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Robin Antonick, the man who famously challenged the sports-gaming status quo once upon a time with an 11-on-11 football simulator we now know as Madden NFL is set to try to do it all over again with a new basketball game called Grudge Match: Street Basketball.

The catch is, of course, that the game isn't made yet and needs your support via Kickstarter, with a very lofty goal of $500,000 for funding. Thus far, no major sports game Kickstarters have come close to funding themselves at that level -- so Antonick would be breaking the status quo in many ways if he succeeds.

Antonick's vision is an interesting one with his new venture called the Indie Sports Network. The vision is, "To upset the apple cart. To be a disruptive force in the sports gaming industry by taking the power of in-game content development away from the big publishers and handing it over to gamers."

Grudge Match appears to be NBA Street like, but with a highly competitive and customizeable twist. You will be able to customize your moves in the Indie Sports Gym/Lab to give you a competitive boost in the Indie Sports League. The league seeks to be a multilevel league modeled after MLB's farm system.

It all sounds interesting and we're efforting an interview to learn more about what Grudge Match: Street Basketball is bringing to the table. In the meantime, check out the game's Kickstarter page to learn more about the vision.

Member Comments
# 1 MHammer113 @ 11/07/13 01:59 PM
Can we get one for college basketball that is fully customizable?!
# 2 MattyEdgeworth @ 11/07/13 02:53 PM
I've actually used that software in the screenshot haha Interesting to see it there, I could hardly make a game of pong work on it nevermind a proper game!
# 3 HustlinOwl @ 11/07/13 08:47 PM
give us college bball
# 4 smithdynasty @ 11/07/13 10:14 PM
co-sign on college hoops!!!
# 5 Caius101 @ 11/08/13 07:23 PM
Agree with the others. College BBall would be awesome, but considering all the BS that EA is having to eat atm over college sports, it will never happen. This does look interesting though.
# 6 Recoilius @ 11/25/13 05:01 AM
Cancelled sadly.

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