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Ah, itís that time of year again. Perhaps youíve treated yourself to one of the soccer games on sale, or maybe a copy of it is waiting for you under the tree. Either way, it can be a little daunting (and maybe frustrating) getting the hang of the games, especially if youíre not too familiar with the sport. Here are some tips to help you get the most of each match.

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# 1 DBMcGee3 @ 12/19/13 04:31 PM
Good tips. I've always loved soccer games, despite never really playing organized soccer past my early youth, and at times it's quite obvious that I am not managing my cyber teams to their full potential when playing FIFA or PES (I broke down and bought both this year). I couldn't agree more about using the radar. It really does open up the entire field, as opposed to the 30% or so you can see on-screen. I find that I play my best when the game is tied or I'm ahead, because I really do enjoy playing possession and gradually building up towards a goal. The problem is, when I fall behind and the clock starts ticking away, I get frustrated on defense and far too risky with my offense, opting for through balls and hail mary passes that rarely succeed against a good opponent.

I've found myself watching more Premiere League on Saturdays to strengthen my grasp on the strategic concepts, and it's actually helped more than I would expect.
# 2 BBallcoach @ 12/19/13 09:42 PM
I got into FIFA when I bought FIFA 10. I since then have bought FIFA 13 and now FIFA 14 for XB1. For all new players, play on amateur. Put your pride aside and learn the sport. You'll only be there for a few games. Then move to Semi-Pro, the jump in difficulty is pretty noticeable. But this where you should start getting better on defense. It might take 10-20 games then move to Professional. This will be a huge jump. You'll probably start losing quite a few games. But you will get better.

I play on world class now with custom sliders that fit me perfectly. I'm not the best FIFA player and will never claim to be, but I can hold my own against anyone because I took the time to learn the basics and allowed myself to learn the throughball, how to properly cross and all the different shots.
# 3 Charmaine250 @ 12/21/13 06:58 PM
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