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EA Sports has posted a full guide to everything NBA Live 14, which includes post controls, how to play better defense, setting up gathers and more.

Below are some of the controls, read the entire blog here.

Post Controls
  • R3 = Enter Backdown/Face-Up (when in Backdown)
  • RT/R2 = Hard Bump
  • RT/R2 + Left Stick = Hard Backdown
Additional Controls in Backdown
  • X/Square = Hook Shot
  • Left Stick Left or Right + X/Square = Fadeaway
  • Left Stick Right + Y/Triangle = Drop Step
  • Left Stick Left + Y/Triangle = Pro Hop
Gathers (Y/Triangle button)
  • Tap = Pro Hop
  • Tap + hold back on control stick = Step Back
  • Double-tap + flick control stick = Euro Step
  • Double-tap + spin control stick = Spin Gather
Passing (A/X Button)
  • Tap = Regular Pass
  • Double-tap = Bounce Pass
  • Hold button = Power Pass (Hold longer to pass to more distant teammate)
  • LB + Tap = Alley-Oop
  • Tap B/Circle = Lob pass
Shots, Layups & Dunks (X/Square)
  • Release shoot button at apex of shot for best results (More than 300 signature shots)
  • Hold shoot (when driving) = Layup
  • RT/R2 + shoot (when driving) = Dunk
  • LB/L1 + shoot (when moving) = Floater

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Member Comments
# 1 SouthBeach @ 11/19/13 05:12 PM
I like that they have that How to Play guide.

It's really in depth and informative. Makes me want to give Live an honest chance and learn it somewhat.
# 2 swac07 @ 11/19/13 10:19 PM
This thread is supposed to be about "nba live 14" controls not IGN or 2k14 smh...c'mon guys!!
# 3 Artur @ 11/20/13 03:55 AM
Wow what a beautiful menu, and descriptions sound so sexy, but what about gameplay and graphics? )
# 4 Jano @ 11/20/13 07:53 PM
Pretty cool that EA has controls for passes and I also like the defensive settings. I also thought the IDEA behind the sig controls and haaving guys like Melo control differently from Irving is cool.

Once this games animation catch up with the controls it should be solid.

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