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QJB is back with a new video, this one looking at the new line play within Madden NFL 25 on next-gen consoles. If you can't see the video above, check it out on YouTube.

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# 1 adub88 @ 11/01/13 02:04 PM
aside from the d-line/o-line this is pretty much looking like a straight up port.
# 2 drewst18 @ 11/01/13 02:06 PM
Ewww I have been a supporter and will still get it cause its only $10 but disappointed by that video.

I throwing motion was u-g-l-y!

Ball looked to be a few inches behind amendola I think it was and all of a sudden suctions right into his hands, looked ugly at about the :32 second mark.

I am going to assume it was an earlier build lots of clipping and just an overall lack of polish and realistic movement. Brade looked like a turtle at one point with his head inside his shoulder pads.

Does QJB work for EA or does is he someway contractually obligated to be so pro EA?
# 3 reverend_heat @ 11/01/13 02:08 PM
I wonder how much the tackle patty caking the DE to the ground after they reach the edge of the pocket animation is going to play. Can the DE set up an outside move and come inside? Will the CPU ends ever even attempt to come to the inside of the tackle? We are not going to get real gameplay until after release, count on it.
# 4 adub88 @ 11/01/13 02:09 PM
It looks like that club/rip animations where the DE falls to the ground is just a canned animation, and if that's the case that's disappointing. If you watch the one EA released with Anthony Spencer on the Cowboys, it the same exact result just different players. So are these 300 new pass rush animations gonna have an effect on the game or are they just for show?
# 5 jp7588 @ 11/01/13 02:09 PM
I like some of the content but these videos may as well have been made by the EA marketing team. They've already given us blogs and hype trailers for their back-of-the-box features. Move on, please.

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# 6 BenGerman @ 11/01/13 02:09 PM
The line stuff looks great. The QB animations look so bad I'm not sure I'd be able to look past it.
# 7 TheBleedingRed21 @ 11/01/13 02:11 PM
We saw all this in the video by EA. What a waste of time to re-show it.. ugh.
# 8 cthurt @ 11/01/13 02:18 PM
I cant get past how bad the throwing animation looks to even notice anything else in this video.
# 9 Mr_Riddick @ 11/01/13 02:18 PM
The running animations need to be cleaned up. They look a little stiff. Also, anyone else notice the lineman animation @1:20? Will every lineman be capable to do this? It just seems repetitive.

# 10 msdm27 @ 11/01/13 02:19 PM
Awww man this is just depressing... How come they show the same "pass rushing" animation all 3 times (1 on the videos by Clint and 2 now by QJB) if they have 300?!?!?

The only thing that makes me think the pass rush can be even a bit effective in NG is for cpu pass rushing, since the QB is user controlled, the user might be less prone to step up in the pocket when appropriate thus allowing DE's to get to them.

On the other side, I hope to gawd awareness plays a role on cpu qb's stepping up :/
# 11 speedbreaker @ 11/01/13 02:22 PM
this suppose to by next gen? looks current gen to me!
# 12 jpdavis82 @ 11/01/13 02:26 PM
Rex Dickson told everyone what was and wasn't going to be in the game. He mentioned at least 5 times in his interview with Sim Perspective, that animation quality is not where it needs to be yet, as well as physics and that they are working to improve them.

The things that they did work on this year, they are just laying the foundation for them, they laid the foundation for the o/d line, true step, player sense AI, living worlds, now they will keep improving them each year.

I know how people like to complain about how bad the game is, but if that is the case, don't you think it will take more than one cycle for them to fix everything?

We've seen more improvement from Madden 13 to Madden 25 next gen, in core gameplay than we did from Madden 06-12.

I understand there's a lack of trust, but let's at least give them more than one cycle to fix EVERYTHING.
# 13 apollon42 @ 11/01/13 02:26 PM
Blocking is definitely improved. The throwing animation looks horrendous. The graphics look nice. Would like to see current equipment (Nike gloves). Definitely a port.
# 14 Quickondastickz @ 11/01/13 02:27 PM
# 15 The JareBear @ 11/01/13 02:27 PM
The QB footwork/throwing is terrible
# 16 cthurt @ 11/01/13 02:27 PM
I hope that the DE breaking off the line quickly animation doesnt always lead to him being pushed to the ground at the last second right before he gets to the QB, because at 1:14 you see Geno Smith really didnt have to move up into the pocket since the DE was already on his way down to the ground.
# 17 Jeter2 @ 11/01/13 02:28 PM
I'll pass on the $10 upgrade to next gen and trade in toward something else. I'm usually a guy who can look past the little short comings but god this is unacceptable.

-Brady hunchback / horrible throwing motion

-Awkward warping of the ball into the receivers hands. In that same clip is another glimpse into the "Living Worlds"

-0 next gen graphics wow factor

EA knows how to tick off their remaining fan base

Edit: Will they hit their Madden '06 aspirations on PS5? #DatNextGenBlob
# 18 Mr_Riddick @ 11/01/13 02:29 PM
Originally Posted by apollon42
Blocking is definitely improved. The throwing animation looks horrendous. The graphics look nice. Would like to see current equipment (Nike gloves). Definitely a port.
# 19 TeeDogg @ 11/01/13 02:29 PM
I just want to see some pure gameplay. I've seen enough teasers and promo vids. Now they give this you tube guy the greenlight to rehash the promo vids Lol. this next gen move has been like pulling teeth to see what we're getting. Not just from EA either. What's the deal?
# 20 El_Poopador @ 11/01/13 02:30 PM
that geno smith clip around 1:20 was the main problem i have with madden. the change of direction is too fast for players and doesnt take into account their weight or momentum. i like that he sensed the pressure and stepped up in the pocket, but it happened too fast. he didnt have to put any pressure on his back leg to step up. he just immediately was going forward.

hopefully they can fix that eventually. players never seem to have any real weight to them in madden i think thats why it looks so weird the way they move.

the graphics look ok in terms of textures but man brady is way too bulky he is tall and skinny irl. i know they want to show the flak jacket and stuff but its always way over-emphasized.

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