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Check out the latest FIFA 14 next-gen gameplay video from Bruce Grannec, which starts at roughly the 4:30 mark.

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# 1 Lovesports @ 11/09/13 10:41 AM
Looks the same
# 2 dre2 @ 11/09/13 10:44 AM
Not impressive, looks like Current-Gen, way to up-res all your sports games and do nothing new with them for next-gen EA...typical.
# 3 Artur @ 11/09/13 11:04 AM
Sorry but it's not the football, it's the ping-pong!
# 4 Gnemi @ 11/09/13 11:09 AM

8:42 in the video, Oxlade-Chamberlain is run down by a steamrolling El Shaarawy and dispossessed from behind. Ox-Chamberlain is not sprinting. He's just holding the football and gets overrun like he's stuck in mud.

This is pretty uncommon in professional football, but it happens every 30 seconds in FIFA '14. It's the single biggest pile of crap in FIFA '14 gameplay IMO.

So anyway, the presentation in next-gen is phenomenal but everything else looks exactly the same in terms of gameplay, so buy it if you want the newer pretty pictures.

The crowd atmosphere and visuals are probably worth it alone...$10 after all.
# 5 Gnemi @ 11/09/13 11:10 AM
Originally Posted by Artur
Sorry but it's not the football, it's the ping-pong!
Exactly, looks totally idiotic the way these guys play it, but I think it has something to do with my previous post, too. Tackling is way too overpowered and nonsensical in FIFA '14.
# 6 guaps @ 11/09/13 11:12 AM
I agree with Artur. While it looks good animation-wise it appears that it'll still play like FIFA, not soccer. Too bad Konami isn't making PES available for next gen consoles this year.
# 7 Rensational14 @ 11/09/13 11:27 AM
Updated presentation indeed... thats about it
# 8 Artur @ 11/09/13 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by Gnemi
Exactly, looks totally idiotic the way these guys play it, but I think it has something to do with my previous post, too. Tackling is way too overpowered and nonsensical in FIFA '14.
Agreed, but I doubt that EA paid attention to these details in near future.
The main problem with Fifa (not these guys) that it has no ball play in the middle of the field. Look at this ugly passing system, players don't even try to trap the ball just ping-pong it to each other, it's awfull. I don't care about living world and graphics while these kind of things looks so unnatural.
"It just got unreal"
# 9 BQ32 @ 11/09/13 12:32 PM
Hard to tell if there are major graphical improvements on a small compressed video and because the game is played at such a wide angle. I can tell you though that current gen players during gameplay can look very jaggy especially in the rain so I am really hoping it is cleared up next gen and that one can actually read the numbers on the uniforms clearly.

Gameplay wise this didn't show much but mostly because of the way these guys are playing with the ping pong passing and constant sprinting both offensively and defensively. It is really annoying that anytime we get an early look at the next gen sports games the players seem to have no understanding of realistic tactics. I play a slower possession style with a lot of skill moves and dice people up so trust me when I say it is possible to take a much more realistic approach. I was hoping to see some of these new instinct triggered animations but really couldn't tell, again probably because of the annoying spam play.
# 10 BQ32 @ 11/09/13 12:42 PM
@Artur, there really is midfield play if you choose to play that way. It is just a more patient and skillful based way to play so most players do not take the time to learn it properly. I think mostly because of the history of Fifa in which legacy defending with its laser beam homing style forced people to play very quickly. With tactical defending though it was drastically changed. However though the game became way more realistic most players continued to play with the same sprint ping pong run up the side and cross style.

Its rewarding to learn the nuances of skill moves and patiently finding openings to exploit, just make sure if you are playing h2h unranked games your opponent isn't using legacy defending and you will get a much more well paced game. If they try that run full out at you defense then it is easy to exploit and get around with a bit of skill.

In h2h unranked if someone is using legacy d I don't even bother playing anymore because it just annoys me to the point where the game is very unfun even if I am winning.
# 11 H to the Oza @ 11/09/13 01:37 PM
It was fun. Played the demo at Best Buy. Im not a diehard FIFA player but I enjoy the series and the demo confirmed my decision to buy the game next week. For all you curious, its the same old FIFA for the most part. The AI was a little suspect a few times, but overall I had a lot of fun and will be buying it Friday.
# 12 eaw913 @ 11/09/13 02:03 PM
This forum needs to change its name to Operation Negativity.
# 13 strawberryshortcake @ 11/09/13 02:32 PM
Originally Posted by UptheARSEnal
have you even played that half finished Konami nonsense?
I was extremely excited to play both PES14 and FIFA14's demo, and ultimately bought PES.

