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Episode 54 of the Press Row Podcast is a one-on-one interview between host Rich Grisham (@richgrisham) and NBA Live 14 producer Ryan Ferwerda (@RyanFerwerda) all about the key new ways to play basketball in EAís next-generation launch title. As NBA emerges from its three years of trials and tribulations, itís an interesting look into how and why the design team aiming to differentiate itself from the competition as well as keep players coming back all season long.

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Run Time: 50 Minutes

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Member Comments
# 1 the_future420 @ 11/06/13 12:28 PM
Man, so much info at once! Can't wait to listen
# 2 bigeastbumrush @ 11/06/13 01:00 PM
Full halftime and post game show with highlights.
# 3 the_future420 @ 11/06/13 01:02 PM
The stuff with the coaches likenesses being mo-capped and having REAL coach voices during timeouts is amazing stuff. I'm officially excited for Live
# 4 RipCityAndy @ 11/06/13 01:17 PM
Wow... they have a LOT more than I was expecting. This is awesome!
# 5 RipCityAndy @ 11/06/13 02:14 PM
Also... this interview was MUCH better than the last one with OG. I know OG couldn't really talk about anything specific when he was interviewed, but this guy sounded a lot more lively and optimistic.
# 6 LAHalos22 @ 11/06/13 02:17 PM
The graphics may not be at the 2K level at this moment, but the feature set sounds like it is far exceeding 2K currently.
# 7 bmgoff11 @ 11/06/13 02:47 PM
O'G said they going to release a full feature demo.
# 8 JODYE @ 11/06/13 05:52 PM
This was informative.

Some stuff obviously they have already addressed like CourtQ and Live Updates.

I'm excited to see presentation now. The Halftime/Postgame info sparked my interest and knowing the the Wired segment with real NBA audio is included is a nice touch. Graphically these segments still remain to be seen but if it as seamless as he is describing, they are really going to immerse you in the experience. That's not even including the full year of audio capture from Breen and Van Gundy on the road. I expect big things presentation wise.
# 9 BQ32 @ 11/06/13 05:53 PM
Wow, can't believe some of the stuff in that interview. My excitement just bumped to a 10. I so hope the gameplay is on point because the feature set and presentation sound amazing. Hip music/which will be updated, those defensive settings from the other day, full espn integration, the best commentary duo in the nba in my opinion, daily updated challenges, synergy integration affecting gameplay on a day to day basis, and cool audio tec. I don't know how this game will play or look when in action but hearing that they are releasing a full featured demo on launch day give me a more optimistic look on their confidence level with the gameplay. To me these features and presentation (not graphics) blow 2k away.

If 2k continues with the online cheesy gameplay this will probably be my baller of choice.
# 10 msdm27 @ 11/07/13 07:13 AM
My real question with regards to Synergy is: Will this also impact Dynasty mode????

And I don't mean players ratings/tendencies being modified daily according to their real life performance, but the game taking into account what actually happens in my dynasty and adjusting players ratings accordingly. That would be DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!
# 11 CaliDude916 @ 11/11/13 03:26 PM
Wow. There's a lot of great info. I'm praying the gameplay is as good as these previews are saying cause feature wise, it tops 2K. If gameplay lives up to the hype, it'll be my go-to basketball game.
# 12 WTF @ 11/11/13 04:29 PM
There's a brief opinion of it in the PS4 thread by one of our respected members.
# 13 shutdown10 @ 11/11/13 04:53 PM
Originally Posted by WTF
There's a brief opinion of it in the PS4 thread by one of our respected members.

What thread are you referring to, if you don't mind me asking?
# 14 WTF @ 11/11/13 05:00 PM
# 15 shutdown10 @ 11/11/13 05:08 PM
Thanks! That was not good. Hopefully this game survives because we need competition sports games going into the next generation.
# 16 Halfamazing @ 11/11/13 05:46 PM
^ Sounds like he just prefers 2k over it more than anything, judging by his other post. Here's another guy that played it,
# 17 WTF @ 11/11/13 05:51 PM
NBA Live - Hot garbage. After experiencing what 2k did with basketball, there is zero competition here. Controls are loose, player movement is jerky, rim physics seem off etc.
Not exactly a glowing endorsement, even if it is a comparison to 2k. Hot Garbage doesn't sound like he's just preferential to another game.
# 18 fluent2332 @ 11/11/13 06:03 PM
Originally Posted by WTF
Not exactly a glowing endorsement, even if it is a comparison to 2k. Hot Garbage doesn't sound like he's just preferential to another game.
Rich likes it, so I'm hopeful that I will, too.
# 19 Halfamazing @ 11/11/13 06:05 PM
It isn't in the least. His next post he wrote a 3ish paragraph elaborating on that and there were a lot of "my opinion.. just my opinion others may think different." and "did just enough to release."
Hard to take a word with two opinions out there, one saying this, other saying opposite. Would like him to go more in-depth more on his experience with it.
# 20 GisherJohn24 @ 11/12/13 11:19 AM
Wish I could watch, but I think we can all be happy with the commentary. Gundy sounded fantastic calling the game. It sounded like a TNT broacast. I like that a lot.

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