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Madden NFL 25 title update #2 is available now for Xbox One and PS4. It includes general stability improvements & bug fixes in all modes, including CoachGlass fixes on Xbox One.

Let us know what you are seeing.

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# 1 rkocjay @ 12/19/13 01:18 PM
Yea i really hope they fix the wind n ill tale w.e comes with it
# 2 JayD @ 12/19/13 01:26 PM
Auto sub fix for CFM???
# 3 icicle22 @ 12/19/13 01:26 PM
Why have companies taken to posting patches but not stating what it fixes until later? Are we supposed to just go testing everything we know and see if it is fixed? I know they will post it eventually but it is an odd practice I am seeing more and more.
# 4 bad_philanthropy @ 12/19/13 01:54 PM
In FIFA on PS4 you can access the "update history" from the home screen and it gives a list of changes. I'm not at my PS4 at the moment, but someone could try and see if it's the same for Madden.
# 5 Kramer5150 @ 12/19/13 03:21 PM
Just played a half,and didn't notice anything really different gameplay wise.

I haven't started my chise yet (fine tuning my sliders) but will tonight...so I don't really have any comparisons in any modes yet....was just looking from a gameplay standpoint.
# 6 satchmykels @ 12/19/13 03:22 PM
Yeah, this wind direction issue is becoming ridiculous! How many years does it take to address something this basic???
# 7 tyberious4now @ 12/19/13 04:04 PM
EA I'm liking the small improvements. Running is a little smoother and the CPU defense has tighten up a lot. I also see the CPU WR catching the ball and trying to make some football moves.....

I'm playing with charter sliders and is getting my butt handed to me right now which is good......

Hopefully this is not a placebo!!!
# 8 gman2774 @ 12/19/13 04:57 PM
Was hoping the patch would fix the CPU kick power slider being tied to the tackle slider. Haven't tested myself yet bit it doesn't sound like it has.
# 9 Aggies7 @ 12/19/13 06:11 PM
I played one game and didn't notice anything. Granted most the things I want fixed aren't patchable. But I didn't see anything different.
# 10 FBall Life @ 12/19/13 06:29 PM
Version 1.03
-Minor stability and bug fixes

There's the official patch notes for PS4 version.
# 11 GuyinPA75 @ 12/19/13 07:08 PM
No patch notes?

Well that is pure fail.

And stupid!
# 12 catfish9-5 @ 12/19/13 07:46 PM
Still no headsets on created coaches. At least ps3/360, that was patched in. I know that's a minor issue compared to tackle / fg power but it's something I hoped would have been corrected.
# 13 DaReal Milticket @ 12/19/13 10:21 PM
We go through this every yr they don't know how to fix anything.
# 14 heelphreak @ 12/19/13 10:32 PM
I didn't have many noticeable problems pre-patch but tonight after downloading the patch in getting the "username not found" thing and no audio whatsoever. This is terrible.
# 15 heelphreak @ 12/19/13 10:39 PM
Oddly enough, after installing the patch it out all my volume settings on zero. That's fixed, but I still have the username thing going on.
# 16 tyberious4now @ 12/19/13 10:43 PM
Originally Posted by HopiDesertPriest
What has improved regarding CPU defense?

Has Int's being reset fixed yet? when you save a game in-progress?

For me outside runs were a bit too easy but now after the patch I feel there's a good balance..

As far as int reset I never really had a problem with that....

I just feel some things are a bit smoother nothing really major but I like....
# 17 heelphreak @ 12/19/13 11:22 PM
Ok, since the patch everything is hacked up. After perusing everything this username not found thing has set everything(volume, skiers, penalties,etc) to zero. It doesn't recognize my profile at all and everything I load the game it goes back to this despite my saving everything.

Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone know of a fix?
# 18 Gotmadskillzson @ 12/19/13 11:28 PM
Few things I noticed:

1. They gave the CPU a block shed boost. They shed blocks way too quick now. 32 rushing attempts for 80 yards with the Bears against the Titans ? Come on man. If it was legit, I wouldn't have a problem with it, but as soon Forte got the ball, 2 defensive linemen instantly shed their blocks. That was pissing me off the whole game.

Special teams ? Forget about it, you get no blocking at all now. Might as well call fair catch all game long.

2. CPU got a pursuit and reaction boost as well. They make up ground very fast now and DON'T MISS, EVER. You will see a linebacker 7 yards away, your RB get the ball, they in the backfield 1 second later. And the real kicker is, they don't even be blitzing. So you think ok this will be a nice size hole, nope, instant block shed kicks in for defensive lineman and warp speed LBs kick in. Hole closed and you are swarmed from all sides...

3. CPU WRs get way better separation on passing plays then USER WRs. I noticed this quite well.

4. Player sense seems to have been watered down and nerfed a lot. Saw a handful of plays where the CPU ball carrier would run out of bounds even though the nearest defender was 5 yards away. Over all just a lot of brain dead running by the CPU ball carriers. On 1 on 1 situation instead of trying to avoid the defender like they did before the patch, now they just run directly into the defender and ALLOW THEMSELVES to be tackled.

One play in particular, 5 yards to the left and right of the only defender within 15 yards was nothing but wide open space. I watched Chris Johnson run directly into the defender. Didn't try to evade him, avoid him or nothing. It was like he said here I am, I give up, come tackle me the very last defender stopping me from scoring a TD.

5. I didn't see not ONE broken tackle the entire game by either team. Players went down with 1st contact. CPU ball carriers didn't even attempt to break any either.
# 19 DaReal Milticket @ 12/19/13 11:43 PM
mmmm maybe I wont install the update.
# 20 heelphreak @ 12/19/13 11:56 PM
Originally Posted by Cutler23
mmmm maybe I wont install the update.
Caveat emptor. My game is ruined. It won't recognize my profile and the only way I can play is to reset all the settings every time I start the game. I fixed all the settings and saved but it never recognized my profile and after uninstalling/installing the whole fracking game the same thing occurred. It's shot. Totally killed.

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