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Over the weekend many users were not able to get into online modes (some couldn't get to any modes at all). 2K Sports worked all weekend to resolve the issue, which seems to be fixed for some, but not for everyone.

Ronnie mentioned the Online Association should be back up.

Based off of feedback from email and Twitter, it seems the servers are very up and down, so let us know what you are seeing here.

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# 1 PS3FTW @ 12/30/13 05:57 PM
The worst part of his all is that I can't even play MyCareer, since it's saved online. Like wtf, I didn't pay $60 for this, a game that I can't even play.
# 2 tcoan98 @ 12/30/13 07:22 PM
Does online association work for 2K? It's not working for me. ..

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# 3 MarvinOida @ 12/30/13 08:05 PM
Yesterday, we tried to start a BT game, couldn't find players.

So, we used Crew. Member starts a room, I try to enter, he's not there, another member comes, he's in the locker room with me, but not the third member.

What's wrong

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# 4 rippy987 @ 12/30/13 09:33 PM
in Perth western australia here. i cant get past the title screen for 2 days now.
it says press start,so i do, then it says updating new content.......and it goes no further.if i try to escape that, it says press start again, and the same thing happens, i cant get passed it.
# 5 Guapo516 @ 12/30/13 09:43 PM
I hope this means we get a patch. I'm really feeling like a step child with next gen getting all the attention.
# 6 SpergLordStuntn @ 12/30/13 11:02 PM
just glad i held out on next gen, these issues were going to ruin my experience. they release crap to make a quick buck. its frustrating to see so many have their gaming experience taken away from people who do a half a** job. irritated
# 7 MavsFan11 @ 12/30/13 11:55 PM
Everything is working but when I get into my team, it keeps saying 2k servers are down...and the only mode I play is my team, WHY DO THEY DO THIS!
# 8 MavsManiac4Life @ 12/31/13 12:52 AM
I think my records re-set, but other than that I'm good, connected and played a couple blacktop games this morning.
# 9 ksolo12 @ 12/31/13 04:04 AM
Server issues has always plagued this game (at least for the last 4 versions of it)....I'm shocked they are still having all these online/server issues. It also seems like they never even acknowledge that their are issues. I wonder if they will ever fix this.
# 10 ataman5 @ 12/31/13 05:25 AM
We haven't been able to connect to Online Association over the last 2 days, still waiting.

The previous OA has been plagued by non-playable schedule error on FINALS!

And now we have this. I mean seriously 2k what should i do other than not buying and making all my other OA Guys (nearly 29 we are) not buying your faulty product, we paid for this nonsense huh!?
# 11 Lawston21 @ 12/31/13 05:58 AM
Can't play park games or leagues.. I want my money back from 2k
# 12 asu666 @ 12/31/13 08:53 AM
I'm seeing the same mistake Microsoft made with requiring an online connection to play single-player game modes. Potential doesn't mean squat without execution. Right now, NBA 2K14 looks like the biggest bust of the draft. Hopefully, the class of 2K15 is stronger.

It would be nice if someone at 2K came out and let everyone know they plan to get next year's game back on track. NBA 2K is one of the few great non-EA sporting franchises left, so I hate to seem them stumble so badly, but at the same time, they've lost my business for next year unless I know the VC issue is rolled back to online only modes or at least no mandatory server hosting of files and needing to connect to play MyGM, etc.
# 13 ThunderDan56 @ 12/31/13 09:45 AM
I had the same problem, then quit the game. But then I turned it on again and it gave me the same connection error.
I continued and on the NBA 2K14 home screen I saw the VC balance, so I figured I'm online.

Funny really, but they should really do something about the servers.
They should remove MyCareer saves from the servers and let us have them on our consoles, for less trouble.
# 14 smallhandz @ 12/31/13 09:49 AM
Literally everything is working except online association.....get this fixed man!!!
# 15 boltokPwnage04 @ 12/31/13 10:00 AM
Unable to play MyTeam
# 16 willz1985 @ 12/31/13 10:07 AM
at the risk of tempting fate, I don't seem to be having any problems playing any mode
# 17 kidmadison32 @ 12/31/13 10:26 AM
I'm not really an online guy, but my records were reset and the downloaded shoes (LeBron 11s, the Li-Nings) keep disappearing on me.
# 18 boxboy99 @ 12/31/13 12:03 PM
For the first time in several days, I was able to play mygm last night. However, my character was not saved and after the game I have the bug where I can not play the next playoff game. I thought this only happened if the next opponent was not determined but in my case there is one series in the other conference wrapped up. I'm so disappointed in this game right now. 40ish games played down the drain, I think a refund is due at this point.
# 19 Solebru @ 12/31/13 12:18 PM
Online associations still down, been way over 30+ hours... keeps saying failed to communicate. This occurs when trying to load the associations you are in. unbelievable, how can this keep re-occurring for years now.

# 20 green225 @ 12/31/13 04:09 PM
my problem is with the crew games. if one of your teammates gets kicked from the game, your team will automatically get a loss. this should be addressed, as the only thing that should count is the result of the game.

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