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GoodGameBro has posted their FIFA 14 PS4 video featuring FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid.

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# 1 Greencollarbaseball @ 11/09/13 11:01 PM
This video makes me sad. There is no buildup, it's just a race from one end to the other for both the player and the CPU. Hopefully it's not indicative of how every team will play.
# 2 Halloween @ 11/10/13 03:28 AM
For buildup, Pro Evo.
Yes, the game is kind of a mess right now but at least on PC it's worthy the ~40 bucks. Next Year is gonna be an important year for both franchises.
# 3 mrjay1991 @ 11/10/13 04:18 AM
Everyone saying it looks the same sounds like a broken record. EA dev said a long time ago FIFA on next-gen would have the same gameplay. As far as the graphics go its simply stunning. Youtube videos doesn't do any next-gen games justice.
# 4 boogie2266 @ 11/10/13 06:07 AM
Here is a captured one in better quality

# 5 LingeringRegime @ 11/10/13 10:27 AM
I feel a bit better about it after watching this. Saw a few more animations than on current gen.

These guys know what they are doing more than the other video. I would love to see a full manual match though.
# 6 orion523 @ 11/10/13 11:29 AM
The pitch seems bigger, and by a fair margin. Not sure if this has to do with it being the actual dimensions of the Nou Camp or if in general the pitch has been enlarged. Other than that, it's pretty hard to take anything from a fully assisted, all default gameplay experience shown through a cell phone video.
# 7 lnin0 @ 11/10/13 12:19 PM
Wish they wouldn't have skipped replays and cut scenes. I would have liked to see more close-ups. Overall looks like the gameplays is pretty unchanged, good if FIFA is your thing and disappointing if you hoped the move to next gen would being more build up play, attribute distinction and realism. I'll wait to see if the ai improves before I know if its worth it or not.
# 8 boogie2266 @ 11/10/13 06:39 PM
Some more impressions


# 9 bwright25 @ 11/11/13 11:22 AM
Looks decent, I wonder if it plays as bad as current gens. EA really dumb down the game this time around. Actual build up play is non existent and is pretty much just hockey on grass. It's geared towards lil kids.

Went from Madden addict to nothing but FIFA now back to a real man's thinking game Madden.

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