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It's a little late, but the Christmas Day jerseys for the Clippers, Warriors, Bulls, Nets, Lakers, Heat, Spurs, Rockets, Thunder and Knicks are available now in NBA 2K14 for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Still no sign of them for Xbox One or PS4.

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# 1 ANTONIO_65 @ 12/27/13 09:57 AM
Well, better late than never :/
# 2 Guapo516 @ 12/27/13 09:59 AM
F all the cosmetics I need a patch!
# 3 poloelite @ 12/27/13 10:01 AM
The novelty has worn off now smdh
# 4 Gstate_510 @ 12/27/13 10:09 AM
They don't care about us next gen guys 😢
# 5 Iasounis @ 12/27/13 10:18 AM
Originally Posted by Profit89
What about PC ?
I got them.
# 6 The 24th Letter @ 12/27/13 10:21 AM
"2k Sports doesn't care about Next Gen people" -Kanye
# 7 Rhouston @ 12/27/13 10:34 AM
Originally Posted by The 24th Letter
"2k Sports doesn't care about Next Gen people" -Kanye
You, sir, win the Internet for this quote...

Those Christmas Day uniforms definitely should have came out before they played the actual games. As they will never wear those again (and who can blame them either -- those things are atrocious), I have ZERO interest in these.
# 8 Prospect357 @ 12/27/13 12:44 PM
And it's 2 far beneath 2k 2 say were "SORRY" 4 being late. NO they just take there time like what's the big deal when that's part of the NBA 14' season. @ronnie2k & @ld2k were complete asses about the situation. We still need court & alt. jersey updates, but don'y ask them about it. they'll ignore you.
# 9 LionsFanNJ @ 12/27/13 12:50 PM
Originally Posted by EAAND2KSPORTSSUCK
Will I have to start my association mode over to have these Christmas Day Jerseys in my association mode?
Yes unless you use RED MC to replace some teams retros/alternates

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# 10 TRPA6 @ 12/27/13 03:48 PM
They look uglier in game than IRL.
# 11 BExcause @ 12/27/13 05:24 PM
Does anyone know how to have the dunk symbol next to your name in my career mode while playing a game? I'm an athletic small forward with an 80 dunk rtg. And 75 vert.
# 12 MavsManiac4Life @ 12/31/13 01:55 AM
Originally Posted by monnyb
To all the gripers...YOU HAVE OPTIONS NOW! There's always Live.
Not on current gen.
# 13 LionsFanNJ @ 01/03/14 11:04 PM
Not really. Live was always better when it came to jersey selections. They still had the classic green yellow sonics jerseys and those are nowhere to be found in this series.

Granted they were assigned to the Thunder (BULL****) and 2k HAS a Sonics team but that's another topic

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# 14 Rawdeal28 @ 01/07/14 05:46 AM
where are the codes so i can used them in my association???
# 15 DamnYanks2 @ 01/07/14 09:42 PM
These have grown on me, still do't get why we don't get these on christmas, isn't that the point.
# 16 and1product @ 01/08/14 11:31 AM
Still not out on next gen. What the heck is going on?

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