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In case you missed the live-stream earlier today, IGN has posted their NBA 2K14 gameplay video, featuring the New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat on the PlayStation 4.

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# 1 youvalss @ 11/13/13 09:08 PM
Thanks...going to watch it now...!
# 2 Aroshi @ 11/13/13 09:12 PM
People bash IGN for giving crap review scores, but they always at least know about the game they're playing unlike a Gamespot, etc.
This is 100x better than other review site streams.
# 3 Khaos_Kiwi @ 11/13/13 09:13 PM
Ryan McCaffery kills me when he pronounces Spoelstra's name wrong every damn time!
# 4 Eman5805 @ 11/13/13 09:17 PM
That's how you do a gameplay video. Show the game and just the game.

Edit: Huh. Warmups? ALright.

Also, did I just see a character from the Walking Dead game sitting two down from Woodson?

AND, one thing I wanna see slowly abolished is those animations where a character is supposed to be communicating with his teammates but no one is there except fans and opposing players.
# 5 eko718 @ 11/13/13 09:33 PM
I found it a bit odd that the Knicks didn't have warmups and many guys (but not everyone) on Miami did. Maybe some glitch they're dealing with? Has been this way in most pics/vids I've seen that showed warmups. One team had them and the other didn't.
# 6 ClevelandinDistress @ 11/13/13 09:36 PM
That knicks AI looked so dammnnnn impressive! wow!!!!!!

Bargnani pick and pop first play. Yup Friday will be the bizzznesss!
# 7 youvalss @ 11/13/13 09:37 PM
Loved it!...as expected. Really fun to watch a real gameplay video that actually focuses on...the game...

# 8 BEARYChi @ 11/13/13 09:46 PM
Dont worry PS4 and NBA 2k14... i got you tomorrow night. CANT WAIT!!!
# 9 Rockie_Fresh88 @ 11/13/13 09:47 PM
Wow the A.I looks much improved. Crazy . Any body else noticed that?
# 10 MoultonHawk @ 11/13/13 09:48 PM
Spolestra is a sweetner I put in my cereal. He does admit he's a baseball guy.
# 11 MoultonHawk @ 11/13/13 09:50 PM
IGN really is stepping up this last year it seems just really getting their website and personalities tight. It's my goto now.
# 12 Melbournelad @ 11/13/13 09:54 PM
IGN isn't exactly OS and doesn't play very sim at all, but after watching that atrocious Gamespot vid this was leaps and bounds better with commentators who actually acted professional.
# 13 Dr. Poe @ 11/13/13 10:09 PM
The game is awesome. Too bad the IGN crew can't play. They seemed like some non athletic nerds.
# 14 vegasplaya @ 11/13/13 10:27 PM
Why is everything on the ps4. I wanna see some Xbox footage
# 15 BoCgrist @ 11/13/13 10:27 PM
Where you at M25??? This is how you do it. I'm glad shrink wrap is still on m25. Target said they will exchange all games if they have not been opened. So Everything Average sports can keep hiding the game if they want. I will not play it until I see reviews and gameplay footage. If its reviewed at less than 7.5 it's going back. Anything less than that is a slap in the face. I don't care if its free or not.
# 16 jaynral @ 11/13/13 10:53 PM
I guess NBA 2k14 is the face of next gen sports games cause for the last 3 days, that all I have been seeing...Im very proud of 2K for stepping up!!!...................I just find it crazy that EA is super big on advertising and one would think that they were not having any sports games coming out...No videos, no reviews really, no live gamplay videos....something smells very fishy!!!
# 17 Dolphins88 @ 11/13/13 11:12 PM
In not sure on picking up a next gen system until the show.. Only games I want right now is 2k14 and bf4...sux being a football and hockey guy and nothing there. I hope 2k brings back nhl and NFL for 15
# 18 Rasco11 @ 11/13/13 11:18 PM
Cool vid. Didn't realize the microphone on ps4 could call plays! Ignorant question maybe, is mic on systems or associated with the optional camera?

Only thing that looked like former 2k "issue" is relentless CPU rebounding (mainly offensive)....Stoudamire, Chandler, and Bargs we're killing him on boards!!! Could be because guy was talking and playing, not boxing out, etc. that would be hard to play and talk.
# 19 JayAtkHar @ 11/14/13 12:00 AM
LOOVVING THE AI FOR MY KNICKS !!! Looks like I'm gonna be right back where I left off !!!!
# 20 JayAtkHar @ 11/14/13 12:03 AM
The guy playing sucked obviously but I don't want to hear anyone saying that the Knicks are cheap rebounders because of the CPU. Some ppl like to emphasize rebounding especially with a team like the knicks. So human v human is really no excuse. Mycareer CPU teammate AI however is the only way it gets rediculous

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