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EA Sports and Tiger Woods have mutually decided to part ways and end their 15 year partnership.

"We've always been big fans of Tiger and we wish him continued success in all his future endeavors," said Daryl Holt, the company's vice president and general manager, in a statement, calling it a "mutual decision."

Way back in April, EA Sports decided to focus on next-gen golf and skip a year from the series. The upcoming next-gen golf game will arrive in 2015. Until then, they did share the screenshot above, as well as this one, which shows off how improved the graphics will be, over current-gen.

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# 1 Millennium @ 10/28/13 04:36 PM
See, now THAT is a noticeable difference in quality, even in a screen shot. Images in the water and the gallery both look gorgeous.

I thought EA Golf (or whatever it will be called now) was taking a year off, though?
# 2 tnixen @ 10/28/13 04:41 PM
Originally Posted by Millennium
See, now THAT is a noticeable difference in quality, even in a screen shot. Images in the water and the gallery both look gorgeous.

I thought EA Golf (or whatever it will be called now) was taking a year off, though?
They are taking a year off.

Next Gen PGA Tour Golf 16 is due out in the spring of 2015 from what I have heard.
# 3 Runne130 @ 10/28/13 06:08 PM
im happy they ended their partnerswhip with tiger, now we can get in the golfers that don't have good relationships with him such as mickelson
# 4 bluengold34_OS @ 10/28/13 06:20 PM
Originally Posted by hildagardeygk516
just as Norman responded I cant believe that someone can make $9755 in four weeks on the computer. see post........... WWW.JOBS61.¢øm
I couldn't believe it either - I am sending Norman a nice gift for the holidays
# 5 jesusismyairbag @ 10/28/13 06:23 PM
I would prefer south park's take on this game over the drizzle EA have released the last 5+ years.
# 6 Rules @ 10/28/13 06:40 PM
Originally Posted by hildagardeygk516
just as Norman responded I cant believe that someone can make $9755 in four weeks on the computer. see post........... WWW.JOBS61.¢øm
That's crap. I make that every week!!!

Oh anyways, happy to see they are moving on without Tiger. Time to start getting the other guys in as that has lacked for such a long time.
# 7 kehlis @ 10/28/13 06:45 PM
So is it safe to assume Tiger won't be in the game when it is released?

I'm glad they are moving on though, looking forward to this when it is released.
# 8 MHammer113 @ 10/28/13 06:56 PM
Looks impressive but let's face it this means little. With tigers name it will be interesting to see if they focus more on the PGA Tour as a whole and not such an arcade style
# 9 SinisterAlex @ 10/28/13 06:58 PM
Looks good, long way from release but looks promising.
# 10 burter @ 10/28/13 08:26 PM

That's what that blog says. The sell number drops are huge. The last TW I bought was either 12 or 13, I can't remember, but I liked how the kinect played with it. Before than the last one I bought was 04, but I was planning on buying next gen if they fixed the bugs I heard about and if Kinect worked really well with it. Oh well. Those numbers should make EA look at their game and fix the bugs as people will bypass future golf games if they aren't up to par like they did the last 2 years.
# 11 Atax1s @ 10/28/13 09:12 PM
TV ratings wise, Tiger Woods is a huge draw but in video games? Most people that buy golf games like to p lay golf games. I think the lack of tiger well have a negligible effect on sales, especially if they expand the roster and offer a good creation suite.
# 12 Jet Sufferer @ 10/28/13 09:29 PM
14 was the best one, too bad more people didn't try it.

Switching the swing mechanic to primarily having to swing with a draw or fade swing totally changed for the better. It upped the difficulty and made it a much more sim game. It was too easy to drive the ball and hit approaches with the up and down swing in prior versions.

Hope they stay in the sim direction, but it's golf so I'll be there day one either way. Liked in the screen shot you can see other holes and other golfers and their caddies walking around. So now when you hit a bad shot into another fairway you will be able to play the ball instead of the game saying it was out of bounds.

