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Another NBA Live 14 title update has arrived, but EA Sports and the team have yet to comment on the details. We'll update this post if something comes up.

What we do know is that the PS4 title update is 210 MB, while the Xbox One update is 300 MB.

While we wait for official response from the NBA Live 14 team, let us know what you are seeing.

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# 1 bluengold34_OS @ 12/19/13 03:54 PM
Originally Posted by jyoung
I just booted up my PS4 today and it immediately prompted a download for NBA Live 14.

Looks like it's a 210 MB file.

All it says is Version 1.03 "Minor bug fixes."
Well at least it's not vague -
# 2 WTF @ 12/19/13 03:56 PM
Interesting. Any noticeable difference?
# 3 ovo_1013 @ 12/19/13 04:07 PM
I went through the jersey selection and noticed they have Christmas uniforms for almost every team except for the hawks and celtics. Though a lot of teams don't play on Christmas Day, the uniforms look pretty cool..
# 4 Steve_OS @ 12/19/13 04:17 PM
I asked via Twitter, maybe we'll get some details soon.
# 5 BiggD @ 12/19/13 04:21 PM
I hate to ask but anyone got the patch for Xbox one? ( starting to really regret that purchase)
# 6 ovo_1013 @ 12/19/13 04:25 PM
I think the patch just included roster moves, hairstyles, and the Christmas uniforms added. Just a few noticeable things I happened to see.
# 7 WTF @ 12/19/13 04:39 PM
What hairstyles have you seen?
# 8 DonWuan @ 12/19/13 04:47 PM
There was update through ps4 downloads. Once finished and booted another update that has 2 parts. Took a few minutes to download.

Then roster stuff.

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# 9 WTF @ 12/19/13 04:48 PM
I'm confused DonWuan, there are additional updates?
# 10 ovo_1013 @ 12/19/13 04:56 PM
Originally Posted by WTF
What hairstyles have you seen?
I don't really follow hairstyles, so the only one I noticed was shumpert high top is gone. If I come across more, I'll post it.
# 11 DonWuan @ 12/19/13 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by WTF
I'm confused DonWuan, there are additional updates?
When I turned on ps4, ps4 prompted me NBA live was added to downloads(210ishmb)

It finished and I started up game. NBA live prompted me downloading 1 of 2 updates. Download took a few minutes( 3-5min).

And then the normal roster download.

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# 12 DonWuan @ 12/19/13 05:13 PM
And Lebron still doesn't have beard.

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# 13 strongarm_playa @ 12/19/13 05:30 PM
Has anyone noticed any difference in game play?
# 14 NimaAkaJoJo @ 12/19/13 06:08 PM
Nothing on the Xbox One.. :/
# 15 jyoung @ 12/19/13 06:14 PM
Originally Posted by strongarm_playa
Has anyone noticed any difference in game play?
I played two Live Moments and one Ultimate Team match.

Nothing in the gameplay stood out to me as being changed.
# 16 bkluvsm3 @ 12/19/13 06:22 PM
Gameplay seem to be running smoother still no player update besides Shumphert PLZ PATCH IN PLAYER EDIT MODE !!!!!
# 17 killer miller31 @ 12/19/13 06:29 PM
Maybe online lag is improved? This game would be so fun against friends and fellow OSers lol
# 18 BiggD @ 12/19/13 06:49 PM
I really want two things fixed

1.4000 blocks a game
2. Post player spin baseline 99% of the time ( and always force a shot)
# 19 Tomba @ 12/19/13 06:56 PM
So I noticed a few things 1)still no player editing abilities 2) no sliders added to adjust. Gameplay seems smoother then again I can notice very minute changes. Like dunks are not as rocket fast (though that lebron dunk last night past Avila was crazy had to watch the replay on that one )which is cool but dribbling is still off as much as they toute it it's not good
# 20 The Timber Wolf @ 12/19/13 07:56 PM
Well, since the patch I have now had three straight blue screen CE-34878-0 messages and the game won't load. I switched to this game as I got the blue screen of death message from 2K a million times. Now, I get them in LIVE also. Seriously, I am at the point of massively regretting getting a PS4.

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