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FIFA 14 producers Nick Channon and David Rutter describe how Elite Technique provides the player with an all-new suite of moves. They also talk about In-Air Play, allowing multiple players on the pitch to contest an aerial ball.

EA Sports has mentioned more videos are coming soon, covering the following features.

Pro Instincts

Players make decisions four times faster than on previous consoles. Decision-making is now based on multiple frames per second, resulting in players that are more aware of their surroundings and react accordingly. Depending on the situation, an attacking player may check his run, back into a defender or brace for an incoming tackle. During a sprint, a player may feint or leap over a sliding defender while still maintaining possession of the ball. Defenders will recognize more opportunities to support and pressure the opposition to help create balance.

Precision Movement

In FIFA 14, gameplay is built around True Player Motion and delivers a whole new feel in the game. Players will have unique step animations instead of blended run cycles, which means that every step counts. Foot slides have been eliminated and players will use true bio-mechanics to shift their weight from one leg to the other as they run. This dramatically changes the feel, look and realism within the game as players will be more grounded as they move across the pitch.

Living Worlds

Nothing compares to a stadium full of fans cheering in unison. With FIFA 14, the crowds come to life with 3D crowd technology that completely changes the atmosphere of a match and makes every stadium feel alive.

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Member Comments
# 1 CarryTheWeight @ 11/07/13 03:27 PM
After playing the demo at the Sony Outlet, I'm getting FIFA 14 on PS4 week one. Yes, it's not dramatically different, and there's still a few gripes I have, especially with the caveman-like generic faces still there for certain players, but the next-gen game IMO was a nice breath of fresh air for a series slowly growing musty.

The contextual animations and real-time presentation are enough to bring this on-again, off-again FIFA player on board. Time will tell if it's as big an improvement in the long run as it was at first glance.

Like NBA 2K, I'm willing to give a similar-feeling core gameplay engine a thumbs up if most of my personal gripes are ironed out. From what I saw in my brief playthrough, which appeared to be a build from before the Eurogamer expo, there's enough there for me to give it a shot.

Isn't it a little strange that FIFA's the only EA Sports next-gen title to date that's produced more than 15-30 seconds of raw gameplay footage?
# 2 orion523 @ 11/07/13 05:18 PM
Just the fact that multiple players can now go for headers immediately makes this game worth exploring. It always bothered me that the box was so barren of players on set pieces, especially corners where on most occasions only four offensive players positioned themselves in the box. FIFA is definitely the game I'm looking forward to most, and although I do have an XBOX One preordered, I may not be able that resist the PS4 if I find one available next week.
# 3 4EverBlowingBubbles @ 11/07/13 08:53 PM
"Elite Technique" LOL at them new fancy-buzzword features. Same old same old. I'll let pre-order kids be the guinea pigs.
# 4 Artur @ 11/07/13 10:02 PM
So disappointment for me that for the king of sport we don't have any extra-ordinaries for next-gen. Fifa 14 maybe feels a little bit different but wtf? We have so much power, a lot of memory and where the the hell the unique signature skills of players and teams?
Just look at this beauty!


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