit a good one)[and only for the PS4 at that], one okay football game, one stagnant hockey game (unfortunately, basketball and soccer are not of much interest to me). I really see no reason to change from my 360. Until they show me something more than just better graphics. I really can see sitting this entire console generation out.
# 18 RipCityAndy @ 10/25/13 11:45 AM
How am I feeling? Cautiously optimistic. I play mostly basketball games, and I have learned over the last 5 years that 2k is great at generating hype. This year is no different. The game looks incredible! However, the games are super hyped and always have multiple game breaking flaws that ruin the experience for me. For example, last year my created player was converted to skill points after 2 seasons and I no longer could take it online. Another example, spending many hours playing Online Association only to encounter problems connecting with other players, completing trades, playing in the playoffs, etc. Another example, playing another player online who only spin dunks or dances side to side outside the three point line. These things deflate the enjoyment of the game. Don't get me wrong... I still play them A LOT. But as the years pass there is definitely some attrition in my enjoyment of 2k games. I'm cautiously optimistic that with the new hardware and engine it might be possible to fix a lot of these problems... But I will believe it when I see it.

I'm mostly excited for Live. Not because I think it will be better than 2k (this is clearly a "rebuilding year"), but because it is a fresh experience I'm excited to try out.

What I am really enjoying is the flood of next gen information!
# 19 Gdbraden @ 10/25/13 03:17 PM
I'm willing to bet that the 360 version of these games will be better for a year or two. The surface stuff will be nice initially but the next gen won't have the depth on launch day. I'll wait a year.
# 20 Khaos_Kiwi @ 10/25/13 07:17 PM
PS4 + 2K14 =

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