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Here's some gameplay video posted by Bug (@Weezyy_F_Baby) of the final moments of some first half gameplay between the Thunder and Bulls -- you also get a peak at the halftime show in NBA 2K14 next gen. At one point, you see Derrick Rose being interviewed as he walks off of the court.

What do you guys think?

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# 1 jayman504 @ 11/08/13 02:20 PM
Good Find bro...

Once Again...Jeremy Lamb is the go to guy in OKC..LOL
# 2 CaliDude916 @ 11/08/13 02:21 PM
HOLY S#%*+!!!! That looks REALLY good. And that halftime interview with Rose! OH LAWD.
# 3 BoxyCougar @ 11/08/13 02:22 PM
I love the interview with DRose. I hope they have Harlan, Kerr and Kellogg at the beginning of the game shown just like in 2K9
# 4 swac07 @ 11/08/13 02:22 PM
halftime interview!!
# 5 angrysponge @ 11/08/13 02:22 PM
Looks really good.. can't wait to see it in full 1080p. Maybe @Ronnie2k will have to release some videos now that you guys posted this! Thanks for looking out for us OS hardcore fans Bug - @Weezyy_F_Baby! Halftime interview was cool!!
# 6 jayman504 @ 11/08/13 02:25 PM
Originally Posted by swac07
halftime interview!!
I seen that...that dropped my jaw!
# 7 Bug @ 11/08/13 02:26 PM
Yea they not sim gamers at all I'll try and get on the sticks to show real sim gameplay
# 8 lakers24 @ 11/08/13 02:27 PM
Holy CRAP Half Time Interviews! But dude on the sticks was TERRIBAD

EDIT: Was that DRose's real voice?!
# 9 airjoca @ 11/08/13 02:28 PM
Rose is still starving, hope they update. Other than that, I still have to wait till the 29th to play this over here...
# 10 MMChrisS @ 11/08/13 02:28 PM
Pretty good stuff right there. Next-gen's foundation for each game looks to have us set up for some incredible stuff in the future.
# 11 cthurt @ 11/08/13 02:28 PM
Damn was that Rose real voice too?? Very impressive
# 12 green94 @ 11/08/13 02:29 PM
Originally Posted by lakers24

EDIT: Was that DRose's real voice?!
Seriously, that sounded exactly like Rose. If that's his voice, that's bonkers.
# 13 WizardJay @ 11/08/13 02:29 PM
That camera angle is ugly man.
# 14 Gosens6 @ 11/08/13 02:30 PM
That looked good, if the guy on the sticks was a better player, especially at the defensive end it would have looked even better. Without even picking up the controller you can tell it's a much smoother gameplay experience.

And don't even get me started on the halftime interview. WOW.

Also, the contextual shot animations look NICE. You really can see a players body adjust when he has a defender bothering the shot, really good.
# 15 Sparkles @ 11/08/13 02:31 PM
That interview didn't really that impressive... It looked really awkward. Idk about you guys
# 16 TerminallyOdd @ 11/08/13 02:31 PM
Sick! Thank you for posting this. D Rose is looking a little emaciated which is weird, considering he was bulkier in the trailers.

...and I like that dude at the end - "that's KD!" Lol, next gen is here.
# 17 green94 @ 11/08/13 02:31 PM
Cranked the volume, definitely his voice. Wow.
# 18 lsu4life86 @ 11/08/13 02:31 PM
they were flailing around like chickens with the heads cut off....but besides that the game looked great
# 19 green94 @ 11/08/13 02:32 PM
Originally Posted by Gosens6

Also, the contextual shot animations look NICE. You really can see a players body adjust when he has a defender bothering the shot, really good.
Hinrich's 3 looked REALLY good.
# 20 Jano @ 11/08/13 02:32 PM
I loved the contextual animations I saw! And my goodness for the first time I actually saw an offense player take the angle and beat his defender.

No warping or sliding from the defense, man that just confirmed how much fun I could have with this game. The footplanting is going to make this game soooo much more realistic on both ends of the floor.

Every player will have to plant and move no more warping!!

EDIT: Wow look at the difference between Noah and Westbrook, the height difference is real now.

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