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The fix is in.

Title update #3 dropped for NBA 2K14 today, with a substantial list of improvements to both gameplay and the game modes, including what 2K hopes is largely an end to the crashing going on for many gamers within the game.

However, as of this writing, some gamers were still reporting some crashing issues within the game. However, others who are lucky enough to not have crashing issues seem somewhat positive about the gameplay enhancements thus far.

How do you feel about the NBA 2K14 patch released today? Is your game better, worse, about the same? Sound off by voting in our poll to your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums!

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Member Comments
# 1 sooperb @ 12/19/13 04:44 PM
Can someone tell me if the cpu in MyCareer mode is still shooting a very very high percentage of it's shots from the field?
# 2 Lucatosin @ 12/19/13 07:11 PM
# 3 davidzzyy @ 12/19/13 07:20 PM
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# 4 Jerm43 @ 12/19/13 08:08 PM
They need to make it so you can watch cpu vs cpu games in MyGM mode.
# 5 eaterofworlds888 @ 12/19/13 08:11 PM
Originally Posted by Jerm43
They need to make it so you can watch cpu vs cpu games in MyGM mode.
are you serious? You can't do that? **** this game.
# 6 AK47jr @ 12/19/13 08:16 PM
Im hung up at the syncing data screen for the last 15 mins
# 7 Jerm43 @ 12/19/13 08:17 PM
Originally Posted by eaterofworlds888
are you serious? You can't do that? **** this game.
yeah they don't let you. Im done with this game till they fix that.
# 8 BA2929 @ 12/19/13 08:35 PM
I can't even read the threads about NBA 2k anymore as all they turn into is a festival of complaints and 2k bashing. I'm out of here, OS, until it's slowed down like it was on the NCAA boards.
# 9 Coolade @ 12/19/13 11:09 PM
the way im doing it? buy $60 dollars worth of VC, and skip next years game. You don't lose out on any money. Can't wait for 2k16. Not a bad method to go. That way you can enjoy this years game.
# 10 manustyle90 @ 12/20/13 04:48 AM
the only way to save this game this year is to patch the entire current gen association into it
# 11 tarek @ 12/20/13 06:12 AM
I don't know if my ps4 has downloaded the patch yet? Is it just me? I'm in Australia so I don't know if that makes a difference.
# 12 scottyp180 @ 12/20/13 09:51 AM
Originally Posted by BA2929
I can't even read the threads about NBA 2k anymore as all they turn into is a festival of complaints and 2k bashing. I'm out of here, OS, until it's slowed down like it was on the NCAA boards.
Its unbelieveable. I understand being upset or disappointed with aspects of the game but some people make it out to be as if the game is completely broken or unplayable. I see some posts from people complaining about mot being able to watch cpu vs cpu in the gm mode. I'm sorry I understand this is an important feature but why on earth would you pay $60 to watch the cpu play against itself? I see that the lack of a co-op association is another problem but I'm 90% certain that 2k stated this would not be in the next gen version prior to release. People need to do a tint bit of research before purchasing games so they know what they're paying for.

Imo this is the best basketball game on the market. For those that aren't satisfied try nba live and see how long you last with that game. If not go back to the current gen (last gen?) And stick it out until next year when we will likely receive a much more complete product. Perhaps some people just had higher expectations but by now everyone should know that you can't expect a trouble free game at a consoles launch.
# 13 asu666 @ 12/20/13 12:26 PM
I returned my copy defective. The VC issue and not being able to play My GM offline were too much to overlook.
# 14 scottyp180 @ 12/20/13 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by Fart_noises_rock
Everyone has the right to state their opinion about a game. Don't like it then just leave like the other guy said he would. If the game isn't good or if someone doesn't like something about it then they have the right to state that. Not everyone has to have the same opinion as you.
I don't expect everyone to have to the same opinion as me and complaining or stating dissatisfaction with a product is one way of improving a product I just think some complaints are a bit over exagerated. the vc problem, game crashing issues, saving bugs areall lelegitimate complaints that really hinder the game. I undestand the complaint about the co-op gm mode, this is a feature that should be in the game, however, imo, since 2k stated it wouldn't be in the game prior to release its a little unfair to expect it to be patched in. And with the option of watching cpu vs cpu matches, again a feature that should be in the game since was in past versions. This feature probably could and therefore should be patched in but considering the other problems with the game this one just seems miniscule in comparison.
# 15 bmgoff11 @ 12/20/13 02:49 PM
Since i downloaded patch i cant connect to the 2k servers
# 16 Poke @ 12/20/13 03:52 PM
Originally Posted by eaterofworlds888
are you serious? You can't do that? **** this game.
# 17 Akio53 @ 12/20/13 04:11 PM
Just got patch #3 for ps4 and in MyGm contract ext is still messed up. U can't change "offer contract" won't let u go down to money years role anything. Also in offseason signing ur FA same thing happens won't let u change contract terms to re sign. What's the deal? Any ways to fix?
# 18 Knight165 @ 12/20/13 08:55 PM
On the cpu vs. cpu watching.

Some players want to just GM.
They don't want to play the games(they want the players to play how they are rated.....with no user input....making the GM decisions that much more important)...and they don't want to sim the games and not see how the players are playing on court.

I'll do it sometimes in sports games(although I prefer coaching/managing the game).....I'll put a movie on....PiP the game in the corner and watch it play out.

Then make my GM moves based on actual gameplay.

Just a take on it.

# 19 bmgoff11 @ 12/21/13 12:27 AM
my save file that was corrupted is now working so i guess they fixed the issue for some cases.
# 20 cjluzi @ 12/21/13 07:56 AM
very happy with update 3 as it fixed 2 key glitches in my career...

I am also one who thinks some of you go way overboard on your OVERALL stance of the product/company-2k.

dont get me wrong, developers need to keep working for their money and loyalty from us, at the same time, if you nitpick every possible thing and you don't give them respectable time and realistic goals, you'll be pissed unless a game meets YOUR expectations.

these updates have been necessary but effective thus far.

if there was one thing I would complain about (because it's VITAL)

man Im just shocked that The Park has such lag. Not sometimes or once in a while, ever y game in the Park has a thick coating of lag on it. I'm on ps4 with a phenomenal wired connection.

Even vs games half the time, Just like on ps3...why the thick lag?
Not putting money into servers?
technical malfunctions?

all I know is, tons of other games have solid, basically lag free connections, I haven't heard a response as to if this is what we should expect connection speed wise.

if it is, that is a crying shame because modes like The Park would be absolutely insane if there was a vital lag flaw.

overall Mcyareer has been a blast and I'm pulling for 2k to keep growing with these games, just hope they step it up in the connection game to hang with EA, or Activision or any other basic lag defeating console game.

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