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The latest Forza Motorsport 5 title update has arrived. As noted earlier in the week, it incorporates the new economy balances and the addition of Drag Racing and Tag Mode.
  • Two new and significant game modes are being added to Forza 5, drag racing and multiplayer tag. The former an ultimate test of car tuning, reflexes, and power. The latter a multiplayer only mode which comes in three modes: Keep the It, Tag Virus, Pass the It. Basically all are variations on the familiar game of tag but with cars.
  • There are also big economy changes within the game, where credits will be earned at a far higher pace than before. Also, the best cars in the game will see their prices significantly reduced, some by as much as half. Turn 10 estimates it will take a fifth of the time it would have taken to earn the best cars in the game compared to Forza 4.
  • There will be also be improvements for those playing with force feedback wheels. This will include more rotation as well as having the maximim amount of available force feedback tuned.

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# 1 TCrouch @ 12/19/13 09:37 AM
Curious about those FF changes. Using the Thrustmaster TX, it was already absolutely amazing, even with only 270 degrees of turning radius built into the game.

Hope it doesn't radically change the feel, because it was top shelf as-is.
# 2 doubledeuceR6 @ 12/19/13 11:05 AM

Another response my friend received from Thrustmaster on the update concerning his question about the chat functionality, supposedly a 30% increase on the FFB:

Thrustmaster X Team wrote:
Forza Motorsport 5 update was released on December 18!
- Force Feedback effects have been improved and increased by around 30%.
- “Wheel Rotation Angle” settings are now directly accessible from the game.
However and unfortunately we confirm that this update does not completely fix the conflict between the gamepad and the steering wheel, contrary to what was announced in our FAQ:
Thrustmaster TX FAQ
The fix for this issue is currently under thorough system and game testing at Microsoft and Turn 10.
# 3 TCrouch @ 12/19/13 11:34 AM
30% seems pretty insane. It was already a massive arm workout as it was, so that will be interesting. I'll certainly go in tonight and change that rotation to see how that affects it, though. I think Steve will be getting his TX today or tomorrow, as well, so we may have to put these things through the ringer.
# 4 Mrcabone @ 12/29/13 04:20 AM
just wondering, is the Microsoft 360 FF wheel is compatible with the xbox1?
# 5 dowroa @ 12/29/13 04:46 AM
Originally Posted by Mrcabone
just wondering, is the Microsoft 360 FF wheel is compatible with the xbox1?
No. No previous-gen or non-X1 certified wheel will work with the X1, period. This would also include the Fanatec branded Forza 3 and 4 wheels as not working for the X1. Closing this tangent, this could be viewed as a negative sticking point for the game and console.

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