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Shady has just sent us this new NBA 2K14 video he titled, 1225. Let us know what you think!

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# 1 ZoneBlitz @ 10/31/13 02:35 PM
First and nice!
# 2 yungflo @ 10/31/13 03:18 PM

I can't wait for kobe to come back lol
# 3 Boilerbuzz @ 10/31/13 06:57 PM
I wonder if Shady is a Lacker/Kobe fan...
# 4 sarlndr @ 10/31/13 07:08 PM
Is he from the Philippines? I noticed the Ateneo University jersey at the end.

Awesome vid.
# 5 boltokPwnage04 @ 10/31/13 07:26 PM
another nice one by Shady.... I can't imagine what's in store with next gen graphics and everything.
# 6 Trackball @ 10/31/13 09:04 PM
I get the 25 (it was mentioned in the video, poll says Kobe is 25th-best player), but what does the 12 mean?
# 7 lakers24 @ 10/31/13 09:17 PM
Originally Posted by Trackball
I get the 25 (it was mentioned in the video, poll says Kobe is 25th-best player), but what does the 12 mean?
What ESPN ranked the Lakers as in the Western Conference
# 8 Kodii Rockets @ 10/31/13 10:15 PM
Originally Posted by darkknightrises
That was alsome kobe is my favorite player and that kind of reminded me of the knew kobe Nicky comution that came out that had kobes highlights and about how he has proven people wrong before and will do it again.
A lot of interesting things going on in that post. Great job as usual Shady!
# 9 Eaglerock562 @ 11/01/13 03:49 PM
The reason why so many people are so anti-Kobe especially in his comeback is because deep down they are afraid to admit that the other side of the coin is just as much possible as their original outcome. He could come back a shell of the player he once was OR he could come back stronger and after ESPN ranked him #25 a very big chip on his shoulder Kobe Bryant per Reggie Miller the other night on TNT "Kobe Bryant is the most fundamentally sound player in the entire NBA," notice the word "fundamentally", he didn't say explosive, all around, quickest, he said "fundamentally" and that is where Kobe Bryant is going to hurt every single team. I've always said that this game is 90% mental, 10% physical and Kobe Bryant is going to show why mentally you can always rise above physically.
# 10 idrisguitar @ 11/01/13 06:34 PM
kobe is the sinlge most comptetive player since jordan, he will be a force t be reckoned with until his age stops him from being able run in a straight line.

i dont like the lakers at all, and i can happily and truthfully state the above without a shadow of dobt. he may be a douchebag, but he is the most determined, committed, hard headed douchebag i have ever seen in the nba in this generation.
# 11 melgeu219 @ 11/02/13 07:15 PM
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