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MLB 13: The Show (PS3)

Baseball had a great 2013.

A really, really great in the form of record setting revenues of over $8 billion great 2013.

This is important for a couple of reasons. First off, it shows America's Pastime is healthier than ever, with record revenues from amazingly great TV contracts powering the game's finances. Secondly, it shows the game is on a roll as we head into a future with sports video games where it may not be appearing on Microsoft's consoles for awhile.

While baseball licensing deals are hardly more than a drop in the bucket of the revenue stream -- video games do serve as a publicity and pr wing for the game, perhaps empowering people to be more tuned in than they otherwise would be. With no MLB games expected for Microsoft's consoles in 2014 (as of this writing), one has to wonder what (if any) difference baseball might see to the bottom line without a presence on Microsoft's consoles.

Do you think baseball will see any difference without a game on Microsoft's consoles and secondly, do you think a company is going to step in sometime in the future?

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# 1 Grmplse @ 12/17/13 05:44 PM
I bought the PS4 and its in the box collecting dust until the MLB game comes out. If Microsoft lands an MLB game for the console we'll have to see how good it looks as The Show was the only reason I bought the PS4.
# 2 mdecicco17 @ 12/17/13 05:51 PM
After being a huge MVP fan for the original Xbox, and then preceeding to choose the 360 over PS3, the past 7 years have been a total buzzkill not having a baseball videogame (2K doesn't count). Being that I still played MVP on the computer (MVPmods.com is incredible), I at least got some baseball burn, but nonetheless, when it came to buying a next-gen console I had to go with the PS4. There was no way I could take the chance with Microsoft again that they would fail to deliver me a respectable baseball game.

I'm not sure how many of you feel this way, but having a baseball game for next gen was a console seller for me.

(Hopefully EA sees this and realizes they need to get back into the baseball market. Why bring back Live? It's engine stinks. MVP's is still amazing.)
# 3 Bryzine21 @ 12/17/13 07:20 PM
This is total speculation, but I think EA is secretly planning an exclusive baseball game for XBone. That would help explain the relationship between EA and Microsoft that has been described as "exclusive" and EA would not have any competition on XBone, just like EA likes it.
# 4 tril @ 12/18/13 02:44 AM
The rise in profits has to do with the new playoff/wild card format. Also, this past year you had more teams in the hunt for post season play. Also the resurrection of traditional popular teams from past years, aided in the rise in revenues.

In addition, you had some charasmatic rookies making a huge splash on the field as well as off the field.

It would be wise for the MLB to market these young charasmatic players.

Im not so sure video games had anything to do with the increased revenue.
# 5 cake612 @ 12/18/13 03:09 AM
If Microsoft or EA had a game they would have had to at least announce it by now. Personally I'm hoping MS goes the Sony route and makes their own great first party baseball game.

As far as the money goes I agree with you Chris, if the MLB made 8 billion dollars last year getting the licensing fees and maybe getting a slice of sales revenue is nothing. However it may be one of the most important aspects in building up their young fan base. I spent hours with Triple Play and World Series baseball when I was growing up and it definitely helped my obsession flipping through rosters, making trades or just playing games and seeing the lineups on the other team.

I think it'd be a huge mistake for the MLB to just ignore this and hope someone goes out on their own and makes a brand new game. Look what Madden does for the NFL or 2K for the NBA. It's a free couple weeks of players tweeting and posting on facebook about getting the game and challenging folowers to games. This is what the MLB is missing badly, new ways to connect with younger kids who may not be super interested until they see Mike Trout or some random celebrity or whoever tweeting about getting the new game.
# 6 burjeffton @ 12/18/13 01:23 PM
As a massive fan of The Show, I would love to see another baseball game developed. The past 2 years have seen very minor upgrades (even when the commentating and RTTS have fallen behind other games) to what was a great game in 2011.

Another game would inject a healthy dose of competition and open up baseball to a broader audience of gamers.
# 7 braves_94 @ 12/18/13 04:14 PM
All you guys are, so to say, off base. And baseball is definately not a dying sport. The ratings decline to which everything else except for football, which a chunk of their programming goes against Sunday reruns, are prone to is because of more channel options. It's that way for every prime time program. Baseball will sustain revenue into the future due to population growth. And the other is ad revenue from aired games. We live in a tape now, watch later world. And the key ad demographic of 18-49 are more likely to watch sports live than any other program. Which is why baseball revenue is up. Local TV rights has taken this game to another level. Well, everywhere except the Astros. We can't really watch them from a team and TV market standpoint. And to those saying baseball is dying, I'm sorry baseball is to much of an intelligent game for you.
# 8 braves_94 @ 12/18/13 04:16 PM
*too much... the game is far more advanced for me sometimes as well you see. I mean come on, why doesn't oWar+dWar=War
# 9 metsfan4life1 @ 12/18/13 07:30 PM
MVP basbeall could deffinitely give The Show a run for its money if the old development team was still in place. They had everything.

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