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The dam has opened and the floodgates of Live 14 information is finally coming out shortly before the game's release date, with the most important bits of info being the gameplay footage we are now seeing trickle out.

This video shows some of the halftime show in Live 14 plus gameplay action from Houston and Golden State. The other video shows the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves.

What do you think?

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# 1 KyotoCarl @ 11/15/13 02:00 AM
Appreciate the post but this doesn't contain any gameplay, just halftime highlights, and it's too choppy to get a sense of anything.
# 2 FER-STR @ 11/15/13 02:14 AM
Originally Posted by KyotoCarl
Appreciate the post but this doesn't contain any gameplay, just halftime highlights, and it's too choppy to get a sense of anything.
True, but atleast we see someTHING relevant to fill up SOME of those empty holes EA's left us behind with.
# 3 NoTiCe_O @ 11/15/13 02:16 AM
# 4 TUSS11 @ 11/15/13 02:21 AM
Does not look good...
# 5 DatGD12guage @ 11/15/13 02:30 AM
Originally Posted by NoTiCe_O
# 6 magicman32 @ 11/15/13 02:31 AM
Originally Posted by NoTiCe_O
Terrible. Live is finished. I really can't believe this game looks this bad.
# 7 FER-STR @ 11/15/13 02:40 AM
So how long before we can finally say: "I told you so?"

# 8 swac07 @ 11/15/13 04:05 AM
Maaaaaaaaaaaaaan that charge at the 39:24-39:25 mark tho....
# 9 Behindshadows @ 11/15/13 04:44 AM
# 10 siraulo234 @ 11/15/13 05:24 AM
Two major problems ive seen watching a very short vid

Speed issue: players in slow motion
Whats up with the other big setting a pick on love while he's posting up?

Game is ok, presentation is great as expected, but commentary is somewhat delayed? Very happy it got released as a bball fan
# 11 trobinson97 @ 11/15/13 05:40 AM
That does not look great. Man, they've had a lot of time to work on this too...not too surprised by EA though.
# 12 nextlevelshhhh @ 11/15/13 05:45 AM
Can't see anyone spending their hard earned $60 on this game especially with a better game on the market in 2K. Its really disheartening to see this as a NBA Live.....smh

They should have waited another year....
# 13 elprez98 @ 11/15/13 05:49 AM
Reminds me a lot of Live 10.

But that was 3 years ago. Love the presentation sync with ESPN. That's very well done. At first glance, compared to the other offering though, this is maybe a $30 game new. I'll give the demo a whirl. Maybe the gameplay features and such can make it palatable.
# 14 tedus @ 11/15/13 06:48 AM

rising star mode!! Gameplay!!

I think it is not a great game, but I'll give it a try!!
The most important thing is that if the dev. continue to improve the gameplay from our feedback!! It'll be good!!

in the pass time, they didn't. Hope they will start to do from now!!
# 15 XenoZograscope @ 11/15/13 08:25 AM
Yikes!!!...what happened EA!?
# 16 NoTiCe_O @ 11/15/13 09:52 AM
They definitely have something in place. I can see glimpses of a good game in the future. They just need to keep improving, and I have to say the game looks 20x better in the broadcast view. Every basketball game does in my opinion but a lot of people like the baseline view because they can move (attempt to cheese) easier.

Once I get my PS4 NBA Live will be among my collection of games. I see the potential and the fun I could have with the game. The game looks simple, but there's a deeper level these guys haven't even cracked yet.
# 17 chi_hawks @ 11/15/13 09:55 AM
That was awful. I'm not getting either basketball game, but if I was, there would be zero chance I purchased NBA Live 14.
# 18 tril @ 11/15/13 10:10 AM
This can not be, I repeat,not be next gen!!!
# 19 DirtyNeedles @ 11/15/13 10:11 AM
wow that was the longest halftime show ever. It only looked OK because they were using the ESPN fomat
# 20 fluent2332 @ 11/15/13 10:11 AM
I think the gameplay looks great! I'm watching the Cavs/Wolves game, and it looks solid. The guy playing doesn't know the controls so I'm sure there's more offensive and defensive creativity once you learn the controls. But the spacing is nice, the defensive rotations are solid, and nothing really looks awkward or out of place. I've only watched the first quarter so maybe my opinion will change but I think it looks good.

The A.I. and ball movement looks pretty good too.

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