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NBA 2K14 on PlayStation 4.

Be honest, many of you stayed up very late to play your PS4 into the sunrise hours. Now you are at work, and all you can do is think about getting home to be back with your PS4.

In your initial play-sessions, how has your PlayStation 4 experience been? Sound off by voting on the frontpage to your right and above you in the forums!

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# 1 ghettofocker @ 11/15/13 10:25 AM
I did update with no problem. Can't log on to my PSN though. When I tried again it said they were down for maintenance. I am patient though
# 2 ultralow36 @ 11/15/13 10:38 AM
other than no online play psn...im having a blast love nba2k, shocked at madden plays a good game of football (shocked) and enjoying the story in killzone
# 3 mike24forever @ 11/15/13 10:48 AM
Horrible. My games Battlefield 4 and NBA a 2K14 freeze when I press start. I have had to delete them and re-install them to work.
# 4 TreyIM2 @ 11/15/13 10:52 AM
Wish I could tell ya! Still waiting for UPS man.
# 5 ghettofocker @ 11/15/13 10:56 AM
I got logged in now. About to rock and roll and then boss calls wanting me to do work......sigh
# 6 g3t_on_th3_bu5 @ 11/15/13 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by TreyIM2
Wish I could tell ya! Still waiting for UPS man.
I feel you...thinking about sitting outside on the curb and waiting hahaha
# 7 solofx7 @ 11/15/13 10:58 AM
waiting for UPS
# 8 iamheat @ 11/15/13 11:06 AM
Im not waiting or anything lol but there is NOTHING worse then waiting for a damn UPS truck
# 9 dunner2130 @ 11/15/13 11:19 AM
I actually bought a ps4 today got nba 2k14. When I turned it on I got no signal. Tried my HDMI cable then the one that's in the box. That didn't work. Tried on a different tv and still no signal. Called sony and will get a box tomorrow and and will get a replacement in 5-7 days. Big bummer ...
# 10 dunner2130 @ 11/15/13 11:43 AM
Anyone else have this problem
# 11 Artman22 @ 11/15/13 11:43 AM
Horrible so far. I updated my console and now the screen remained black after updating. I'm on hold on the phone now. Been on hold for over 30 minutes. Not a good way to start..
# 12 alaska2k3 @ 11/15/13 11:47 AM
Hey dunner2130,

Did you check the article on kotaku? Luckily for them, the culprit was an issue with the HDMI port. Here's a link to it:


"They'd examined our unit and they figured out the problem. A piece of metal in the system's HDMI port was supposed to have been flush with the bottom of the port but instead had been bent upward, obstructing some of the pins in the port. It had been hard to see, though I imagine we would have noticed if we'd examined the unit more closely and not given it back. "
# 13 dunner2130 @ 11/15/13 11:53 AM
Yeah I read that but they don't give a solution just tells u what to look for.
# 14 Jon1323 @ 11/15/13 12:10 PM
Awesome so far. Picked it up at gamestop at midnight last night, setup was pretty quick and easy. Then played some 2k14 for a little bit. Can't wait to check it out more in depth after work.
# 15 ultralow36 @ 11/15/13 12:17 PM
at duuner......you fix it ....press the pins back down....
# 16 dunner2130 @ 11/15/13 12:18 PM
I've tried everything hasn't work
# 17 DKHardee @ 11/15/13 12:21 PM
Madden was fun for the 15 minutes I played it before the game ejected and now I can't put a game in the system. Been on hold with Sony for an hourů..
# 18 dunner2130 @ 11/15/13 12:34 PM
Paid close to 500$ not messing around with pins just gonna have to wait till I get my replacement
# 19 scottyp180 @ 11/15/13 01:51 PM
Originally Posted by dunner2130
Paid close to 500$ not messing around with pins just gonna have to wait till I get my replacement
Considering its not working I don't think you can make ot any worse than it already is. It is worth a shot. Sony is going to have to fix it or replace it either way.
# 20 Lovesports @ 11/15/13 01:52 PM
It's epic. NBA 2K14 is amazing, Fifa is very fluid and crisp, madden is a notch above crappy. I'm picking up Battlefield 4 later today so we'll see. Overall its been a great experience.

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