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# 1 hoopvillian @ 11/14/13 10:36 PM
Looks good but would look better in 1080p.
# 2 BenGerman @ 11/14/13 10:44 PM
Good thing the CPU has all new "contextual awareness".

Saw the CPU ball carrier run directly into the defense about a bajillion times in the video. Ugh.
# 3 cedwebb @ 11/14/13 10:44 PM
I might be in the minority here but I think it looks pretty good to me. Can't wait to play this.
# 4 ChuckaLuk @ 11/14/13 10:46 PM
This is the same game. It's just slightly enhanced. Definitely a port of ps3 and 360 versions. It's a no buy for me.
# 5 capn_razzamataz @ 11/14/13 10:48 PM
Granted I viewed this from a tablet and I don't know what difficulty he was playing on, but I didn't really see a pocket forming around the QB. Hopefully someone got a better look and saw otherwise.
# 6 fpliii @ 11/14/13 10:48 PM
Hm definitely not a day 1 buy for me. I'm looking forward to the improved line mechanics/AI, but I need to see more.

Maybe I'm missing something, I'll have to check out some more gameplay vids.
# 7 hall31 @ 11/14/13 10:50 PM
Worth the $10 upgrade if you have friends making the switch. Not much else unless you need your Madden fix this year and haven't purchased the CG. What a shame!
# 8 PRAY IV M3RCY @ 11/14/13 10:51 PM
Man whoever is impressed with this has some really low expectations
# 9 kehlis @ 11/14/13 10:53 PM
Originally Posted by PRAY IV M3RCY
Man whoever is impressed with this has some really low expectations
What about those who just want to play a football game on their new expensive system?
# 10 burter @ 11/14/13 10:54 PM
Frank Gore open field run was just comical lol. I mean dude started juking with no one there! (this is the cpu running btw). EAsports just doesn't get it......
# 11 Number999 @ 11/14/13 10:57 PM
Honestly... if you didn't change the menus or focused in on the icons a little more, I couldn't tell the difference. Sure the grass looks nice and such and maybe there's a few slight changes here and there, but I saw nothing that made me say if I didn't know this was current gen, it would be the same game.
# 12 voorheesmc @ 11/14/13 10:59 PM
are you sure this is ps4 looks just like ps3 NO BUY FOR ME
# 13 fpliii @ 11/14/13 11:04 PM
Other than the improved line play, what are the other gameplay improvements from current gen -> next gen? I'm sure this has been explained, but a link with a summary (and maybe some videos) would be greatly appreciated.
# 14 A69Scorelord @ 11/14/13 11:11 PM
What the hell is this? C'mon EA you guys can do better....

My thoughts while watching was "This game sucks".. Oh and when RG3 is jogging to the huddle to begin the drive, who is #54? isn't he on defense? Why is he in the huddle?

Then I noticed that to begin every offensive drive there is a defensive player in the huddle...
# 15 kenlovin @ 11/14/13 11:18 PM
Looks exactly the same. I'm disappointed but not that surprised. I didn't see anything of the new features touted in that video. I wasn't expecting completely different but I also wasn't expecting it to be completely the same
# 16 bhurst99 @ 11/14/13 11:19 PM
I hope that isn't the only camera angle from behind the play. It seems like the camera gets farther and farther away with each new version of Madden.
# 17 charter04 @ 11/14/13 11:20 PM
Looks just like CG. I knew the Monday Night football sims were next gen. This confirms it. This is why we saw no next gen game play. I'm glad the PS4 came out first. Now I can go cancel my Madden Xbox 1 pre order. I can just keep playing this game on my 360.
# 18 roadman @ 11/14/13 11:24 PM
I don't see much that excites me except the visuals are cleaner and crisper than the one's I saw on twitcheroo.

Quite frankly, after the Rex and Clint interview from three weeks ago, I was expecting that much of a difference.

The wait continues, good thing I don't need to buy a NG, yet.
# 19 jaynral @ 11/14/13 11:24 PM
Please tell me this is a joke...please tell me!!!.................no, this has to be a joke...I am very upset.....no wonder we didnt see any gameplay...I didnt see.....naw, this is ps3...there nothing there that makes me think next gen..
# 20 The JareBear @ 11/14/13 11:25 PM
I hate to just start fires....but HOW in the WORLD can you say this looks good? I mean, honestly, what about it looks good to you? Does it look good because it looks like CG and you like CG Madden? If that's the case, I understand it. If you like current gen Madden, you will like Next Gen Madden, I accept that, but are you saying "this looks good" in the sense that "Wow, this is next gen! Looks good!" or "Same old madden I love, looks good?"

There's a big difference between the two.

This looks almost identical to what I can play now on my 360.

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