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Ah yes December. The time of Christmas, Hannakuh, cold weather, and Dallas Cowboy collapses.

While head chief Steve Noah (who is an avid Cowboys fan) probably doesn't approve of this news post -- I think it's important for us to try to figure out if there is a potential Madden rating, real or not, which could sum up how the Cowboys could take a 23 point lead and squander it over a half of football.

Is it some sort of Tony Romo 42ovr clutch rating? Is it a Jason Garrett playcall 44ovr rating? Do we give the Cowboys a special team ability that lowers everyone's ratings by 10-20 points as December hits? Is it simply the defense needs its ratings lowered for the Cowboys?

Sound off with your own ratings ideas to explain away the Cowboys collapse.

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# 1 Gotmadskillzson @ 12/16/13 04:33 PM
Call it a Player Sense bug. Cowboys thought the game was over and just gave up, just like the AI does in Madden. Cowboys just need a patch, but instead they will just add an average player and get rid of two good players and call it the brand new Cowboys team. They will get plenty of hype before the regular season begins, but when they collapse, they will claim they didn't know their team had a problem.
# 2 KingV2k3 @ 12/16/13 06:06 PM
It's more of a "trait" than an attribute, IMHO...

Like, their collective and individual Consistency and Clutch numbers should be in the "below zero" range?

# 3 BBallcoach @ 12/16/13 06:16 PM
It's more like who ever is controlling them, can't close games! Yesterday it was more Jason Garrett than anything else. Why wasn't he running the ball? Yeah their excuse for the play they called I really don't buy either.
# 4 Pandetta @ 12/16/13 09:52 PM
Seems easy enough to make a "choker" trait, similar to the clutch trait. Have it do the reverse - IE decrease stats in clutch situations.

I'm sure players would be annoyed, but I'd love to see it.
# 5 Cusefan @ 12/16/13 10:16 PM
I think that's what separates real life and video games. For example, Every player in madden has a rating so you know exactly how good Tom Brady and how good Ryan Mallet is, thing is we don't really know how good Ryan Mallet is as a starter. Personally I think Madden needs to scrap all the rating for something that is more fluid and hidden to a extent.
# 6 fballturkey @ 12/17/13 12:45 AM
Originally Posted by Cusefan
I think that's what separates real life and video games. For example, Every player in madden has a rating so you know exactly how good Tom Brady and how good Ryan Mallet is, thing is we don't really know how good Ryan Mallet is as a starter. Personally I think Madden needs to scrap all the rating for something that is more fluid and hidden to a extent.
I actually agree completely with this. Players in Madden are way too predictable and way too consistent to actually match what you see on the field. I'm sure there would be a massive outcry if they changed it (people like predictable and consistent) but you can look to games like OOTP Baseball to see what a game with a less predictable rating scheme would be like.
# 7 mcseven @ 12/18/13 10:28 AM
Yeah I'm a Cowboys fan and I was thinking about this the other day. They should lower Romo's awareness, accuracy, and clutch in December. That's if the game is wants to be realistic. It probably should be like Beat the Streak mode in the WWE game trying to win with Romo in December. They should also make the receivers run the wrong routes and drop easy passes. I'm not going to get into Jason Garrett and the rest of the coaching staff they just need to be fired asap.
# 8 ANDROMADA 1 @ 12/18/13 02:00 PM
Ifd they do they need to make sure they lower it for each and every qb that loses in december.

Such as manning, Manning, Breesus, Brady. Yup, they all threw picks and lost in December.

Should Dallas have ran the ball more? Of course. Is that the reason why they lost nope......

No defense. Over thirty points is plenty points to win. Just limit turnovers. The Madden devs would just find a way to mess that up too by trying to implement such a system. They should fix what they have now before tinkering with something else.
# 9 J7066 @ 12/18/13 04:02 PM
They should leave them alone. They are mediocore on the game just like they are in real life. I play with the Cowboys a lot on Madden 25 and their Defense already sucks really bad. I win every game I play with the 49ers or the Seahawk. But, the Cowboys I'm about .500 just like their 7-7 record indicates. It is a usless point trying to play man to man d with Dallas corners! The offense is #4 in the league and the defense is last. They have been ravaged on defense by injuries. 80 percent of the defensive unit was unemployed as NFL players before the season started. They have had 20 different D-lineman since the season has started and are going into the next game with all back-up linebackers. Playing with a make shift front 7 makes your corners cover for too long leading to a defensive collapse. They lost to Green Bay because their whole starting defense except Carr and Church were on the sideline injuried. And their coach Jason Garrett stop running the ball even though they were averaging 7 yards a carry in the 2nd half. They seemed better on the game because the user is coaching not Garrett. P.S. Claiborne and Leary are not as sorry as the game has them.
# 10 RumbleCard @ 12/18/13 05:47 PM
Obviously Romo could have thrown the ball away vs. forcing it into tight coverage but in my opinion isn't wasn't a choke job by Romo but a choke job by the defense.

The defensive failures constantly put Romo in a position where he's forced into a pass only offense.

It never should have come down to a Romo pass or interception.

Currently the Cowboys defense is on pace to be the 2nd worse defense of all time. That's not just the worst or 2nd worse this season but historically.

If if wasn't for the high level of play of guys like Romo this team would be well below .500.

You can't have the second worst defense of all time and expect to win. Romo doesn't shoulder that burden.

Coaching is horrible but this falls squarely on Jerry Jones. He's destroyed this franchise post Jimmy Johnson and wasted the careers of Whitten and Romo.
# 11 Hassan Darkside @ 12/18/13 09:39 PM
If anything it should be a coach trait that directly impacts the team's ratings or other traits. Romo's picks were more of a product of poor coaching which ultimately put him in that position where he subsequently turned the ball over. Part should fall into some sort of coach's clutch trait and also the aggressive/conservative rating.
# 12 PioneerRaptor @ 12/19/13 08:24 AM
Really great points and not to be a homer but it's the same for players coming in like Nick Foles.

No one could have predicted he would come in and throw 19 touchdowns with no interceptions. However, in Madden you can guarantee that won't happen because his ceiling is already determined until you can get more experience too raise it.
# 13 FedExPope @ 12/21/13 12:36 AM
Should be a franchise-affecting signature skill like they have for players in the NBA 2K series. "Legacy of Jerry" and the icon for it is Jimmie Johnson facepalming/Barry Switzer fist pumping. I mean seriously..why in the WORLD did he make that coaching change???

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