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2K Sports just posted a new NBA 2K14 screenshot for next-gen's MyCAREER mode featuring your agent (seen above). 2K describes the new MyCAREER mode as a "new experience driven by hundreds of interactive scenes, both on and off the court."

You will work hand-in-hand with your agent to dealing with people like your GM, coaching staff, and teammates. 2K says you can approach your career however you want. It appears the opening act of MyCAREER is the Rookie Showcase, which I'm sure we'll hear more about this week.

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# 1 Khaos_Kiwi @ 11/11/13 04:23 PM
# 2 quehouston @ 11/11/13 04:48 PM
This is looking more and more like NBA 06. But that game was a blast (the challenges, not the gameplay), so I'm not complaining.
# 3 ccoaxum @ 11/11/13 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by Khaos_Kiwi
lmao..thats a good one
# 4 MP.Trey @ 11/11/13 04:52 PM
Starting with the Rookie Showcase again? I hope our draft position depends on more than our performance in that one game. Oh well, it is very exciting to know that there are hundreds of cut scenes throughout your career. Hopefully they vary and don't get stale quickly.
# 5 KyotoCarl @ 11/11/13 04:57 PM
Cool to see screenshots but this was the most dissapointing screenshot they've released. Doesn't tell you anything.
# 6 Gosens6 @ 11/11/13 04:58 PM
Originally Posted by KyotoCarl
Cool to see screenshots but this was the most dissapointing screenshot they've released. Doesn't tell you anything.
It's basically the first part of My Career where your agent brings you the rookie showcase invitation.
# 7 ERA @ 11/11/13 04:59 PM
These cut scenes are getting a little ridiculous, lol. This game is just sounding to good to be true! Can't wait to play MyCAREER!

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# 8 xman2k @ 11/11/13 05:00 PM
Would be great if I can be an agent at the park online mode. Standing around and scouting for a tourney
# 9 rkocjay @ 11/11/13 05:25 PM
hopefully we can chosse our own agent
# 10 BEARYChi @ 11/11/13 05:42 PM
I'm jumping like a little happy kid right now... cant wait for more info.
# 11 RangersCruz @ 11/11/13 05:43 PM
Dude wow..finally some news about MyCareer

And the player looks realistic finally
# 12 Canquain @ 11/11/13 05:55 PM
We have to get some video for this & the park this week it's a must.
# 13 Gosens6 @ 11/11/13 06:14 PM

# 14 barrman7 @ 11/11/13 06:14 PM
I wonder if your rival's position depends on what position you choose for your MyPlayer
# 15 diehardknicksfan @ 11/11/13 06:31 PM
2k my money is waiting to be taken. Hurry up and take it

Looks like our created players won't look ****ty no more
# 16 Lifecns @ 11/11/13 11:41 PM
*sighs* We still have to wear 2K Branded shoes!? Please tell me how every Rookie wears 2K Branded shoes in the NBA. You can also tell that they don't have a color selector for accessories or home and away shoes and/or accessories. Smh!
# 17 ryantheplague @ 11/12/13 12:04 PM
woah, i wrote a big post last year about how it'd be cool if they added agents into the mix to deal with contract negotiations or endorsements / teaming up with other free agents ala miami.

this is crazy cool. not expecting much but i definitely like everything i've seen so far. 2k has done the right thing by focusing on next gen instead of making a port.

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