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EA Sports today released a brand new very detailed and close-up screenshot of Georges St-Pierre on their website. Just in case you missed them, Jon Jones shots are also in the post.

St-Pierre remained one of the longest reigning title-holders in UFC history prior to his decision to step away from the sport for an indefinite amount of time. At the age of 32, MMA’s premier wrestler has built himself a legacy among the greatest mixed martial artists of all time. GSP was also one of the two finalists in the EA SPORTS UFC Cover vote before being edged out by Alexander Gustafsson.

EA Sports UFC is set to release in Spring of 2014 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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Member Comments
# 1 aholbert32 @ 12/17/13 01:47 PM
Very detailed but something about the close up looks slightly off.
# 2 believeinnow @ 12/17/13 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by aholbert32
Very detailed but something about the close up looks slightly off.
do you mean you can see the Octagon in his eyes?
# 3 UH53 @ 12/17/13 04:19 PM
At this point screenshots really don't mean much. E3 Madden had some great screenshots.... Final product not that next gen as far as graphics. NBA Live 14 great screenshots of Kyrie Irving... Final Product... WTF? Not saying this game may not live up to the detail that we'd expect in next gen but the two products they've put out so far fall way short of expectations! EA's gotta a lot to prove in 2014!
# 4 DaveDQ @ 12/17/13 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by aholbert32
Very detailed but something about the close up looks slightly off.
I think it's that his head is too wide from top to bottom. His head needs to be a little more narrow.
# 5 Ldot825 @ 12/17/13 05:36 PM
Ill reserve my judgement until the game is out and reviewed, Cant trust Ea Sports products at this point....cough...live 14...cough LoL
# 6 aholbert32 @ 12/17/13 05:54 PM
This game wont be Live. This is similar to what they did last gen with Fight Night Round 3. EA has no issue with graphics when it comes fighting games like Fight Night and EA MMA.
# 7 NUH_UHHHHHHHHHHH @ 12/18/13 12:58 PM
he looks like hes taking a dump
# 8 Bad_Intentions @ 12/18/13 02:14 PM
I don't even care about close up screen shots, even though the one thus far have looked really good. I want to see what the game looks like when we are actually playing it.
# 9 aholbert32 @ 12/19/13 01:05 PM
Originally Posted by bspang2
Screenshots do not mean a thing anymore when they are provided by EA Sports. I refused to be fooled for the 3rd time. Madden 25 had great screens shots... the graphics looked nothing like the screenshots in actual gameplay. NBA Live 14 had great screenshots ... but we all know how terrible the graphics looked in actual game play.

I will never trust another EA screenshot / Marketing tactic again... I grew up with EA being my die hard favorite sports gaming company. Now all I want is a 2KSports NFL game.....so sad.
LOL. Same story every time.
# 10 redsrule @ 12/19/13 02:05 PM
I hope EA gets this game right. MMA needs a good game, although UFC 3 wasn't that bad on sim stamina. I personally don't care about the graphics that much though, as long as it plays well.

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