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According to Rich Grisham, Press Row Podcast host, you will be able to download a fully featured NBA Live 14 demo on PS4 launch day (November 15) according to what he was told by officials he talked to at a recent press event.

It's possible/likely the demo will have playable parts of every mode, perhaps even allowing you to start franchises and careers -- but will be limited either by time like the Season Ticket games were or by simply not allowing you to go past a certain point in certain modes. If the demo is truly fully featured, this is a shrewd business move by EA to offer a try-before-you-buy option for Live 14 to try to entice some customer goodwill ahead of the games launch on November 19.

UPDATE: EA Sports has announced the NBA Live 14 demo will arrive on November 19th, the same day it arrives in stores.

Will you be checking out the demo?

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Member Comments
# 1 RangersCruz @ 11/06/13 01:01 PM
This is excellent news now i can't wait for the 15th ever more...come on already!!
# 2 WTF @ 11/06/13 01:02 PM
Pretty happy with this nugget of information.
# 3 Chickenney @ 11/06/13 01:02 PM
Will we see the 2nd coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Bynum?
# 4 knick9 @ 11/06/13 01:05 PM
Very cool.
# 5 Gosens6 @ 11/06/13 01:08 PM
At least now I'll know for sure if I have to spend money on two BBall games at launch.
# 6 LAHalos22 @ 11/06/13 01:09 PM
Wow, very impressed by this. This is the way demos should be.
# 7 Earl1963 @ 11/06/13 01:09 PM
Thanks, really looking forward to trying this game out. All I really want is a upgraded version of Live 10 and I will be happy.
# 8 RipCityAndy @ 11/06/13 01:11 PM
Sweet! EA is killin' it today.
# 9 juicey79 @ 11/06/13 01:12 PM
Absolutely i will give it a shot...wow this is very surprising news.
I thought everyone would skip Demos for the 1st year
# 10 Panicshade @ 11/06/13 01:13 PM
I'm actually surprised EA just didn't l move up the release date like they did for NFS: Rivals. I am buying 2K for PS4 but I will download this demo/trial to test it out.
# 11 quehouston @ 11/06/13 01:14 PM
Thats good to hear. EA has had a pretty good day as far as the info goes.
# 12 garyjr33 @ 11/06/13 01:18 PM
I wanted to check this out and see how this stacks up against 2K. So this is very good news.
# 13 Childish7 @ 11/06/13 01:23 PM
EA has done pretty well today, if they drop a 5 on 5 video before the end of the day they may have me back on board
# 14 cthurt @ 11/06/13 01:28 PM
This is some good news, It also shows me they are confident in their product to possibly sway guys like myself who wasnt going to give NBA Live a chance this year.
# 15 bateman11 @ 11/06/13 01:37 PM
Who is this new company coming out of the woodwork???? Very impressed to see how much has actually gone into this game.
# 16 RangersCruz @ 11/06/13 01:38 PM
Originally Posted by Earl1963
Thanks, really looking forward to trying this game out. All I really want is a upgraded version of Live 10 and I will be happy.
So you would buy a game with just updated rosters?for 60 bucks?
# 17 poloelite @ 11/06/13 01:55 PM
EA is getting their minds right, gotta respect that!!
# 18 DirtyJerz32 @ 11/06/13 02:30 PM
Great news. I have it paid off already, but I'll play the demo first before picking it up from GS. Well done EA.
# 19 The 24th Letter @ 11/06/13 02:36 PM
So it will only be available for PS4? or did I read that wrong?
# 20 magicman32 @ 11/06/13 02:39 PM
I'll try it for sure.

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