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2K Sports has updated the court floors for the Milwaukee Bucks and Orlando Magic. More updates will be coming soon.

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Member Comments
# 1 MarvinOida @ 11/02/13 11:10 AM
Great can't wait to boot up 2K.

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# 2 Icxikul @ 11/02/13 11:15 AM
Good to see.The Sacramento Kings court should be next.
# 3 Settlon @ 11/02/13 11:15 AM
Cool lets not forget to update the Clippers, Mavericks & Kings courts too!
# 4 TheNaturalMVP @ 11/02/13 11:56 AM
I like to see Portlands court updated now too.
# 5 xRobertitox @ 11/02/13 12:20 PM
Do you slip in the game too?
# 6 bumpyface @ 11/02/13 05:42 PM
Any news on improved gameplay such as decrease in offensive rebounding and smarter computer assisted A.I?
# 7 melgeu219 @ 11/02/13 07:10 PM
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# 8 rudyeh @ 11/02/13 07:39 PM
Raps court with BMO now
# 9 bigball12 @ 11/02/13 10:21 PM
Ha, the Bucks already got rid of their new court. Went back to the old court tonight against the Raptors.
# 10 Taer @ 11/02/13 10:29 PM
Originally Posted by Settlon
Cool lets not forget to update the Clippers, Mavericks & Kings courts too!
The real question is: Will 2k cover the Laker banners for Clipper home games?
# 11 King_B_Mack @ 11/03/13 01:58 AM
LOL Milwaukee trolling 2K. Same day 2K puts the new court in, Bucks go back to the old court.
# 12 verbalhologram @ 11/03/13 03:22 AM
Nah its all good guys they will be using the new courts again in a few weeks they just need to be resurfaced as when the Bucks played a pre season game last week players were slipping over and they needed to call the game off lol .

New courts look sweet!

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