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PlayStation.Blog has posted a new NBA 2K14 next-gen blog detailing the new Eco-Motion, which brings the NBA experience to life. With Eco-Motion, players will see more crowd reactions, better atmosphere, coaching strategies, real player voices, and emotion of the game.

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# 1 bcruise @ 11/06/13 05:36 PM
Those cloth physics are insane.
# 2 HakeemOlajuwon @ 11/06/13 05:37 PM

# 3 Gosens6 @ 11/06/13 05:40 PM
Absolutely beautiful. I'll be watching this vid a few times before release
# 4 jerk @ 11/06/13 05:41 PM
Oh man.

Let's goooooo!!

9 more days everyone!
# 5 magicman32 @ 11/06/13 05:42 PM
I have to admit....THAT WAS RATHER SEXY!!!!! LOL.
# 6 blingballa333 @ 11/06/13 05:42 PM
Mmm mmm mmm.....lord have mercy.
# 7 iWallace @ 11/06/13 05:43 PM
Omg I can't wait!!!!
# 8 TreyIM2 @ 11/06/13 05:44 PM
Was just about to post the YouTube link but I didn't know they had a blog for it, too. Time to watch the vid and get to reading.
# 9 javicd21 @ 11/06/13 05:46 PM
I had a heart attack. Someone call an ambulance, because I don't want to die before the 15th!

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# 10 bcruise @ 11/06/13 05:46 PM
Also, Ronnie posted in the blog below the video, looks like he's taking questions about the video (you do need a PSN account to be able to post there, since it is the PS Blog).
# 11 d23x @ 11/06/13 05:47 PM
OMFG! Honestly if you're a basketball fan you have to be excited for both 2k and Live. This just looked beautiful!
# 12 Marino @ 11/06/13 05:48 PM
Momma, there go that man again.
# 13 BigAkers @ 11/06/13 05:50 PM
someone give me a paper bag to breathe into
# 14 WTF @ 11/06/13 05:50 PM
Geeez oh pete. That was insane looking. The animations shown, the ball interaction, emotion, arenas, lighting... Everything. Wow.

That Harden vs LBJ in the practice arena was stunning looking.
# 15 wordtobigbird @ 11/06/13 05:51 PM
Kudos to 2K. Always impressed by what they show and more importantly what they SAY. Can't wait to play this game.
# 16 TreyIM2 @ 11/06/13 05:52 PM
Damn. Not Nov.15th yet??? Lol. Queue the Bart Scott sound bite...
# 17 jayman504 @ 11/06/13 05:54 PM
OMG Information that I care to watch and read...bout DAMN time...

good vid btw
# 18 seanbarkley @ 11/06/13 05:56 PM
Good Lord, have you seen that beard??!!

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# 19 wordtobigbird @ 11/06/13 05:56 PM
Originally Posted by DukeC
So...no one's going to do it huh?

While this trailer was all well and good....where the gameplay at though?

All kidding aside, that blog was SEVERELY UNDERWHELMING (The reading part).
One example of the Eco-Motion Engine in action is the new fluid nature of player animations. Gone are the days of pre-canned animations that must play out exactly as they were mocapped. Now, players adjust their movements based on the environment around them. Jumpshots will change midair, dribble moves will alter in between dribbles, and players will land in a unique way following every thunderous dunk or block. No two animations will ever appear exactly the same. To illustrate this point, our Dev team recently showed off a looping video of OKC star Kevin Durant taking the same jumpshot ten different times. Sure enough, each clip was unique in some way. In one shot, KD pulled off a perfect shooting motion. But in the next, a defender stepped up and altered the shot, causing him to rush the release and land awkwardly on one foot. These types of play-to-play variations occur constantly in real life sports, but until now itís been a challenge to capture the fluid and dynamic nature of live sports in a video game. Not anymore.
Not underwhelming at all to me. Quite impressive.
# 20 Escobeats @ 11/06/13 05:57 PM

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