Hope this releases in 2014, dying to play the game with next gen visuals, nothing better visually than a great golf course.
# 13 Ronoko @ 10/28/13 10:28 PM
I'm hoping a hot shots golf is released for the PS4 before then, at least in Japan. Won't have licenses, but can't beat the fun factor.
# 14 chelios7 @ 10/29/13 07:19 AM
I havent picked up a TW PGA game at regular price in years. I bought TW10 on the Wii and then didnt get another until I grabbed TW 13 for the 360 for $8 during a Gamefly sale. Then this week I grabbed the TW14 Historic Edition on the PS3 for $5 at Best Buy. These games slipped long ago from must buy to grab cheap for me.

Hopefully the year off will lead to some real innovation or at least a more enjoyable game.
# 15 pietasterp @ 10/29/13 10:33 AM
Agree w/ pretty much all the posts here. The game is not good, Tiger Woods or no. It's boring, lacks any substantive changes year-to-year, and for my money, the dark graphics palette just annoys the heck out of me. I'm coming from a history of playing Leaderboard Golf/Links, Jack Nicklaus golf in all its PC forms, and PGA Tour in its original form....all on PC. I loved PC golf. The gorgeous visuals (which, frankly, 13-14 years on, haven't improved much) and focus on the game of golf, as opposed to all this other nonsense the Tiger Woods series came to be about, was what brought me in. The first time I played a Tiger Woods console game and my friends were spinning the ball AFTER it was in the air, and then lightning came down and hit Tiger when he made a good drive, I knew I was out. The last/only good console golf game, IMO, was the original "Links" on the original XBox. Why that didn't continue I'll never know - what a great game.

It would be great if EA went back to making a good golf sim, or heaven-forbid a competitor makes a good golf game. But in today's sports gaming environment, asking for a game you want, or more than one game in a genre, is probably just asking way too much.
# 16 Dazraz @ 10/29/13 10:34 AM
I've never been purchased a game just because a certain player is on the cover or in the game. As big a player as Tiger is, it's not the end of the world. It's not like EA releasing a Basketball game without the Lakers in it. What I would like to see is more featured pros.
# 17 DaveMN @ 10/29/13 11:20 AM
My biggest beef with the TW series has always been the way the DLC was handled. The add-on courses were the things that really kept my interest, but the cost and the fact you had to re-purchase the same course every time you upgraded really turned me off.
# 18 brandon27 @ 10/29/13 11:23 AM
That's a pretty impressive difference in the screen shots.

It will be disappointing not having Tiger in the game. I'm surprised EA couldnt even just keep him in as a character for whatever reasons, but it won't affect me much since I typically go right into career mode with this game and use my created golfer almost exclusively.
# 19 inkcil @ 10/29/13 01:29 PM
One of TW biggest failures is that you could not play as him in any career mode. Or any pro for that matter.
# 20 Thrash13 @ 10/29/13 01:43 PM
1. They should still call it EA Sports PGA Tour 15 if it's released in early 2015. Then they can move on with 16, 17, etc. That's pretty minor though, but it makes more sense.

2. If they use the money previously used to pay Tiger to add more licensed PGA Tour courses (they mentioned that as one of their main goals with the last couple) and more licensed pros, I'm all for it. It's about time we get guys like Phil (still unlikely I'm sure), Sergio, Kuchar, Westwood, etc. And I'd love to have a whole list of new licensed courses to play in future iterations.

3. They need to keep the licenses they acquired in the past. Having all four majors is pretty cool, and keeping The Masters/Augusta National should be a pretty big goal as well.

Not having Tiger Woods in the game at all kinda stinks because he's the biggest draw and best golfer in the sport. However, they can definitely end up with more in the end if they do things right and make the best decisions on what to add. Like others have mentioned, having a super deep and responsive career mode will go a long way in making this series legit. I've always enjoyed the games, but playing through a season never really feels that gratifying like it should.

I'm very excited to see more, and hopefully they release little bits in the coming months. With so long before release, we may not get much but a few teasers here and there will help make time go faster. That screen looks outstanding, and I've already made it my computer background. :-)

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