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Tiger Woods is not only done having his name on EA Sports' Golf Game, he also will not be appearing in the next game when it releases sometime in the next 20 months or so.

How big of a deal is this to you? Is no Tiger a deal-breaker for you?

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# 1 Urban Legend 72 @ 10/29/13 10:34 AM
Reminds me of all those years of playing NBA video games and having certain players missing due to licensing issues. No fun playing the Bulls back in the day with no MJ. Just doesn't feel right.
# 2 sydrogerdavid @ 10/29/13 10:48 AM
No big deal. I would think most people play these golf games with their own golfers anyway. I can't remember the last time I used Tiger.
# 3 DirtyJerz32 @ 10/29/13 11:03 AM
Not sure what his name has to do with it anyway. Must people create a golfer anyway.
# 4 TreyIM2 @ 10/29/13 11:19 AM
This is just odd not to have him in the game at all. HE is the main reason a lot of casual to non golfers may even kinda look in on golf time to time and increased it's 'popularity'. Whatever the case, I really don't care cuz I don't really play golf games anyway, even when I had a Tiger game just for The Move useage, and waay back to the PGA Golf Genesis days. Barely touched either.
# 5 chi_hawks @ 10/29/13 11:33 AM
Don't care. He's my favorite golfer and I still don't care. I end up creating my own character anyway.
# 6 DubTrey1 @ 10/29/13 12:19 PM
No Tiger equals...? nothing. It equates to about as much as it does having AP on Madden cover for next gen. Nothing. It's how the gaem plays in the end that matters. Not who is "eye catching" on the cover. 2K could have Ronnie2K on the cover and it would still sell.
# 7 laxman490 @ 10/29/13 12:28 PM
of course to hardcore sports gamers this wont be a big issue since most of us would use our created character.

HOWEVER, anytime i play this game with my gf or some buddies, the first thing they look for is tiger. i dont think this will hurt sales since i dont know any casual golf fans that actually buy a golf video game, but they really need to get tiger back in the game in future editions.
# 8 Cowboy008 @ 10/29/13 01:01 PM
Don't care because I don't buy golf games.
# 9 nbastreet2 @ 10/29/13 01:20 PM
no big deal for me either as I don't buy golf games either.
# 10 Bobhead @ 10/29/13 01:25 PM
Honestly I don't think the franchise will even succeed without Tiger Woods. A lot of people buy strictly on the basis of brand recognition.
# 11 IowaAJ @ 10/29/13 01:46 PM
I want to see a lot of good golfers in so I don't want Tiger out than no one else added. To be honest it isn't a game breaker but I will be in a wait and see mode.
# 12 Vechi8 @ 10/29/13 02:12 PM
Not a big deal that his name is not in the title, but fricking huge that he is not in it. Unless, they add another big name like Phil.
# 13 inkcil @ 10/29/13 02:21 PM
It means NOTHING since you couldn't play as him in any career mode. You could only use him in exhibition anyways. A good CAP for Tiger will be created I'm sure...but will the game have a share feature?
# 14 fsufan4423 @ 10/29/13 02:24 PM
It has to have some sort of impact. Try selling any other sports game without their most famous athlete.
# 15 yungflo @ 10/29/13 03:33 PM
That's disrespectful. Put personal life aside,

Imagine if Jordan was in the league and they omitted him from a basketball game.

Very disrespectful.

If anything, It leads me to believe that Tiger/EA couldn't agree to terms, so Tiger said, you are not using my likliness either. I guess to hurt the sales of the game. Which it will, no tiger on the cover, but no tiger in game either? Return or trade for the casual gamer.
# 16 MarvinOida @ 10/29/13 05:05 PM
It'll effect sales, but I hope the amount of Gameface Created Players are a lot. Cause if I was to buy the game, I would be using Gameface for that.
# 17 nhthelegend @ 10/29/13 05:29 PM
This is the equivalent of an NBA game without LeBron James, an NFL game without Peyton Manning, etc. It's extremely stupid. I don't know who is at fault here, but this is 2014. The era of NBA video games with MJ omitted in lieu of "roster player" seems like the dark ages, but here were go again 20 years later. Disgraceful.
# 18 CubsIn2003 @ 10/29/13 07:16 PM
Would be better if he was in, but as others have noted, he can be made. I haven't bought the game in recent years because I want all tour players - not just Tiger, Dustin Johnson, VJ etc. I won't buy until the game includes all (or most) plus European players and the web.com tour. And the tour needs to be close to reality. I know a lot to ask since golfers are independent contractors. Probably wont be buying for a long time. Lol.
# 19 LingeringRegime @ 10/29/13 07:29 PM
I buy sports games if the game is good. The Cover/Name means 0 to me.
# 20 emelki1968 @ 10/30/13 08:27 AM
Besides you create a golf player or not. This is the beginning to the end fo this franchise. EA is just digging deeper and deeper.

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