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The 62nd episode of the Press Row Podcast is culled from a special Press Row Hangout dedicated to the discussion about the ever-growing controversy surrounding NBA 2K14 and its implementation of VC across many of the game modes of their next-gen versions. Host Rich Grisham is joined by PastaPadre’s Bryan Wiedey to break down the issue from top to bottom, what it means specifically for NBA 2K14, and what it may mean for sports games moving forward.

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Run Time: 1 Hour, 29 Minutes

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Member Comments
# 1 scaryperry @ 12/13/13 05:08 PM
Great show guys!! I look forward to the podcast every week!
# 2 Coolade @ 12/14/13 03:55 PM
The problem with VC is that it is GOD DAMN TERRIBLE
# 3 knick9 @ 12/14/13 04:15 PM
I definitely agree that VC is a problem but there were some inaccuracies in the podcast--you can sim seasons in MyGM and make VC, maxing out your GM abilities and buying the team would cost about $25 total (not hundreds), and you can build a competitive team in MyTeam without spending much if any real money. For instance, a gold pack (one gold player) costs 45,000 MT points, I can easily earn that playing 8-9 games (6 minute quarters) in domination mode against the same crappy NBA team with an all-bronze team. So, in theory, that would be like a new gold player (or two silver players) every two days playing 4-5 games a day...not THAT unreasonable.

STILL--the overall problem is that we JUST want to play BASKETBALL or the modes we like instead of spending the majority of our time thinking about or grinding for VC...

When playing a basketball game the majority of my thoughts and time should be basketball related and the current VC system makes that impossible. Right now the game functions like trialware with constant annoying pop-ups asking if you want to buy the full version.
# 4 Sundown @ 12/14/13 04:33 PM
You guys nailed it here. It was fair and covered most of the ways that VC is poorly implemented in Next Gen 2K14 and the sentiments folks have regarding feeling squeezed to spend more to play the game.

I thought it was especially astute to note that the VC balance/reward/prices seem to be set by someone who just plotted a graph of customer retention vs. profit per customer and picked a point of maximum profit without understanding how it affects the game design as a whole. That's what it's always felt like. VC seemed to be shoehorned into 2k13 with no concern for gameplay balance and play vs. reward, and with no existing philosophy regarding gameplay balance and satisfaction as a guide, 2K14 VC prices are set only in terms of how they might maximize VC sales.

If you are willingly losing customers (especially loyal customers) for short term gain by putting out a less satisfying product, you are setting yourself up for the long term devaluation of your brand.

I also thought it was keen to point out that the VC implementation seems to have nothing to do basketball gaming or with the passionate creative staff that makes the game-- that this was most certainly not a "Mike Wang thing". And we know what happens to companies that get away from Mike Wang things.
# 5 RangersCruz @ 12/14/13 04:42 PM
Originally Posted by Coolade
The problem with VC is that it is GOD DAMN TERRIBLE
The real problem is the VC prices and not putting VC as just a option not the main thing
# 6 JohnDoe8865 @ 12/14/13 06:33 PM
Amazing podcast fellas! Right on time with the issue as well.
# 7 supermati @ 12/14/13 09:37 PM
Great Podcast guys! Finally we are getting the issue better exposed.
# 8 kadzier @ 12/14/13 09:57 PM
Great podcaast, hit the nail on the head. The 2k series seriously needs to recalibrate the balance between "grind" and "fun" but I fear they won't because of those VC profits.
# 9 RangersCruz @ 12/14/13 10:26 PM
It's crazy you earn more VC simming seasons in MyGm then actually playing a full game..
# 10 wco81 @ 12/15/13 02:27 PM
What is VC?

Reason I've been reluctant to try to get more into NBA2K is that I've heard the online experience is not smooth or reliable.
# 11 RangersCruz @ 12/15/13 02:30 PM
Originally Posted by wco81
What is VC?

Reason I've been reluctant to try to get more into NBA2K is that I've heard the online experience is not smooth or reliable.
Virtual Currency basically coins like skill points that you buy to upgrade your MyCareer player or buy gear , clothes ect
# 12 wco81 @ 12/15/13 03:04 PM
Thanks, confusing because of Visual Concepts.

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