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2K Sports has added Dr. J back to the game. Today they pushed an update that adds him back to the 1977 Philadelphia 76ers rosters. Maybe we see Kareem added soon? Either way, it's good to see.

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# 1 VDusen04 @ 10/25/13 11:06 AM
That's seriously awesome. I was kind of wondering about him because I thought I saw someone post a picture of him and a 2K staff member the other day. I guess I just assumed it was from a few years ago.
# 2 stillfeelme @ 10/25/13 11:10 AM
Doc is like a NFL free agent. He must of just agreed to terms. I am curious as how some of these guys will be on next gen.
# 3 The 24th Letter @ 10/25/13 11:11 AM
They also fixed home/away accessory colors it seems...

Dwight now has his arm sleeves..
# 4 franzis @ 10/25/13 11:14 AM
They removed the Kings in 2k14, right?
# 5 KingKongBundyIsFat @ 10/25/13 11:15 AM
Cool, now put him and Scottie into MyTeam. That's where the legends get the majority of their use.
# 6 VDusen04 @ 10/25/13 11:16 AM
Originally Posted by franzis
They removed the Kings in 2k14, right?
Yeah I think so. That was my first thought too, "Maybe Chris Webber will sign nex... er no..."

But still, very cool to see Erving return. Perhaps setting the stage for a nice next-gen Dr. J model too.
# 7 CD90 @ 10/25/13 11:18 AM
Imagine how the fro will move when you dunk with him on next gen
# 8 Rockie_Fresh88 @ 10/25/13 11:19 AM
no Kareem?
# 9 VDusen04 @ 10/25/13 11:24 AM
Originally Posted by mars5541
no Kareem?
I'm just happy at least one of them chose to come back on board. Though, I admit, I do still kind of pull for a Kareem inclusion just because it's tough to create a real looking '87 version without the ability to add goggles.
# 10 The 24th Letter @ 10/25/13 11:29 AM
Originally Posted by mars5541
no Kareem?
Doubt it.

Knowing Kareem he won't allow his likeness to be used unless he's rated 105
# 11 EarvGotti @ 10/25/13 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by KingKongBundyIsFat
Cool, now put him and Scottie into MyTeam. That's where the legends get the majority of their use.
Yes PLEASE put Pippen in My Team. How are we supposed to recreate some of the greatest teams when one of the 50 greatest players isnt even in the mode???????

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# 12 MarvinOida @ 10/25/13 11:46 AM
Hmm... His CF was removed... Was it added back in?

Tap Taptalking away from my iPhone 5.... C
# 13 LoSoisNiCEx414 @ 10/25/13 11:57 AM
Plz add to MyTeam... So I can hunt for a cheese lineup of


# 14 HakeemOlajuwon @ 10/25/13 12:01 PM
thanks 2k!
# 15 LionsFanNJ @ 10/25/13 12:07 PM
Was hoping the LeBron 11's finaly dropped but THIS is even better. So nice.
# 16 roboas @ 10/25/13 12:18 PM
Hopefully he will have some cool dunking / layup animations.
# 17 Goffs @ 10/25/13 12:35 PM
Great news! Wish Kareem would follow Doc J!
# 18 KingKongBundyIsFat @ 10/25/13 12:35 PM
Originally Posted by NickYoungGoat
Strong this, so far last year my team was better and they ruined the packs
Not to mention the fact that 50% of player can't even play the Tournament mode and 2K is turning a blind eye to it.
# 19 Magnus1959 @ 10/25/13 12:58 PM
That was a of a nice surprise when I turned the game on. Thanks 2K!
# 20 Magnus1959 @ 10/25/13 01:03 PM
Someday I'd love to see the Legends come up as rookies.

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