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EA Sports has released an update to their mobile version of Madden NFL 25, which is available now for iOS and Android devices. It includes new features, improved gameplay and overall usability. Check out some of the details below.

  • Earn rewards and build your team rating faster when you complete collections
  • Collect a combination of players to unlock Elite players, coin rewards and more
  • Elite players have unique modifiers that boost your team’s attributes
  • New unique collections will be added weekly
  • Plays you own are free! They no longer cost coins to call them.
  • New interception system - Find yourself picking off passes with more authenticity
  • New kicking system – A new flick-based system makes kicking more fun
  • Bug fixes for improved stability
  • New players based on their performance so far this year.
  • More than 200 new games are now available!
  • Solo Challenges may be selected in any order and team requirements have been adjusted for easier access
  • Field Goals and Punt challenges now improved to provide more fun and variety with added wind effects
  • Auction House now provides expanded search options to help find the player you’re looking for!
  • Streamlined experience to get you playing faster than ever before
  • Team management improved to help you set the line-up of your dreams

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Member Comments
# 1 tarek @ 11/21/13 07:19 PM
I played this for a while but it was such a grind I had to stop. Not a fan of the freemium model and I am sure there are many who would pay a premium price for a proper madden game on our mobile devices.

The whole free-to-play concept here by EA really sucks any long term enjoyment out of the game.
# 2 AirJordanFan93 @ 11/22/13 06:25 AM
I agree with Tarek. I am not fond of the EA and the use of the freemium model they employ within they're mobile games. It would be much better if they just flatout charged $5.00 and you get a full game to play without none of this pay to advance quickly stuff.
# 3 NaturalSelected @ 11/22/13 08:21 AM
We (hopefully) should see more experimentation over time in this space.

Don't forget with SmartGlass and Remote Play on the next gen systems, tie-ins with your existing games are also possible - something like "buy Madden 15, manage your team on your device"
# 4 d.wayne @ 11/22/13 12:29 PM

I think it would be great if there was a dedicated Mobile Madden Forum. I know its not the same simulation level as the consoles, but I think there are a lot of people (myself included) who like it and would love to discuss it in more detail.

If you are interested in having a dedicated sub-forum, please post so the admins know there is interest.

Some of the topics I'd love to talk about are:
- How have people been building teams? With IAP's or just coins? I've built a very good team (92 overall) with just coins - but I have bought an insane number of pro-packs (I have over 2k energy).
- How much are most people spending on this game?
- Has anyone had any success drawing 99's or Rare's from Pro-Pack. It would be interesting to see how others are drawing (and what the actual percentages really are). I've drawn many legends but nothing over 96. My best cards (95 Sherman, 97 Johnson, 94 Gordon), I've purchased.
- How many rares are people drawing - I've only drawn 2 and they were both platinum's. Note that I have 2k energies, so I have purchased at least 2k packs.
- How rare are Ultimate's? I've purchased 200k worth of packs (i.e. 27 packs) before and not drawn anything better than a platinum. I've also purchased 5 packs in a row and drawn 3 ultimate's.
- I really wish they would add cumulative stats - that would make solo changes a little more interesting. If they allowed you to actually play a season that would be great too.
- The sad thing is that I used to play Madden for the rosters, seasons, stats, and simulation. With the mobile version, its all about auctions and cards.

Please post a message if you want a dedicated forum!

# 5 tarek @ 11/22/13 04:13 PM
Hey d Wayne. I don't know if mobile madden warrants it's own sub forum. At most a dedicated thread on the "other football games" sub forum.

I appreciate that there are a lot of things to talk about with it but the major issue with these types of games and the forum content they seem to create is the 'add me' type posts for people who just want the friend addition.

However, I think there are certainly games on here that are underrepresented. Such a ootp, football manager, the draft day sports games, various sports related mobile games (DM basketball manager, pro strategy football, etc)

But I wonder how big the OS user base is for those games. Most of those games have their own dedicated forums on their respective developer websites so you can always go there and discuss the game in probably much more depth than you would get here at OS.

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