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EA Sports has just released new EA Sports UFC screenshots of Rashad Evans. More screenshots of other athletes in the game will be released in the coming weeks, prior to the Spring 2014 release for Xbox One and PS4.

Your thoughts?

Previously released screenshots below.

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# 1 Pappy Knuckles @ 12/26/13 02:46 PM
That's supposed to be Rashad? C'mon EA. I thought they face scanned these guys.

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# 2 aholbert32 @ 12/26/13 03:09 PM
The only pass I'll give them is that the faces arent static in the game. They apparently move like an actual face does. Its possible EA is taking the shots when their faces are in weird expressions.
# 3 redsrule @ 12/26/13 03:12 PM
This is easily the worst one to me. I hope you're right Aholbert because that is awful.
# 4 aholbert32 @ 12/26/13 05:54 PM

This one looks better.
# 5 SHAKYR @ 12/26/13 06:18 PM
Originally Posted by aholbert32

This one looks better.
Yes, this one does look better. I'm a very casual UFC/MMA fan know the topic scan doesn't look right at all.
# 6 ManiacMatt1782 @ 12/26/13 06:35 PM
I wish I was good with photoshop, putting "shadface" on the scan would be priceless.
# 7 Hiro1 @ 12/26/13 07:13 PM
The more we go into Hd gaming the more EA Sports game titles appear cartoonish. I first noticed it with the fight night series, but madden, Ea's 1st mma game and NBA Live all suffer from it.
# 8 Thrash13 @ 12/26/13 10:05 PM
I guess I'm a fan of the "cartoonish" look because I've thought all the fighter screens have looked pretty awesome so far. Maybe I'm just not as picky as some..

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# 9 aholbert32 @ 12/27/13 09:14 AM
Originally Posted by bspang2
EA Please stop!!! This is all false advertisement. The game will not look like this AT ALL...
You need to stop coming into every screenshot thread stating the same thing. Its OK to have an opinion but its continuing stating the same thing adds nothing to the conversation. Final Warning.
# 10 redsrule @ 12/27/13 12:39 PM
Courtesy of a guy on Sherdog:
# 11 RangersCruz @ 12/28/13 07:45 AM
Doesn't look bad Rashad's face is too chubby though

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