PES14 was the first ever soccer game I have ever bought for the current generation systems. It is one of the most realistic sports game I have ever encountered, visually and gameplay wise. PES match pacing, animation, lighting is superior.

I vowed not to buy any more games for the PS3, but I simply couldn't pass up on a video game that realistically depicts the sport. This is one of the reason why I am keeping my PS3.
# 14 ERA @ 11/09/13 02:39 PM
Trust me guys, this video does this game no justice whatsoever. I played it at the Sony Kiosk and it looked and played phenomenal. It felt similar to CG but it just felt more natural. It's one of those games that you play and feel it rather than see it. The animations are so fluid in person, and the graphics look noticeably better in person.

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# 15 BIGE888 @ 11/09/13 03:34 PM
This is a joke. Its an arcade game not a simulation. Maybe to some causal fans it looks pretty cool but in reality its like this is supposed to be the NFL Blitz to Madden but there is no Madden. Follow me?
# 16 CarryTheWeight @ 11/09/13 04:21 PM
Well, my second, extended play of the demo tonight on a PS4 kiosk at Gamestop felt like more of the same.

I'm almost convinced this is an enhanced PC port rather than a brand-new experience, for better or worse. I say "enhanced" because, yes, it is better in certain areas. Animations and fluidity of motion are better. Crowds are much better and react amazingly well to what's going on. Real-time presentation is probably the most noticeable change and it is great.

While I don't see all the negativity surrounding the game on OS, there's still no doubt that the novelty of my first play at the Sony Store certainly wore off after leaving Gamestop. It may be the demo, but the texture and graphical fidelity from a few inches away in full 1080P left a lot to be desired. Jaggies and compressed uniform textures were prevalent. Player faces were excellent for scanned players, awful for generically-modeled ones.

Living Worlds is by far the most noticeable next-gen element. The crowd looks and sounds excellent. They begin to stand up when a ball heads toward net on nearly every shot and burst into jubilation when it goes in, sitting back down when it misses. The players react accordingly. Fernandinho missed a close shot in the 90th minute and stood with his hands on his head in disbelief. David Silva, alone on the wing, shook his head and looked genuinely depressed. The replays capture a lot of this emotion and it's a huge step up.

However, replays only do so much for me if the game begins to feel like the same stale experience it's been on PC and the current generation of consoles. Click the PS4 touchpad and the game shifts to the "Pro" camera from the goalie's perspective. That would be a nice touch if the framerate didn't instantly drop down to 30 fps. Inexcusable as to why this quirk from current gen was seemingly left in untouched. Everything else from replays to gameplay runs at a solid 60 FPS, so why this quirk with the "Pro" camera remains seems off.

This video and tonight's demo session certainly left me feeling underwhelmed. I love what they did with the atmosphere but I fear it may not be enough, even for someone who has been as enthusiastic about this game as I have. Then again, I'm pretty sure the kiosk demo is from an ancient build so things may have been tweaked. Who knows, really. We'll see on release day.
# 17 KG @ 11/09/13 05:36 PM
I'm usually pretty critical of FIFA and I thought this one looked pretty solid.

However, EA really needs to work on facial expressions. If you're gonna invest all that $ in better tech for visuals than when they pan close in on them they need to be reacting in a realistic manner according to the circumstances/environment.

2K seems to have embraced this for NBA 2K14 on NG.
# 18 LingeringRegime @ 11/09/13 06:19 PM
I thought FIFA promised replays during the game of significant goals that happened earlier on? Similar to what MLB the Show does when they show homeruns that were hit in earlier innings.

The crowd looked very good. But the blimp flyovers were done by Madden this generation so that isn't groundbreaking by any means.

2K Sports has set the bar soooo high.

Meh. That was kind of lackluster. I expect more.

EDIT: I watched a video from another thread and I saw more animations than current gen. Crisis averted.
# 19 Boltman @ 11/09/13 06:40 PM
Plays no different than current gen, I understand that all they're gonna do for their first iteration of next gen is update the appearance.

I'll pass till their second year, next gen effort.

The Show and NBA 2K14 will be the only two initial sports games I buy for PS4.

I was really looking forward to FIFA, shame that what it's showing me doesn't warrant a purchase.
# 20 garyjr33 @ 11/09/13 06:47 PM
I just played this game on a kiosk in gamestop. Wow was it impressive. This video certainly does not do it justice. Go play it then decide.

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