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According to the 2KSupport Twitter feed, 2K Sports will release a second patch for NBA 2K14 addressing MyCAREER save file and The Park connectivity issues.

More recently, the team has pushed a matchmaking server-side update for PS4 users and are asking for feedback.

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# 1 Csquared @ 11/26/13 02:47 PM
Thank Jesus. I haven't really had any trouble with either but I'm glad they are putting their efforts to fix it for the ones that haven't had the chance to play. It's awesome.
# 2 RocketTMac1 @ 11/26/13 03:00 PM
Would like to get individual defensive assignments back via patch as well
# 3 starks1903 @ 11/26/13 03:12 PM
nothing about thunder's lamb taking 40 shots... BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 4 EarvGotti @ 11/26/13 03:41 PM
What about online leagues???????????????????

That mode is completely broken, no exaggeration.
# 5 silverskier @ 11/26/13 05:14 PM
At least they give us some info... They are only patching this modes
# 6 seanbarkley @ 11/26/13 05:18 PM
A dev has been talking about a 3rd patch in this thread:

# 7 shegotgame @ 11/26/13 05:38 PM
As MyCareer/Park advocate, this a good start. I hope to see a follow up patch for settings/options menu. More specifically, they need to actually save instead of resetting each time.

For the Park it would be helpful if defense felt less...slippery. I'm much better in standard head to head and exhibition than the park, but I don't do anything differently. Tap the LS and you go flying. What?

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# 8 KyotoCarl @ 11/26/13 06:10 PM
I hope this isn't the only patch they'll release. There are still bugs in the normal, non-online, modes in the game.

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# 9 LakersForLife @ 11/26/13 06:25 PM
Yes! The Park can actually be played...
# 10 GruffyMcGuiness @ 11/26/13 07:09 PM
How about they patch in online association... :/
# 11 James Hardtimes @ 11/26/13 07:17 PM
Finally! And the better give me my 35,000 VC that I bought and never received.
# 12 RangersCruz @ 11/26/13 08:03 PM
We should get our VC back if you put in the ticket and showed proof of the error anyway
# 13 Find_the_Door @ 11/26/13 09:30 PM
Is the PS4 Dolby sound glitch fixed in this patch?

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# 14 Plat @ 11/26/13 09:38 PM
# 15 sushi111 @ 11/26/13 10:14 PM
How about allowing us to change SIM QUARTER LENGTH IN MY CAREER
# 16 RangersCruz @ 11/26/13 10:19 PM
Originally Posted by sushi111
How about allowing us to change SIM QUARTER LENGTH IN MY CAREER
You can change mins and put it on sim...
# 17 doctorhay53 @ 11/26/13 10:34 PM
Wonder if this will fix the mycareer bug where you're stuck in practice because the shot counter won't increase...
# 18 RangersCruz @ 11/27/13 12:13 AM
Originally Posted by doctorhay53
Wonder if this will fix the mycareer bug where you're stuck in practice because the shot counter won't increase...
Are you using real %?
# 19 canucksss @ 11/27/13 01:31 AM
I dont know if this is considered a bug/glitch, but when you are a starter and playing 37 or 41 mins...I always play 3rd and 4th quarter even if I have 5 fouls early in 3rd.

I really like (yes even the predetermined drama) myCareer mode but having to play 3rd and 4th quarter makes me hate the game.
# 20 STLRams @ 11/27/13 07:41 AM
Wow, I really hope this isn't the only patch for this game. There are alot of issues that need to be addressed -

spacing issues on pick and roll and post up plays
not being able to save settings/sliders
not being able to create a player
not being able to save custome rosters to the harddrive instead of 2Kshare
just to name a few... I mean there is a huge sticky thread with alot of suggestions on things that really need to be patched, just kind of surprised 2K has only released a statement about this two things so far..

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